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Why did my Mom give me condoms and lock me with the Maid?

asked Nov 5, 2017 in Questions by msms11 (225 points)
edited Nov 9, 2017 by longhands1

I am a 24 year old unmarried man. My mom is aged 52 and our maid is 44 years old.

For the past one month, my maid has started coming close towards me. Last week she hugged me when I helped her recharge her mobile. My mom saw that and did not react to it. Then my maid went ahead and kissed me on my lips when I saved her from falling while cleaning the fan. It was an instantaneous reaction where we looked at each other's eyes and fell in love and she kissed me. My mom again saw this but did not say anything.

Then the next day I apologised to her for the incident when she held my hand and came closer to me and hugged me. This time my mom shouted at us. She asked us to wait till she came back and she returned with a pack of condoms.

She gave me the condoms and pushed me and the maid inside the bedroom and locked us. She said she would open after half an hour and asked us to have sex. I hesistantly had sex with maid but enjoyed it. I could see my mom peeping inside.

After having sex, we came outside the room and my maid said to my mom, "Bhabhi, I had fun with your son. I will do this again next week." I felt like my mom sold me to the maid. I have come to know that my mom and maid had made a plan so that the maid could have sex with me.

I am fine with it, but I want to know why did they do this? Can I get in any trouble because of this? What are they upto? Does my mom want to have sex with me?

What should I do?

featued question
commented Nov 7, 2017 by Rati.Anil (335 points)
I think, you shall ask your mom straight forward... I am sure that she will clear all your doubts.

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13 Answers

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Best answer

May be yes, but reason could be different. Your maid said she had fun with you. So it might possible your maid blackmailed your mom.

Your maid has something from which your mom is afraid of (sorry but it is possible that may be maid caught your mom having sex with another man or boy).

So she allows her to have sex with you.
answered Nov 27, 2017 by saxena.sho (230 points)
selected Jan 1 by msms11
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It might be because your mom has idea of you visiting some porn sites or trying to hit a girl. So she thought of helping you. Maid these days are too frank with their owners and discuss things of sex and affairs in other houses they work.

So there is high chances that maid of yours has also indulged in sex activity in houses next door. And has shared this experience with your mom and your mom has convinced her to do give some experience to you too.

That's it.
answered Nov 6, 2017 by myselfarun (1,055 points)
commented Nov 8, 2017 by msms11 (225 points)
Thanks for your response.
You could be true. My maid said she was earlier having an affair with an old man where she worked. Now she is with a younger man. My mom has told her not to tell anyone about it. Hope she does not tell anyone about our affair.
commented Nov 9, 2017 by myselfarun (1,055 points)
She will not do so now but when she works at another place, she may, as she told your mom about her sex at the previous place where she used to work.

So dont worry. Just enjoy as much as you can.

This may be because your mom has found some condoms in your purse this happened with me, so its just a guess.
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It seems it a self created fantasy. Why should a mom make her son to have sex with a maid?

She would think of arranging a wife for you. Tell us whether your father stays with you?
answered Nov 6, 2017 by RIHBS (210 points)
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You have stated nothing about your father. Is your mother spending solitary life? Your mother seems to be a Voyeur. She caught you with maidservant .Might have become wet.

Above all she is considerate on you and gave you opportunity to enjoy your maidservant with precaution. Mother relished the fucking of two loving birds. Future will tell whether your mom wants you to take inside or not. She will definitely express her desire.
answered Nov 6, 2017 by Motilal (6,740 points)
commented Nov 6, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,925 points)
moved Nov 6, 2017 by longhands1
Its raining fantasies in ASK ANJALI.
commented Nov 8, 2017 by msms11 (225 points)
My father stays with us but is not at home due to office. Thanks for your response.
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I think your mom likes to see others have sex, just like cuckolding.  Since you say that you are fine with having sex with your maid, do it and enjoy it.

You won't get into any trouble as long as it is between you three and you always use a condom. You can ask your mom and maid about what they are up to directly.

I think your maid wants casual sex from you and your mom enjoys watching you both have sex. Since she is allowing another woman to first have sex with you, chances are very less of her having sex with you.
answered Nov 6, 2017 by Sexdick (270 points)
commented Nov 8, 2017 by msms11 (225 points)
Thanks for your response.
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It looks like a fantasy, because I always remember only the situations like mom pushing the son alone /with father(of course with stick) in dark room due to less marks in exams.dont get me wrong  , anyway my suggestion is stay away from your maid or ask your mom to look for a good you said you are fine with it but you should be able to control it . I think your mom wants you ,that is why she decided to take this dnt mentioned anything about your father.

where is he living?
Is your mom is a divorce?  If she is, the from how long?
 Is this your first time?
 Did she ask anything about how felt about having sex with your maid?
Did your maid know ,that your mom is watching?
Are you nterested if your propses to you  for sex ?
These all questions says your mother wants or not. next time  While having sex with your fuck her hard when you notice that your mom watching you.see her reaction.
answered Nov 7, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,150 points)
commented Nov 8, 2017 by msms11 (225 points)
Thanks for your response.
My father stay with us but he is not at home during weekdays due to office. I work in shift and my mom is housewife. Actually, this was my second time. I lost my virginity to a call girl. I did feel good having sex with my maid and my mom was eager to know about it. I don't think my mom would want sex at this age. But if needed I don't mind sleeping with her.
commented Nov 9, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,150 points)
You shouldn't think about having sex with your mother.the relationships like mom-son, brother-sister are precious.if your mom propses for sex , tell her to be faithful to your father.if she still insists tell her to find a man.if you want you can continue to have sex with your maid or tell your mom to find a girl for you.
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wow I hope that kind of mother everyone get. she is too frank. I think she wants you to get sexual pleasure that's why she chose maid for easy fuck. Don't worry and enjoy.
answered Nov 7, 2017 by rahulsngh (700 points)
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Your fantasy is good. However if it real, may be the first answer is correct but may be there is another reason.

Maybe the maid knows some secret of your mom and she is blackmailing your mom to do. Follow your mom's behaviour in the absence of the maid.

The best is talk to your Mom openly about all of this and clear your doubts.
answered Nov 9, 2017 by palneel (105 points)
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It's a fantasy.

There is no lady who locks her own son and a maid in a room so they can have sex. Then she is peeping to see you both. If this is the case, then after your marriage she will peep when you are fucking your wife.
answered Nov 10, 2017 by deysuman (105 points)
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To me, it appears that your mom thinks you are incapable of finding your own sex partner or not mature enough in your youth to handle your harmones.

Your maid is 44 years. way past any sexual peak , even for someone who is physically active, whereas , as a male, your sexual peak is yet to arrive.

Ask your mom to get you married.
answered Nov 10, 2017 by blore.guy (375 points)
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Dear msms11,

You are 24 years old and you might have a girlfriend. So why are you going with that aged lady. If you don't have girlfriend then you will like this relation more.

If all the incidents accidentally happened, then you could have stopped all that. And your mother she might be right or wrong. Because she saw you both kissing and hugging each other, that's why she thought you both are attracted to each other.

So that is why she gave you condoms before you commit any mistakes. If you don't like this relationship you can stop it otherwise enjoy as much you can. But if your mother and maid are doing the plan together, then you are in big trouble.

So better to avoid it & go with your GF or get married.
answered Nov 14, 2017 by dashing prava (420 points)
commented Nov 19, 2017 by msms11 (225 points)
I don't have a girlfriend and thats why I am continuing it.
I am yet to find out weither it was my mom's misunderstanding or my maids plans.
But I don't want to complicate it and get in a relationship with my mom.
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It's first step that your mom is making you move towards a threesome and that's very sure from her point of view
She is allowing you to fuck her maid and it's her plan to trap you for a threesome
Your mom knows your weakness towards your maid so she wants play a game of sex with
It's sure you will come up her with next story that how did you spread her legs
answered Nov 15, 2017 by pavan350 (1,075 points)
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Talk to your mom as to what she intends to do with this situation. It seems to me that she does not want to loose you as well as the trusted maid. It also quite apparent that your mom enjoys watching you two have sex through peeping. May be she wants to join you two into a 3-some!! I would suggest that go on enjoying a mature woman who can teach you a lot about sex .
answered Jan 3 by zena69 (1,825 points)