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Hollywood Gossip: Biggest catfights in Beauty Pageant history

asked Nov 15, 2017 in Bollywood Gossips by longhands1 (85,850 points)

Biggest catfights in Beauty Pageant history

Not everyone accepts second place with grace! From snatching the crown off the winner's head to drunken brawls, here are some of the biggest catfights that happened in beauty pageant history.

In 2013, the Miss Gay San Juan pageant held in Tarapoto, Peru ended in a catfight over the rightful winner of the crown. The runner-up attacked the winner believing that she was the wrong winner. Video footage showed the two ladies getting into a physical fight where they tore each other's wigs and hit each other with their heels. The two were then broken up by security and escorted offstage.

During the Miss Scarborough pageant in 2014, things got ugly when the audience started booing as 18-year-old Jessica Gale was crowned the winner instead of the crowd favourite, Shannon Collins. People from the audience got into a drunken brawl with the staff over the result and when things got way out of hand, the police was called. Pageant organizer Diane Yalezo said she cried for days after the thugs ruined the celebration for Gale.

During an annual beauty pageant and folk dance contest in the city of Neiva, Colombia, 20-year-old law student Valentina Bonilla Neira was crowned the winner but was met with surprise when first runner-up Yeimy Lizeth Silvestre Gamez took her defeat very seriously. She snatched the crown from the Valentina's head and placed it on her own head for a few pictures before shoving it back to her and storming off the stage!


At the Brazilian pageant Miss Amazonas 2015, Sheislane Hayalla and Carol Toledo were holding hands before the name of the winner was announced. After Carol Toledo was declared the winner, Sheislane hugged and cheered on Carol as she was being crowned Miss Amazonas 2015. However, five seconds later, she came forward to violently snatch the tiara from Carol's head and throw it onstage while the crowd applauded. She later justified her actions saying that Carol bought the title and she wanted to express her disapproval. Sheislane still kept her title as Miss Amazonas first runner-up.

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