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My Mature Maid smiles everytime I talk to her. Is there hope of lifting her saree?

asked Nov 14, 2017 in Questions by ranity (120 points)
edited Nov 14, 2017 by longhands1

I am 26 years old, single guy living with my parents. There is this maid aunty who is around 42-43 years old. She looks extremely hot in saree showing her MILF body.

I have started touching her butt regularly when passing her and she does not show any reaction. One day, when she was watching TV while drinking coffee, I stood near her and touched her hips for more than 5 secs. Next day, when she was cleaning, I touched her bare hips. She dropped the broom and went inside the kitchen.

One day, when Mom went out to shop, again I touched her hips from behind. She just left the spot and went into the kitchen. I slowly followed her and asked her age. She said she didnt know and asked my why? I said, just like that. She told me she just had a grand daughter and why do I ask a grandma?

I know she is in he early 40's. I told her she looks superb. She was shocked but had a huge smile. I guess she was blushing. I touched her hip again. She said " You first come this side, now stand there". She was not angry but not happy either. Next day, I told her she looked superb in saree. She blushed again. I asked here if she can wear the green Saree, that I liked. She didn't reply and was just cleaning but had this huge smile all through. I asked her if she had mistaken me about my acts. She just shook her hand saying No. On the way out, I pressed her butt.

I had my doubts, if she is avoiding me and felt so guilty. I told her she looks really sad and said "Am I the reason for this? You me shall I continue this? Is it ok ? Yes or No? She guestured, No with her hands, but had a big smile. I said I am sorry. She said no problem but still had the smile. I am really confused.

Next day, when she came into my room, I told her I had a dream about her, wearing saree below the navel. At once she said she doesnt wear it that way. I asked her "Do you like it to be touched" she said "touch what?" I said " navel". She didnt reply, but her huge smile faded slowly. She said get a  good dream.

I guess she is not into money either. I tried keeping 500 on the table in my room, but she did not touch it.

I am getting mixed signals. Is she interested or is she faking it without replying by just blushing and smiling. I am not sure how to proceed. She doesnt want me to proceed that means no sex or watever but then why does she smile everytime I talk to her?

Please dont answer with " This is wrong " . I just need an Answer as how to proceed.

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5 Answers

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She is into you and she has given you signal by smiling at you. If she was not into you then she would have shouted at you or threatened you to complain it to your mom but she did not do it means she wants it to be progressed but somehow she is afraid so when you ask her she refuges. Therefore, I would say when you both are alone in the house do take some bold steps like kissing her and pressing her boobs and see how it goes. Make sure she feels safe with you and give her confidence that she is safe with you and you will take care of her and enjoy her vagina as long as she is available.
answered Nov 15, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (27,770 points)
commented Nov 15, 2017 by ranity (120 points)
started with a compliment next day that she looks great! smile as usual..then l told her its really difficult for me...asked her "did u like all the touching that i did" she signaled no..told her it was tough for me to get a good night sleep thats why i asked her again..."u dont talk that much but u keep smiling, i don't understand, thats why am asking u"..she simply said its wrong and her smile faded.."its wrong ..nothing else"..told her am gonna have a tough time..she just shook her head with a smile and went out cleaning..i guess its just fake smile so as to not to get into trouble and keep her job. she is not a well read woman infact she doesnt even know to read or write or anything but still she upholds to her values no matter wat..i didnt know what else to just feeling guilty she was good all the way and still didnt make a big scene outta it and handled the situation really well.One side is respect and guilt and other side is the desire.. all confused..not sure if i should approach again..even if i have to dont know how to talk to her..but she smiles and talks normally..
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Don't take risk,you are getting mixed signals.You may fall in a trap,it will be difficult for you to come out of it.She did not touch 500,can't give her clean chit.Her demand may be more.Is there hope of lifting her Sari? It is always there,but might have to pay high price for this.
answered Nov 15, 2017 by Motilal (8,290 points)
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You may be confused, but I am sure you will keep trying, till your maid makes it clear that she is annoyed with your behavior.

Since she is the Maid, she is aware that she cannot get annoyed with you and hence the reason for her smile. But a smile means nothing. It is just good manners, towards her Employer’s children.

If you are able to touch her butt and she does not threaten you with complaints to your parents, she is willing to let you go farther or she is afraid to lose her job.
You seem to be spending a lot of time with her, if you are able to have so much of conversation with her. Like your dream and your fantasies.

It is always dangerous to have an affair with the maid who is working for you. Three things can happen. She or her family member can blackmail you when things get steamy. Just imagine if she claims that she is pregnant with your child or your Family gets wind that you have been sowing your seeds in the maid’s farm.

Do not be under the impression, that your family will never know. Sooner or later they will. Or she can complaint about you. Not a very good thought.

Act wisely.
answered Nov 17, 2017 by longhands1 (85,850 points)
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I think she is not into you.let me explain you something's.
If she is interested:
1) she must have taken the 500 note.which explains it's not interested in you and your money. Or she might be waiting/trapping you some more money and making cash on your lust in her.

2)she said no to many things to you asked tells she is not interested.smiling doesn't mean she is into you and it's not a big deal to smile because she might be getting laugh on your childish acts.

 3)she might also be thinking like to make cash of your lust on her.she might be following a simple  theory, the more you keep you away,the more you get hunger.if i was true , you might be in trouble.

4)if she is a good person, then be ready to face the consequences when you cross your limits.

Hope this helps

Thanking you
answered Nov 18, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,360 points)
commented Nov 19, 2017 by ranity (120 points)
edited Nov 19, 2017 by longhands1
2 days back, I pinched her while going out of my room, when she came in to clean. She was smiling again. After a minute, I returned and hit her butt from behind.

This time she told she will tell mom but her tone was really playful. She said " You should be studying, working and earning, I never thought you will be into this". I was embarrassed after hearing this but she was not angry and her tone still playful.

After what happened and seeing all your answers, I thought I should ask sorry. So next day when she came, I told her she was correct and I was not the bad guy like she thinks.

She said that's good. Dont think like that again. I said " but the desire will not go just like that, it can be only controlled for now. I will try" then she was laughing closing her mouth so as not to make noise.

After reading your answers, I was afraid that she might be playing with me for money or but she also knows I don't earn money that much and am starting off my career as intern.

When she came again for mopping the floor, I told her "I get moody and horny when I see you. I cant help it but will try my best to control. If you have any idea that could help me please tell me"

When closing the gate when she was going, she said eat food and sleep well, smiled and left. I didn't understand a thing.

Today when she came in I didn't say anything, just gave a smile as I was on the phone. Then she said " Hereafter, I will not ask you or say anything,  just touch anywhere you want" then she was smiling and asked me to move out to clean.

I was excited to hear this but then afraid too. I think she saw the same 500 from my purse which was on the table, when she came in.

I am afraid if she will screw me over, but feel so close too...she has been here more than a year.

Is she playing with me? Dont know how to proceed? Please help.
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Seems to be a good maid. It is a compulsion, she may be working to meet her livelihood. Leave the thought. You are 26 - it is a good time to marry a girl of your choice.
answered Nov 19, 2017 by solliadi (3,210 points)

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