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How to have sex with my Wife in presence of my Sister-in-Law on my Vacation?

asked Dec 6, 2017 in Questions by Ridersport (220 points)
edited Dec 8, 2017 by longhands1

I had told you in my previous Post that I was planning for a Vacation. I will be going with my Wife and SIL and we will be sharing a room.

I had also told you that I have lust for my SIL and want to have Sex with her at any cost. Please help me with some ideas of how, I can have sex with my wife in the presence of my SIL so that I can then involve my SIL and fuck her too.

Did any of you have any such experience and how did you manage the sex part?

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commented Dec 6, 2017 by Motilal (8,035 points)
You will do legitimate sex with wife.It is not a problem at all.Sister-in-law may stay in a single bed.Otherwise,your sister-in-law will provide you opportunity to fuck her elder sister,she may also enjoy your fucking from a hidden place.     Persuade your wife to give an opportunity,only once to fuck her sister.Trust God,HE will help you.
commented Dec 7, 2017 by Ridersport (220 points)
Thanks motilal appreciate the advice

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7 Answers

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Best answer
Don't make the mistake of having sex with sister in law in presence of your wife. Your wife will never like to share you with her sister.

But you can have sex with your wife in presence of your sister in law, if your wife allows you. You can make situation compulsory that you three have to sleep in single room. Keep night lamp on and start sex with your wife at night.

Your wife may want to stop you but can't speak loudly. Allow your sister in law to sleep on cot and you sleep on floor with your wife, so she can watch you both.
answered Dec 8, 2017 by Sheel (250 points)
selected Dec 8, 2017 by Ridersport
commented Dec 8, 2017 by Ridersport (220 points)
Sheel i like your idea about sleeping arrangement.i will even try to make her see me nude partially which will open her up and make her comfortable.
I am sure i will definitely get a nice smeel and juices from her thongs next morning due to her secretion by seeing us.
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The pondering over fantacies for longer time, say 21 days, will come in reality - but may some times result into unexpected outcome.

I just want to present to you a hypothetical situation: Let us have your Answer.

Your wife is a loving person. Her lust for sex is more than yours. You have been showing her threesome porn for quite some time. You are a business man. You could not go to a family function because of your busy schedule- but your wife attends and stays with one of her cousin brother-in-law and his wife. In presence of his wife, your wife and her cousin have sex and finally end up in three some as she is familiar with threesome porn.

How much broad minded are you, if this happens.
answered Dec 6, 2017 by solliadi (2,910 points)
commented Dec 7, 2017 by Ridersport (220 points)
Why are you getting hypothetical? This is my fantasy and I want to fulfill it. I have not asked the outcomes but I have asked ideas for doing it.

I think having some fun in family is not a big issue. We can become broad minded. She is my SIL not someone else's.
commented Dec 8, 2017 by solliadi (2,910 points)
I can understand that this is a fantasy. How do your in-laws allow their unmarried daughter to go along with their son-in law for a vacation?
commented Dec 8, 2017 by Ridersport (220 points)
Whats wrong in that ?why will my in laws mind her going with us?
I am not forcing on her with my feelings.she knows that she is very safe with me and even my in laws know this.
I am attracted to her that doesnt mean she is unsafe with me. I care a lot for her n she is my responsibility.
But What made you think so ??
commented Jan 14 by solliadi (2,910 points)
How was your Goa trip?
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First some questions....

Did you talk to your wife and sister in law about this? Do they know about your wishes?

How long is your vacation going to be?

Whose idea is it, for the three of you to sleep in one room? Did your sister in law or wife have any objections?

Seems a bit of a bizarre arrangement, for a young woman to want to share a room with a married couple on vacation.  She must know that you and your wife are going to have sex.
answered Dec 6, 2017 by pthomas85 (215 points)
commented Dec 7, 2017 by Ridersport (220 points)
Its my wife's idea to be in one room. But she will not like SIL to sleep besides us in same bed.

If she does sleep in the same bed than our jerks will definitely excite my SIL.

My only plan that is confirmed is I will be sniffing my SIL's panties and thongs. I am even getting beach thongs for my wife and SIL.
commented Dec 7, 2017 by pthomas85 (215 points)

How long are you going on vacation? A few days, a couple of weeks, how long?

I guess you and your wife can refrain from having sex for a couple of days, but not much longer.  If the vacation is long enough, she will definitely hear you guys going at it.  Your wife and your SIL must be knowing that.

Are you guys renting one room just to save money ?
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Hii Dude,

You have already decided everything then where are you facing the problem? You just go to the trip. Even you can start from today only in your home, get more and more cozy with your wife in front of your relatives and her relatives.

Especially her sister, kiss her, smooch her and cuddle and caress her, even have sex with open door, have sex in bathroom, ask your wife to moan loudly so that your SIL gets excited and masturbates thinking of you.

Slowly she may get attracted to you and end up having sex with you.

Love Jhon
answered Dec 7, 2017 by Jhonsm (1,215 points)
commented Dec 8, 2017 by Ridersport (220 points)
Bathroom sex is a good idea. What can my SIL probably think of all this? Will she feel shy as this will be completely new experience for her.

Is there any chance that she will get angry or will she enjoy the voyeurism.
commented Dec 8, 2017 by Jhonsm (1,215 points)
It totally depends on what her thinking is , what culture she wears and what her mind says, or her upbringing is... She may get angry also or may enjoy the show or feel jealous of her sis also
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As written above, we need to know how long your vacation is going to be.  If it's only a few days you won't have much time to make this happen.

As I answered to your previous post, it can be done, but it will take a lot of work from you.  If you start now and not wait until your vacation, you have a better chance.  When are you going on vacation ?

First thing to do is to get your wife to fantasize about a threesome (as I said earlier).
answered Dec 11, 2017 by shannamccllgh (180 points)
commented Dec 11, 2017 by Ridersport (220 points)
Its a 6 day vacation in should i do it?what advances should i make?
In your opinion how will my wife react to this?
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This is my first answer here.

It is very easy. Have some good drinks and good food. Give a drink (Whisky) to your SIL also. At night while making love to your wife make moaning noises and talk dirty with your wife. Also mention your SIL's name and praise her body parts.

Make sure she hears every thing. Next day you will get sufficient hints from her if she is really interested. You will see a changed behaviour in her.
answered Dec 22, 2017 by pklalgarh (155 points)
commented Dec 23, 2017 by Ridersport (220 points)
My SIL doesnt drink.and i think my wife may get angry if i take my SIL name and praise her body above hers.
Well how should i praise her body parts,some ideas please.
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First thing I would ask is whether your SIL is sexually attracted to you or has given any hints showing interest in you for a relationship. If the answer is yes, then you may share a single two-bedded room - one for your wife and another for SIL.

Let her go to sleep (or even pretending) and have sex with your wife (may be more than once in a night). Try to watch whether your SIL is watching the show. Definitely she will quietly watch you two having sex. This is just anyone's instinct!.

Next morning watch her reaction and she might talk to you about the preceding night or you tell her that you could not help but having sex with your wife. Hopefully she will take it easy. Share this with your wife and ask her if her sister can share the same bed.

Again hopefully, she will not object to it. Don't rush for anything. You may have sex with your wife and at the same time feel SIL's body and boobs. This will lead you to next course action with your SIL when alone.
answered Jan 14 by zena69 (1,875 points)
commented Jan 14 by Ridersport (220 points)
Thanks zena69.i like your idea.i am confused if she sexually attracted ornot because we have normal fun like all means she never even exposed to me.she might be attracted but i am not sure if its sexually.can u help me how  can i know this?n how can i ask my wife to ask my SIL to share the same bed?my wife has no idea of my fantasy n she will start doubting my intentions.because as if now she will be angry of this idea of mine.
If not threesome atleast i want a foreplay with my SIL.

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