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How to continue having Sex with this FAKIR/BABA without letting my MIL know?

asked Nov 2, 2017 in Questions by nikitahere (120 points)
edited Nov 3, 2017 by longhands1

Hello all,

My name is Nikita. I hail from a small village in east UP. I think it'd be better if I tell you something about my background first.

I have an elder sister for a sibling. My father used to work far away and would visit us once every 2 months and my mother's full focus was on my elder sister. This meant that I was a free soul. All girls in the village had strict mothers so I couldn't see them after school. Since I needed someone to play or hangout with I befriended a bunch of guys. They were too old to go to school but it was a typical tier 6 village and failing a class multiple times was a norm.

I was a young teenager and they had crossed their teens. They had never even talked to a girl who was not their family, so were pretty damn excited might I say horny to have me with them. I don’t want to brag, but I am beautiful and even at that age my breasts and bottoms were greatly developed.

So, naturally our talks turned sexual day by day and I could sense their hands touching me deliberately. I enjoyed getting attention from 3 guys at once and allowed them to continue even encouraged them to touch me. Things got out of hand pretty quickly and I lost my virginity to them one lazy day. Soon sex is all what we talked and had. I had a pretty happening life, when all other girls in my class were secretly talking and happy seeing a man’s penis while he was peeing. Three years went by and I had spent the starting teenage years of my life with a bang or shall I say getting banged.

One day, my father called and told us that we'll be shifting to a big town in western UP. I was excited to meet new guys there because to be honest sucking and fucking same three dicks for three years was tiresome and boring.

We shifted to new town. I got admitted to this nice School and quickly made a couple of friends outside school. I became an adult a few years later. Meanwhile hooked up and broke up with many guys. I was 18 and I met this guy whom I really liked and we had a relationship of 1 year. I called him home while mother was out, but she returned early and got caught in the act. I got a few slaps and drama ensued.

2 days later, parents decided to marry me off soon. I was angry and saddened but they were firm on their decision because honestly what kind of mother would live with peace after watching her daughter sucking dick of some guy in her home. They chose a Guy, who I met. After a few discreet meetings, I liked him. He was 29 years old. I stopped having sex with my BF 2 months prior to marriage to give my vagina some time to get back in some shape because that's what my friends told me.

I didn't see any change of shape honestly. I was frightened about my hubby getting to know about my non virginity. Gladly he was a virgin and too naive to know much about sex. I handled it gracefully on our first night by faking crying and pain. Sex was fine with him. 4 months passed and he lost a few lacs and went into depression. He couldn't get an erection. We sought doctor's help and there was some improvement. But he ejaculated quickly.

I was really frustrated by all this. I had never been felt so miserable in my entire life. Life was hell for another few months. I used to masturbate thinking about my past and fantasizing about cylinder boy, utensil selling boy etc. I noticed a new guy living on rent opposite our house. I couldn't control myself and started giving him hints.

One night, I was on the terrace taking off clothes from the rope, when he grabbed me from behind, asking me to come with him. I was so thirsty for fucking that I didn't even resist. We had wild sex. I was elated to find someone to fuck. But he got transferred after just 2 months of our sex relationship. I again was alone and feared of falling into depression.

Meanwhile, my MIL was forcing us to have a kid. I told her the problem but she was adamant that I was infertile. She then took me to a FAKIR, who it was said solved infertile cases. I was reluctant but she insisted and I had to go.

His adobe was on the outskirts of some far flung village and it was tiring just to reach there. There were two girls and a few men there. He was inside some dark room, they took us there. MIL told him that I was infertile and only he could fill her arms with a grandson. He said not to worry and in his eccentric manner, signaled to the girls to take me to another room. MIL said I had to do whatever he says without asking questions.

I had doubts from the starting. I know all this FAKIR shit is hoax. I don't know why, but after some time MIL came and told me that she'll be staying in the village and will come to take me back after 3 days. I had no strength or will to argue with her, thinking that at least I didn't have to listen to her nonsense all day. I agreed.

After dinner early in the evening, I was given a bath by those girls. It felt funny but I went along with the drama. So I was there in that room with that FAKIR. He approached me and asked me to lie down on some platform. For half an hour he was playing with his peacock wing laden broom stick over me when I felt his hands on my legs. I knew something was up. His hands slowly found their way up to my thighs and all the while he was saying some mantras. Then he asked me to take off my clothes with a blank face. I was like no way.

He tried to convince me with some bullshit like he has to find the disease and will try to grow the seed of baby in me. I thought let him do what he wants. So I undressed. He asked me not to take off my inners. Thank god. He then took some smelly red oil and started applying it on my hands, stomach, and thighs. It felt good to have some massage and I closed my eyes. His hands were slowly creeping toward my pussy and boobs. I had no energy left to fight him off.

In a few minutes, I was completely naked and my boobs were being massaged, which felt really good. When he slid his fingers in my pussy I let out a sigh. He turned me over massaged my back and bottoms. I was thoroughly enjoying all this. Then I felt something fleshy on my lips. I opened my eyes and could literally see his balls hanging in front of my eyes. I thought for a second but my thirst for lust took over me and without him convincing me to suck his dick I opened my mouth and began milking him.

Soon he was between my thighs and his manhood, pumping my pussy. He was biting my boobs. He had good stamina and lasted quite a while. He then took me to another room. It had a proper bed and mattress. We had some really steamy sex that night. For next three days, we fucked in all conceivable positions. But I took care that he didn't cum inside me.

However on the last day, I was so wet and excited that he shot his cum in my pussy. I knew that if I got pregnant, it was game over for my adventure. So when I came home, I took contraceptive pills.

When I was there, I had spoken to a woman who was pregnant. She told me that the FAKIR had made her pregnant. I had made a plan. I told my MIL that the FAKIR had told me to keep visiting him. Naive as she was, she gleefully agreed. It's been more than 8 months now. My MIL is getting restless. I have no problems going every weekend to the FAKIR’s Ashram, where he fucks me senseless. Now, my MIL has started questioning his powers, in which she believed and is telling me to stop visiting him.

My hubby is still far from normal. His dick hardly gets erect and though we have sex every other day, he orgasms in just a few strokes. His sperm count is also low and I don't want to have a baby. I am only 22. Hubby doesn't say anything because he knows he can't be a father. MIL is driving me mad. I am torn between my hubby, my sex life and my stupid MIL. All I want is a fulfilling sex life.

If my hubby can't give me that, is it wrong to seek pleasure outside?

Can you guys suggest, how to continue my fuck relations with the FAKIR without offending my MIL? She wants to take me to another FAKIR. But I know what they are. If I seek divorce from my hubby, would that be a right decision?

I'd appreciate any other suggestion considering my problem.


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featued question

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7 Answers

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It’s hard to believe what you have written here but still I would consider it as a genuine question as it happens in the country like India so chances are there it is a genuine issue.

Do you think that the relationship with the FAKIR is a permanent solution? You will be again in the frustrated life when you have to stop seeing that monster as sooner or later you have to stop meeting him. If your husband is unable to get better then I think you should part ways as that is the only way since you are young and can easily find a life partner who does not have any problem so think on that direction and you can even discuss your issues with your family like your mother and sister and let them give you a solution.

You should stay away from this monster as at the end you may end up getting STD or life killing diseases seeing the history of his sexual life which I am sure you may not want it. You need a permanent solution to get a good life so do something about that. Meanwhile I would say take the help of the sexual toys to calm yourself down as that is the best way. Discuss your issues with your family members who you trust and shout the solution.
answered Nov 3, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
commented Nov 3, 2017 by nikitahere (120 points)
I know it sounds a bit weird but hey, this world is weird. I was just being honest.

For the lack of better word I used the term Fakir. Actually I used "Baba" but Moderators might have thought that was not appropriate. Whatever, he is a self claimed healer.

I know of the dangers but I have reached the point that I have stopped thinking about that. I told my background in detail because I wanted to make it clear what prompted me to do all this. I have never ever been sex deprived in my entire life than I have been after marriage.

I have tried sex toys but never got accustomed to them, they just can't simply replace the actual human touch and moreover I was never a good at imagining and fantasizing things. I never had to resort to it because I have always had partners. So, sorry but toys aren't solution to my problem.

The thought of divorcing has crossed my mind a thousand times in this past one year but if we think rationally our society looks down on women after divorce no matter the reason behind it. I have nothing to do with society but my future partner will be a part of this society and will look the way differently.

I am a simple girl , I never wanted riches and servants and all that wanky stuff. I just wanted a simple home with a loving husband. Is that too much to ask?

To be further clear I was committed to my husband until his disease stopped getting any better and I had no choice but to seek external interference in my sex life. I know we women are expected to live with what we get, by killing our feelings and desires and that's what's ingrained in this so called fucking society.

But I am not one of those women.

I am sorry I wasted your time. You gave me good advice to divorce but could you be kind enough and tell me what are my options after my divorce.

I know the whole other breed of skunky men who try to get their hands on divorced women thinking they are easy to put their dick in.

I am so confused right now. :(
commented Nov 3, 2017 by wick007 (460 points)
the way you have written, you sound like a woman who won't complain if 'skunky men try to get their hands on you thinking you are easy to put their dick in'
commented Nov 4, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
The divorce can be difficult especially in the culture we live in but still there are many men who can be with you without making you feel guilty for anything so explore your options as one thing is clear that what you have been doing is not good for anyone involved in the situation and keep in mind that you are playing with the health of yours so be careful.
commented Nov 4, 2017 by nikitahere (120 points)
Thanks for your honest replies. You seem like a few among thousands of people who understands other people's situation and not ride your horse to criticize or **** shame them the first chance you get.

I am weighing my options now and before divorce I will look for some suitable match for me.

Thanks anyway. :)
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Dear Lady,

Who told you that low sperm count of your hubby will not make u pregnant? Its only when a person is spermatozaic then only chances of pregnancy are Nil.

Sperm count can be increased by good diet and medicines. However  in lustful world you cannot expect dedication except from your hubby and family. It is advisable that you look for sex friends and carefully can make good friend for fulfilling your desires but keeping in mind social security and status of your family.

Sexual toys and exercises can make you happy to some extent.

Enjoy good quality life.
answered Nov 3, 2017 by pawan boy (270 points)
commented Nov 4, 2017 by nikitahere (120 points)
I don't know no medics but I have been letting my hus ejaculate inside me for almost an year now. So whatever may be the reason one thing is for the sure that he is not gonna make me pregnant.

Thanks for replying I am looking for a solution to this mess.
commented Nov 6, 2017 by pawan boy (270 points)
Solution lies in very narrow compass...

First do not jump to conclusion that your husband can't make you pregnant.

Secondly you are now habituated to monster cock and that's the problem in fulfilling your desire for more and more satisfaction.

Its good you had realized the seriousness of the situation, so act the way you want but by maintaining your family and social status.

You can make good friends for fulfilling your desire.
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All bullshit waste of time
answered Nov 3, 2017 by Pradip Talekar (200 points)
commented Nov 4, 2017 by nikitahere (120 points)
yeah thanks for writing that.
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nice story.. but it's completely fake.. just a fantasy story..
keep writing
answered Nov 3, 2017 by wick007 (460 points)
commented Nov 4, 2017 by nikitahere (120 points)
Oh nice suggestion, I'll keep writing as long as imbecile scum like you keep on reading.
Get a life , loser.
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Dear Nikita,

The one aspect that gives me a lot of pride is the development of rural India, where the standards of expression are certainly enviable, the liberation of your abstinence versus the malaise in society is being commendably challenged and Fuckeers are trying to be more practical than looking up an almanac to assist in procreation.

While I see you as a worthy adversary in writing titillating porn on one hand, I am probably more jealous of your "fulfilling" adventures than being apprehensive of being out of a job. However, with my hair having grayed before you really strayed, I will provide you with my 2 rupees of advice.

1. The Fuckeer will not be a solution provider for the rest of your life and your MIL and your family will eventually stop trusting his capabilities to make you pregnant. The fact that you are using contraceptives will also probably be discovered to add to your misery and disassociation of you and his abode.

2. A girl who has clearly listed down her priorities should NOT give into the inherent bias in society, but should become a shining beacon in reforming it and taking "firm" steps to overcome such obstacles. You need to realize that this marriage is not for you and seek out a virile heterosexual as a life partner. I am certain that the Fuckeer has some distant nephews who are blessed with his genetic disposition.

3. You also need to have a Plan B, C and Plan X as well, if in the near future, there are uncertain events that render your partner redundant when it comes to discharging his marital obligations in a temple-blessed marriage.

You are smart enough to figure out how to go about it in detail and I leave the graphic details to you.

Please do find a more practical solution and share it with us.
answered Nov 4, 2017 by Logical_Guru (235 points)
commented Nov 4, 2017 by nikitahere (120 points)
Thanks for the reply. I had to resort to the dictionary quite a few times. Have you done masters in English literature?

I know I am a smart and strong girl and know what I want. I just posted here for some suggestions cause I know whatever I am doing is not the permanent solution. I will see what I have to do now.

But people are as fast as the speed of light to **** shame any women who is and wants to live her sex life the way she wants because guess what , they don't fucking have any. Bunch of losers.

Sorry, I didn't mean it for you but I know they 'll read it too.
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Nice to see Ask Anjali has started publishing  porn fantasy stories.
Even a kid can figure out its a fake story.
No marks for that neither its fun to read as it has low erotic matterial neither any genuineness found.
A remote village school is of co-education?
She got fucked years and yet didn't got pregnant or caught with any STD.
And such command over English by a village girl.
answered Nov 4, 2017 by Mr.Honest (425 points)
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You can continue all this by playing same game fooling your mil to visit ashram regularly and if she have some doubt ask her to confirm with fakeer as he wants some more session and you too want a baby just say it to your even if you dont.

She will agree to and continue your sex life and i can understand you want a good sex life and i support you as your own hubby cant fulfill it and thats when you both have done everything to cure your hubby.

Hope i helped you.
answered Nov 5, 2017 by myselfarun (1,220 points)

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