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My Aunt wasn't wearing anything under her kurti. Do you think I have a chance?

asked Nov 21, 2017 in Questions by mikef143 (355 points)
edited Nov 29, 2017 by longhands1

One Friday afternoon, there was someone knocking at the door. I opened the door. It was one of my neighbor aunt sobbing aand in tears. I asked her what happened. She asked me if there was anyone at home. I told her they are out for a wedding and will return on Monday morning. I asked tell what is the problem. She said uncle met with an accident and is hospitalized. I was shocked but kept cool. I told her I would help you, do not worry. I told her to take cash and change as she was in nighty.

She wore a kurti and leggings and we left for hospital. As we reached the hospital, wee found out that mama was in emergency ward and was being given first aid before examination. He was unconscious. Seeing my uncle, aunt started crying again. I hugged her and was surprised to find that she wasn't wearing anything under her kurti.

I could feel her nipples. For the first time ever, I felt something for her. I noticed a few guys staring at her. That was making me more aroused. Call it situational or advantage but she is very comfortable with me always.

Now its on my mind to make love with her. Will I succeed?

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9 Answers

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Best answer
Hello Mike,

Before I comment what you should do, I would like to know whether your neighbor has any child? If yes, where is the child?

There are many women who prefer not wearing anything inside, but it doesn't mean you can get between her legs. From few of your replies, posted as comments you replied with incidences. If you ask me you have the best situational advantage..
answered Dec 3, 2017 by pakkd17 (485 points)
selected Aug 10 by mikef143
commented Dec 4, 2017 by mikef143 (355 points)
Yes, she has a daughter who is in other state for her graduation. She stays only with her husband who sometimes travels for work but just for a day or 2 max. From past some years their marriage has been through a very lean patch, very rarely do they go for any functions together. If there are any common functions she comes along with our family.
Last month she had a marriage to attend in other part of city (2 days) so she requested my family to take me along (as none other person was available from our family and her daughter had exams), we had a great time together ...
commented Dec 4, 2017 by pakkd17 (485 points)
Try to get into more such trips or outings with her ... Could you share your experience in that  marriage like staying together with her for a night, marriage ceremonies, clothes, etc...
commented Dec 4, 2017 by mikef143 (355 points)
There were 2 big rooms 1 for men other for women. For the ceremonies she wore all traditional wear but there was a post marriage party where she wore short skirts , she was looking damn stunning. But she had drinks for the first time ever believing i will take care of her...
commented Dec 4, 2017 by pakkd17 (485 points)
Its very much evident that she trusts you and more importantly believes you a lot, do not do anything that may hamper such relationship be a good companion or her friend and try going close by small jestures like praising her beauty, caring for her , hugs , kisses if all these go good , simply share ur feelings in genuine way for love not for ur hunger for sex ... I believe she will not reject ur proposal ...
All the best keep us posted
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If this was a very recent incident, then no, you will not succeed in making love to her, atleast not for a month, as she has just gone through her husband's accident. On the contranry, if you make your advances now, she will hate you for your insensitivity.
answered Nov 22, 2017 by Subaruyagami (335 points)
commented Nov 23, 2017 by mikef143 (355 points)
My sensitivity is very sensual
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Whatever you explained shows that she as distressed as her husband was hospitalized. She may be in hurry to see him doing well. You definitely took advantage of her situation. I would advise you to leave her alone.

Will you succeed?
Highly likely.
answered Nov 22, 2017 by tatsme (220 points)
commented Nov 23, 2017 by mikef143 (355 points)
Once she was going to the market and there was some unseasonal showers i met her on the road she was partially wet i could very clearly see her nipples ...
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Michael Fernandes
It is the beginning. Update us going forward. You have success rate in two or three previous ventures.
answered Nov 23, 2017 by solliadi (3,165 points)
commented Nov 23, 2017 by mikef143 (355 points)
Once, I was at her home waiting for her. She came out of the bathroom only in towel tied on her body.

I could see her huge thighs. She saw me smiled and went to change ...
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She came to your house in emergency so obviously she did have time to wear proper clothes and that is why she came to your house carelessly as her first priority was to look after her husband. There are many women who wear loose clothes at the house when no one is around the house without wearing anything underneath the cloths.

It seems that you are over reacting as there is no sign from her that she wants to get intimate with you. However, now you have an opportunity to get close with her as you helped her so whenever you find her alone at the house you can go there to spend the time and see is there any hint from her which suggests that she is interested in you. As of now there is no sign so stay away from her and be careful not to do anything stupid.
answered Nov 23, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (27,745 points)
commented Nov 23, 2017 by mikef143 (355 points)
Thank you for your response.
I am posting this query after a lot of incidents she is my neighbor in her 30's she is very orthodox . At home she usually wears nighty knee length. Her equation with her hubby is not that great because of her big fat body ...
I posted this query after a lot of observation she most of the time doesn't wear inners and especially after that incident she is very close with me.
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Don't take it otherwise and understand that she was more concern for her husband so perhaps she forgot to wear anything inside.
answered Nov 23, 2017 by tanya.jjldh (125 points)
commented Nov 23, 2017 by mikef143 (355 points)
Once she was going to the market and there was some unseasonal showers i met her on the road she was partially wet i could very clearly see her nipples ... Here she was not in any kind of tension ... What do you say now
commented Nov 24, 2017 by abhi14343 (1,850 points)
Its purely your imagination. Its very clear in your question and in your comments too.
commented Nov 25, 2017 by mikef143 (355 points)
What makes you comment as its imagination ... Do i need to send you the link of the weather report of my city ...??
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 I have read your complete question. I don't think, you can have her. Her husband is in hospital ICU means definitely she will be in that position only. Usually ladies want to stay without inners. They don't wear bra and panties..that is for comfort only.

Since she rushed to hospital, she may not have time to wear inners. It doesn't mean that she is ready for sex.

Try to spend time with her and be helpful. There is a chance she will come with you, then u can have her.

My advice is to wait.
answered Nov 23, 2017 by dr kalyan (465 points)
commented Nov 23, 2017 by mikef143 (355 points)
Yes i am waiting for the correct opportunity ... She is close to me now because i helped her ..
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You have become an insect of lust. Change your mental attitude. Become a human being. At the time of distress of your neighbor, you  hugged her instead of consoling and extending help.

How could you notice that she is not wearing anything? You felt her nipples and got more aroused, thinking of  making love with her. Your fantasy may be super excellent from your point of view.

But I find it unpalatable. Don't make a fool of members of this forum.
answered Nov 23, 2017 by Motilal (8,255 points)
commented Nov 24, 2017 by mikef143 (355 points)
Thank you for replying Mr 77 yrs old ...
Firstly wen a person is crying hugging that person to calm her down is unethical ... I really do not feel so ...
If you feel its unpalatable better not comment Mr pre independence...
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Let the situation be conditional or Let it  be ur imagination. But I don't get the fact that what is the relevance of the question: Whether she was wearing undergarments or not?

It has no relation with her becoming close to you. (If it was something related to curiosity, let it be so)

And even if she is close to you, now is not the time to make advances. She may or may not get intimate with you.That depends on her, but I can surely say that making any advances now is a big NO.

And about dressing...

Indian ladies in their middle age, tend to dress  freely inside their house especially if they are a bit on the clumbsy side. And the situation you described in the question is purely situational and don't over think about it and take it as a hint from her.

I hope my answer was useful for u.
answered Nov 23, 2017 by agru (390 points)

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