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My Daughter's Male Friend is making Advances towards me. What to do?

asked Dec 5, 2017 in Questions by mumindistress (145 points)
edited Dec 8, 2017 by longhands1

Hi Anjali and AA Members,

I am a 42 year old Woman, a Divorcee. I am working in a Private Organisation. The Boss and I are in a sexual relationship and all my Financial and Physical Needs are met. Actually, I am quiet happy with the situation.

Now the Problem. My 20 year old daughter has many Boyfriends. One of her Friends who is 2 years older than her is very friendly with me. He comes home often to meet her and flirtts with me. I have seen him staring at my Big Boobs, many times.

When he comes, and I open the door, he will give me tight hug and a kiss too. Sometimes, his hand will be on my bum and pressing my bum cheeks. He holds me so tight that my boobs are squeezed against his chest. I am not absolutely sure, but once or twice I could feel his erection against my tummy.

Once, he had phoned and I told him that my daughter was not at home. But he still came. When I asked him, why he came? He held me tight, kissed me on the lips and said, to see you. Somehow, I managed to free myself, though I too enjoyed the embrace and my juices started flowing.    

I have asked my daughter. if she is serious about him. She said, " No, but I like his big cock".

I am now in confusion. I have read everywhere that a young and big cock can give more pleasure and he will be slave. Since my daughter is not serious about him, what do you all suggest?

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featued question

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18 Answers

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Best answer
Dear mumindistress......

Your problem is simple. First l want to ask, Why do you feel it is a problem? Firstly, l congratulate you that being a divorcee you never end your life in distress but you choose your sex partner and enjoy your life as a human being. We all have right to enjoy. So why not you ? You have done very well.

Second thing, it is very good that you have friendly relations with your daughter. It is very good that she keeps full faith in you and discusses all her sexual feeling with you as a friend. So that you can guide her  in a proper way.

Third thing, if your daughter's bf wants to fuck you, no problem in this.  You do not try from your side to get his fuck. If he comes from his side there is no problem in you. He is fully interested in you.  He also trying so many times to get your sweet body, to feel heavenly pleasure in you.

So no problem. When you r alone, if he comes, both can enjoy sex, looking in favourable situation. It is not essential to disclose this to your daughter. If she knows from any source, tell her that her bf initiated first, not you, so take it easy and live it, enjoy life.
answered Dec 7, 2017 by nneha (325 points)
selected Jan 11 by mumindistress
commented Dec 23, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
You have given balanced reply from our female viewpoint. You have understood my situation. You have not given me moral lecture but a practical answer. Though I know he is my daughter's bf, I sometimes cannot resist his charm and teenage flirting. I melt when he talks naughty things. Shall keep in mind what you said. Thanks again.
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I do not know your nationality to judge your culture. Yet, it is quite clear that he is interested in you sexually.

You too like to have fun with him. Your only hesitation is that whether your daughter will object it or not. From daughter's response, it seems she has no objection in you too sharing his "big cock".

So you can go ahead with it. Please let us also know the progress.

Best wishes for First Night.... with him.
answered Dec 5, 2017 by kunjumon57 (505 points)
commented Dec 6, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
I am living in a Metropolis City in India.

I enjoy his flirting nature. He makes me feel young.
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Next time when he comes when you are alone in the house take his penis out from his pants and give him a nice blowjob and rest of the things he will take care. If you want to have sex with him because he might be good in bed since he is young then I think you are wrong as he might not be able to hold his cum for long and in excitement he will ejaculate too soon and you will be left unsatisfied but you would find enthusiasm in him which you might not be able to find from your boss who might be of your age.

Whether to have sex with this young boy or not is up to you as I do not find anything immoral there as you have a right to have sex with whoever you want but he might not be mature enough to last and he may put your reputation on stake too but with your boss you are fine and you will be safe. For the sake of the change you can have sex with him and let him taste your vagina. Take a decision keeping only sex in your mind and nothing else. You can even let your daughter know that you want his penis inside your vagina and I am sure since she is not serious she will encourage you to go ahead.
answered Dec 5, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (27,745 points)
commented Dec 6, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
I dont want to look desperate. I enjoy his attention and the fun. He is so lively and cracking jokes all the time. Now days, I look forward to his visits, but dont want to do anything which will upset my daughter. Shall keep your advice in mind.
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No matter how hard you try, to me you just come across as some slimy undergrad kid who is such an horny ass that he can't put a leash on his raging hormones.

Though I would still like to assume all of this is true.
If I do so, I got two questions for you:
1) Do you have the hots for this guy?
Because as you have described, your daughter has no emotional attachment to this fella whatsoever. So there might really be no harm if you try and see.
2) How serious are you about your stuff going on what your superior/employer? (whatever you might wanna call him)
If you really want that guy, and if you are really thinking of dumping your boss, you need to remember that is gonna be a huge cut on the privileges you enjoy. If you don't wanna cut down on your privileges and still want the guy, you are gonna have to manage both. And here no matter how much of protection, there is a meek possibility you and all the guys who jack you are going to contract with diseases. If you are okay with that, go ahead sure, that's none of our business.

Remember if you decide to have a little fling with this guy too, chances are that your daughter is going to know of it someday. Now you might present to me the lousiest argument that he promises you he won't make it public. But then think deep and think smart, how can some 22 year old sick rat who dreams of blowing up his girlfriend's mother be trusted? And when your daughter finds this out, have you thought of what she would think of you? Forget the moral part, but on logical grounds if you think, your daughter will think of you as some sought of a cougar or a slut who aims at her boyfriends and I can guarantee you 200% that she will never trust you.

And another which you should know will happen is that in sometime you will turn 50 but he'll still be a guy in his 20s or early 30s and he definitely will leave you for someone of his age then what? Are you prepared?

And what if the other dickhead comes to know of your fling with this arse? Do you have your explanations ready? I guess you are smart enough for it already. So think enough and all the best.

Take care! God bless you!
answered Dec 5, 2017 by confusioninmind (1,430 points)
commented Dec 6, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
You are very rude. I dont like your harsh words and hope Editors will take note.
This Site is advertised as a Site where a person can tell her doubts and ask for advice.

Still, you have taken time to write a long reply. Thanks. I have not told I want to stop relations with my boss. He comes home and my children have accepted him. He gives money support.
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If I were you I'd give it a go, seeing as your daughter has no real feelings for him there would be no reason to feel bad.
Also your boss doesn't need to know so any sexual satisfaction you get with your daughters friend would be risk free...
Hope this helps x
answered Dec 5, 2017 by Sam_123 (240 points)
commented Dec 6, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
you have given mature reply. Thanks.
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Though I am not getting judgmental, but from your question it's clear what your intentions towards that guy is, so if you think that you can go for that, then you can proceed.

You have not described what your economic condition is, your social culture - like where you live and what lifestyle you are in, I can't say much as I don't know how much risk is involved in all this. Before taking any step first calculate the risk involved.

He is your daughter's BF and I think she is very much open to you so you can discuss with her also. If only dick size matters for you then you can demand from your boss also to arrange a long dick and you can enjoy threesome with your boss also or if your daughter is ready and you feels comfortable then you can enjoy with your daughter and her BF as she told you his dick size she may be already in relationship with him and may mind of you fuck her bf without her permission.

So conclusion is: you choose whatever is best for you and your daughter. You can ask further if you have any doubts.

Love Jhon
answered Dec 5, 2017 by Jhonsm (1,215 points)
commented Dec 6, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
dick size is not important. It is the new experience that makes me wet and gives shivers. I am not thinking of any threesome.
commented Dec 6, 2017 by Jhonsm (1,215 points)
No offense, I just said threesome as it gives thrill to everyone of us. Hope you had calculated all the risk and then came to this decision.

You said you are in a metro city and your daughter is also open and mature so you can proceed if you think this guy will maintain the secrecy and you are assured of all safety measures.

Otherwise if a young guy is in your mind you can have sex with anonymous young guys at a tourist place or can meet them on social network or dating apps , which maintains more secrecy for ladies like you.

commented Dec 22, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
This boy comes home almost everyday and so I have built a bond with him. If I wanted to have sex with any anonymous Boy, I am sure there will be many that I can hook, but that is not my intention.

I like this guy myself and he makes me feel like a teenager.
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Does your daughter have many boy friends or boyfriends? Ask her to have only one boyfriend and be loyal to him.
Your daughter has no interest in that boy except for his cock. So feel free to have a relationship with him. Next time he come to your place, hug him and take him to your room and have sex. But do note that he will not give you money like your boss and he might end up telling about you to his friends. I would suggest if possible, stick to your physical relationship with boss only. Do educate your daughter about sex.
answered Dec 6, 2017 by maya75n (670 points)
commented Dec 6, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
Daughter has many friends, boys and girls. She is very naughty. I have spoken to her about sex and she tells not to worry as she is grown up and knows what she wants. She is a very confident girl.
who says i want money from that boy? You are a woman, you should understand what i want.
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Your daughters male friend has already kissed and hugged you and you responded well.He flirts you and you felt his erection too,cunt become wet with juice.Obviously you are enjoying his activities.There is no justification to deprive each other.Go ahead with him to quench your mutual sexual thirst.Threesome including your daughter will be more thrilling.Don't make him as your slave.Think about his future.
answered Dec 6, 2017 by Motilal (8,265 points)
commented Dec 6, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
you have repeated what i have told. I do not want threesome.
commented Dec 6, 2017 by pthomas85 (225 points)
Wouldn's surprise me that this threesome is his ultimate fantasy.  Doesn't mean that it's a good idea to do that though.

If your daughter is ok with it and if your boss is ok with it, I'd als say go for it (have sex with him, not the threesome).
commented Dec 22, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
I cannot talk about this with my daughter as i do not know her reaction.
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From what I know, many guys are turned on by the mother/daughter/milf thing.  So if he has made love with your daughter, it's probably a huge turn-on for him to also make love with you.

This does raise a bunch of questions...

- Assume your daughter will find out.  How will she react if she finds out that you are sleeping with her boyfriends? Even if she is not really in love with him.
- Realize he may also want to bragg about this to his friends.  If he gets to make love with you, and also made love with your daughter, he will be their hero.  You could get a very bad reputation.
- What if your boss found out? How will he react? Do you love your boss, or is it just a sexual relationship, where you both are still free to make love with others?

It may sound exciting, but making love with this guy could have some nasty consequences.

But on the other hand, if you thought these things through, and it turns you on, you could give it a try.  It will surely be exciting for him !

Hope this helped...
answered Dec 6, 2017 by shannamccllgh (180 points)
commented Dec 6, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
you have given a mature reply. shall consider all the points you mentioned.
commented Dec 6, 2017 by shannamccllgh (180 points)

Thanks for your kind words. I would just say, don't do anything behind anybody's back, these things always come out.  I am sure you will take the right decision.
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Your question itself has the answer. You are interested in sharing bed with your daughter's friend but why are you asking over here and wasting your time?

Better do what you want to do that's having sex with your daughter's friend. You are free bird, nobody ask you or your daughter to know your affair with your boss and she doesn't have objection with that.
Your daughter may have tasted her friend's cock so she says it's huge and you are next lady who gonna taste it carry on with it.
That's only answer I can give. Go for him and get him.
answered Dec 6, 2017 by pavan350 (1,440 points)
commented Dec 22, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
If my question had the answer, I would not be asking here. You dont have to waste your time answering as I see you have enough problems of your own.

You have just repeated what I said like a parrot and not given any constructive thought.
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If the young and big cock can give more pleasure, why a girl, (say your daughter) is not serious about him? Do you think, a boy who is daring to hug, kiss and put hand on your boobs, will become your slave?

Think about these two points and go ahead.
answered Dec 6, 2017 by solliadi (3,200 points)
commented Dec 22, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
I only said that, I read a young and big cock can give more pleasure. You may be able to tell me if this is true. He will become my slave if I allow him to go further.
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Before giving any go and not go answers, I need to ask you something and tell you a few things.

You said that you are quite happy with your relationship with your Boss. Quite happy means what? partially or completely?

Your boss may be unsatisfied by his wife. But he can leave you, and can replace you with another girl/woman. There is no denying that. Be ready for this.

Now coming towards your daughter and her friend.

Now a days, many parents and their kids are open minded. They talk many issues or topics or I can say discuss those topics which were restricted before. But I never heard or seen that a daughter tells her mother that her BF has a big dick. I think she is pushing you.

Now, here are 2 conditions.

1) Your daughter wants to have a threesome with you but she is afraid to ask you directly. So she may be pushing her BF towards you, so she can catch you both having sex and then join you.

2) As you said you are a divorcee, many men in Indian society think that divorcee or widows are only sex objects and easily available. So he may think the same and want to enjoy your body.

Now it's up to you, what you want to do and it is your choice.

Keep us updated and feel free to ask us your doubts.
answered Dec 6, 2017 by Harsh.03 (1,030 points)
commented Dec 6, 2017 by pthomas85 (225 points)
I'm quite sure that if anybody wants a threesome, it's the guy, not the daughter.  Young men are all like that.  But mumindistress has said that she doesn't want that, so that is out of the question.
commented Dec 22, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
harsh.03, You are just jumping to conclusions.
Who said my daughter wants a threesome? Everyone here is talking of threesome, because that is what you have in your mind.

Why will my Boss dump me? Not everyone is like you.
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If you want to go ahead then go ahead,  but make sure that you don't get caught or else your daughter would feel the same way as you would if she sleeps with your boss....even though that guy is just a toy for her.
answered Dec 6, 2017 by gr8gaur (2,565 points)
commented Dec 22, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
You have given a mature answer and not said anything about threesome, like many here.
commented Dec 23, 2017 by gr8gaur (2,565 points)
Just one more thing,  whatever you decide.... Please update here or in a new post.  Not that I'm interested in other people's life,  but its always good to know whether the suggestions you got here helped you or not.  

Its a small community of anonymous people just trying to help each other,  so I guess no harm in discussing things that you can't with people close to you.

But again,  this is just a suggestion.
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Fuck him that's clear go and have fun
answered Dec 6, 2017 by rockstar536 (915 points)
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If you too like all this than just go ahead take advantage of this situation to enjoy and explore sex. Seduce him so that he advances and you do not have to do it anything and cant be blamed.

You can have sex and mainten sexual relationship with him as your daughter is not serious about him.
Hope i helped you.
answered Dec 7, 2017 by myselfarun (1,850 points)
commented Dec 23, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
i know that he will be all over me if I just give orange signal. No need for green signal. who does not like to explore sex? only i need to see the effect on my daughter.
commented Dec 23, 2017 by myselfarun (1,850 points)
Your girl wont be affected, as you mentioned she knows herself very well. Have sex and don't let him take any clips and videos and your session will. It will be safe that way.

Let us know what happened next.
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You have already gone so far so why are waiting now? Just go ahead and enjoy. Whenever he comes open his zip and give him a good blowjob. I hope he will also fill every inch of vagina with his big cock and his hot cum.
If your daughter come to know then go for threesome. It will give a new sensation to your sex life.
answered Dec 7, 2017 by SKS (215 points)
commented Dec 23, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
have you done threesome. Dont talk about what you have not experienced.
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You can do sex with him if you like to enjoy sex. But you have to maintain secrecy with your daughter.
answered Dec 8, 2017 by Sheel (250 points)
commented Dec 23, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
yes, shall have to have secrecy.
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Apart from being a slave, he will do every thing you tell him to do, like licking, rimming, massage etc, which is sometimes much better than fucking especially for married persons because they are so used to fucking that they at times want something different.

There is absolutely no harm in trying young boys. Just ensure that you are not photographed because young boys tend to involve their friends too.

So be careful and do let us know how you enjoyed.
answered Dec 22, 2017 by pklalgarh (155 points)
commented Dec 23, 2017 by mumindistress (145 points)
very mature answer. but i do not agree that one can stop only with what you have said like massage and rimming. It will always end up in sex. I will ensure that no clips are made. Shall let you all know about our progress.

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