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Article: Always follow these Sexting Instructions

asked Dec 7, 2017 in Articles by longhands1 (83,745 points)

Always follow these Sexting Instructions

In this hi-tech world, sexting has been created to send sexually explicit photos online via cell phones. Sexting has dramatically increased in the last few years, but very few understand the serious consequences of this irresponsible craze. Technology has revolutionized the way we interact socially, but it has also led to dangerous and destructive behavior unless we make it a point not to avoid, but follow some sexting instructions.

The consequences of sexting can be ­severe, ranging from embarrassment to ­imprisonment or worse. The moment you hit the ‘send’ button, control of who else sees that explicit photos are now completely up to the receiver. Many people’s lives have been destroyed, some even killed themselves due to embarrassment. Well, no matter who your sexting make sure to follow these instructions seriously.  Precautions are better than cure.


1. Trustworthy partner. 

In online sexting, this is in the top list of instructions. Only if there is a pure 100% trust with the receiver, then you take the initiative of sending explicit photos of self, otherwise, avoid. The receiver turns into the controller of your privacy and from there where it travels, you may never know.


2. Use code names.

Whenever your sexting online, try to avoid giving real names, workplace, and your location. Never add them on social media, just exchange dirty pictures and be over with it. Use code names for these people you are sexting with and keep it safe elsewhere, so no leakage of any information takes place.


3.  Never show your face.

Never include your face in the photo, also cover or edit recognizable features, like birthmarks and tattoos. The reason is maintaining anonymity while enjoying sexting at the same time. Pleasure will not cease without the face, it will continue because it’s all about the base, not the face.


4. Use your own code words for activities.

If you wish to be safer, then use a code not just with names, but for all your explicit activities, so no one can grasp the meanings of the words too. Whoever views, will be under the impression that you’re having a normal conversation. Hence, the truth remains in-between you and your partner in crime.

5. Avoid doing so when drinking. 

Like drinking and driving so is drinking and sexting, never go hand in hand, an accident is always on the cards. When you are drunk, your thinking patterns gets all crooked, hence, you become all unconscious of your actions and the whereabouts, as to whom the message has been sent.


6. Delete the photos after. 

Sexting is obviously exchange of compromising photos, but make sure to erase all your texts after the sexting. If it falls into the wrong hands, then you are in big trouble. Anytime a friend, relative or hackers online could creep on your photos and have you exposed. Being private is being safe.

7. Don’t do online sexting at work. 

One of the instructions which are a must for everyone at work. When work gets boring or there’s some free time, possibility your fingers could itch for some fun. You need to be very careful because anything can go wrong, your colleagues or your boss may spot and become scandalous, leading to getting fired. So, avoid.


8. Only use your personal, secure devices.

There is all possibility of someone hacking your sexts, therefore it’s better you use a device that’s secured and which is in your possession all the time. Try and avoid using other people’s phone, tablet or computer, always utilize your own device for your pleasure.


9. Hide the background. 

The instructions to hide your face is vital, so is hiding the background of the image. Whenever you click an image of yourself, make sure the background is as plain as possible, so that no one can identify you with the things in the background, which could also reveal a lot about the person you are.


10. Make use of a substitute app. 

There is an app which has been designed especially for online sexting, which is more sensible to use than, texting or emailing directly. These apps are secured and they protect all your details because you have no idea when things can go wrong. Safety is your priority.

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