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Bollywood Gossip - Poonam Pandey - 2

asked Nov 15, 2017 in Bollywood Gossips by longhands1 (85,850 points)

Poonam Pandey - 2

After her strip show on Twitter last year when the Indian team had defeated South Africa at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Poonam Pandey is back with her raunchy snaps on Twitter for Dhoni and his boys. Just after the victory, Poonam shared an almost-nude picture, captioning it, "A SMALL gift to team India in Maa style #IndvsBan YOU ROCK!! Muuuuuaaah." Last week, Pakistani model, Qandeel Baloch, too had made headlines, with a controversial video posted on Facebook, where she promised to perform a strip dance and dedicate it to Shahid Afridi if her team would have thrashed the Indian cricket team in Kolkata on March 19 in the ICC World T20.

Poonam Pandey sure knows the ropes of marketing. However, learning belly dancing seemed tricky for the actress.

Poonam Pandey injures her back while belly-dancing

Poonam was enthusiastic about the belly dancing classes that she was taking to step into the shoes of the eponymous character in her upcoming film, Helen. But too much enthusiasm got the better of her when she twisted her back. Eventually, the shooting of the film had to be cancelled. In an interview with IANS, producer Suresh Nakum, said, "We had set up a Rs 1 crore set at a Mumbai studio but we had to eventually dismantle it because Poonam was advised not to dance for a while.

But now she is fine and we have planned another schedule this month. The film is an expensive one and we did not want to harm the film or take any risk which would have disturbed the star actress. Now as Poonam is back, the shoot will continue through August and September." Rajpal feels the name, Helen, itself generates curiosity and entertainment. He was quoted in the report as saying that Poonam's career will be completely transformed after the movie.

Poonam Pandey dating Vinod Khanna's son?
Guess which new celebrity couple is painting the town red these days? It's our very own publicity queen Poonam Pandey and veteran actor Vinod Khanna's son, Sakshi Khanna. The duo has been spotted club-hopping and holding each other's hands at various occasions. According to the report, a source informed that their body language reveals it is more than just friendship between the two.


Poonam Pandey seems to have mastered the art of making news. Sensing opportunity, Poonam had released a sensuous yoga video on the occasion of International Yoga Day. In the video, Poonam is seen practising various yoga poses. She has also renamed some of the asanas.

The Nasha actress had uploaded the video on June 18 and it has been viewed by more than 1 million people till date. Apparently, the video has also created a lot of buzz on Twitter.

This time the sexy lass has got another reason to be in news, and that is her yoga video.

In the video, Poonam starts yoga saying, “Yoga se hi hoga.” She suggests the viewers to have a look at her yoga regime and that they can follow it too. But with the camera zooming towards her cleavage, the yoga turns seductive. Poonam says, “Breast aasan... sorry I meant best aasan.” The starlet also demonstrates an aasan which she refers to as ‘*ss-an’ and then corrects it to aasan. Finally she suggestively names it as ‘doggy style’ aasan. We wonder what she is up to!

According to a report on, Poonam Pandey has bagged an endorsement deal with India’s first breast enhancement brand. The report further stated that Poonam has been signed up by breast enlargement brand Brexelant and throughout the commercial the actress preaches how to 'be attractive'.

This advertisement seems to have been aptly endorsed by the starlet, who treats her followers on micro-blogging site Twitter with several revealing selfies. Read on to know what Poonam has done in the past to grab eyeballs...


Poonam Pandey knows how to make headlines with just flipping her hair. All she needs to do is to comment on any issue of national importance or announce her stripping schedule during the Indian cricket matches.

But cricket lovers were left waiting endlessly as she disappeared after making the promise. However, when she was questioned at an event about not fulfilling her promise, she reportedly unzipped her jacket to reveal a black bikini to the paparazzi.

Only Poonam Pandey could think of launching a ‘Grab Nasha Bikini’ contest for the promotion of her film Nasha. The diva posted her racy bikini pictures in provocative postures on Twitter to kick start the contest during the Valentine's season. Only Poonam could think of gifting her used bikini as a prize for sending her the most romantic message on Twitter. And there was no dearth of aspirants who actually showered her with the romantic tweets to grab her Nasha bikini.


Poonam Pandey never leaves an opportunity to be in news, even if it means giving a statement on a general court case. Making hay while the sun shines, Poonam killed no time in commenting on the Madras High Court’s verdict on premarital sex. The court declared that couples who have had premarital sex will be considered married. To this, the controversy queen tweeted, “MadrasHC I am Married then ;) Hehehehe LOL” [sic]

Critics are still wondering about the leak of Poonam Pandey’s raunchy lovemaking video just before the release of her debut film Nasha in 2013. Poonam’s video showing her in a compromising position with an unknown person went viral on social networking websites in July. Moreover, this was not her first leaked video. Her stripping video shot during a photoshoot was the most watched video on YouTube in 2011.

When the whole world was busy taking the Ice Bucket Challenge, how could Poonam Pandey leave the opportunity of taking a bath in ice cold water? However, the hottie did it in her own style wearing a black bikini. Poonam shared her video on social networking websites, in which she was seen stripping down to a bikini in the bathtub and then shivering after spilling ice cubes over herself. 

Poonam never misses out on serving her fans with her most seductive pictures clicked on a regular basis. She handles her publicity all by herself on Facebook and Twitter, and never skips a chance to share a picture. From a picture in the bath tub to giving her fans a glimpse of her derriere, Poonam has been doing it all. Once she shared a casual selfie wearing a pink fur bikini with a coffee mug in her hand.

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