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My wife wants me to be a Cuckold in the true sense.

asked Oct 30, 2017 in Questions by vermaricky24 (325 points)
edited Nov 3, 2017 by longhands1


Before asking for advice and suggestions let me explain the brief scenario so that you all understand my question properly.

We got married 5 years ago and we had a good or you can say a regular sex life. After a year, she got pregnant and we tried to have intercourse in certain postures, but after couple of tries we avoided our urge and stopped having sex. Then may be, due to hormonal changes, my wife wanted to get stimulated everyday, so instead of having sex she got addicted to porn and masturbation. And this thing kept going on till the final stage of her pregnancy. I don’t remember even a day when she didn’t see any porn before sleeping.

She had her caesarean section delivery. Maybe due to hormonal changes, even after 3 months of the  operation and her delivery she didn’t feel like having sex even after my request and demand. Gradually she started the same thing as earlier of watching porn and masturbation sometimes.

Then after almost a year, when we didn’t have intercourse, I decided to talk to her. She said that normal sex did not turn her on anymore. She likes to be dominated. She likes it rough. She likes to be leashed, collard and tied up. She wants to be spanked and abused. I tried to do all this, but was unsuccessful as I am not dominant by nature.

And day by day, the spark in our relationship began to diminish. We had a discussion and at the end we decided to share her with a dominant guy. I searched for such guy for her and after few meetings, we met a Guy and she started having sex with him. I was enjoying watching her after some initial reluctance. Our physical relation was paused, but we didn’t mind it as both of us were enjoying and our relationship started getting healthier. After couple of months, she demanded to add one more Guy i.e. she wanted a MFM threesome.

I was reluctant but she convinced me and I agreed. I could see the happiness on her face and she was vibrant, lively and cheerful. I know she loves me a lot and we are independent sexually. I enjoy watching her fucking those 2 Guys and she also enjoys teasing me in front of them. We have an honest relationship and even whenever she meets them, she later informs me.

Now the problem is: She is again demanding to add a third Guy. I can add another guy but the thing is if she keeps asking for this again and again then it can be a matter of trouble. I told her that I can be the third guy for her. Instead of watching them fucking, I can also join in. But she said, she wants another guy, not me. She doesn’t have any problem if I also join in, but there should be other 3 Guys.

She says that if I don’t have any other guy in my knowledge, then the guys who are fucking her, can get a friend of theirs for joining them for the foursome.

Instead of understanding the risks of increasing the number of guys she is trying to convince me that I should trust her and she is absolutely safe.

Now, I am in absolute dilemma of what to do and what not to? What would be your practical Advice? Please don’t tell me to stop the whole thing, as that is not possible just now.

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featued question

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7 Answers

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Best answer
Well, first of all I must appreciate that both of you guys have such chemistry that you are keeping your egos aside by balancing your love life and sex life.

You are among those rare couples who keep their love life and sex life separate.

Now coming to your question. Your fear is logical and possibly she will keep demanding, unless and until she wants to stop it. If you want her to stop here, you have to convince her by putting your points of worries and tell her the risks involved.

Otherwise, what have already started seems to be tough to stop. But remember keep talking to her and spend quality time with her as much as possible in a week or a month which will not let the spark dim between you guys.

It will help to keep your love life and sex life separate. But remember it stays discreet and safe. You should better know these guys properly and never bring them to your house or with family.

answered Oct 31, 2017 by sharmanatasha87 (850 points)
selected Nov 30, 2017 by vermaricky24
commented Nov 1, 2017 by vermaricky24 (325 points)
thanks for the appreciation ma'am. I am just trying my best to keep the things simple and straight with all safety measure thats why i am taking advises from wherever possible...dont know which advice works.
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The only thing responsible here is porn but You can do this, arrange a trustworthy person and add that guy to have sex and talk to your wife that this is the last time you are adding a guy.

Ask that 3rd guy to click some images while other 2 having sex and after 2-3 session do not participate in next session but email that images to your wife mail account and your too and do not participate in sex further but Blackmail you both.

Ask him to blackmail your wife continously by publicly posting this on internet she will get the idea how dangerous this all is i am sure her mind will divert from have sex or to increase numbers of men to getting out of this Blackmail thing she will surely ask your help as hse is your wife.

You can improvise this in anyway you want.
answered Oct 31, 2017 by myselfarun (1,175 points)
commented Oct 31, 2017 by vermaricky24 (325 points)
Thank you for your advice but taking pic and blackmailing is the ridiculous idea to be honest. Upon that me and my wife both of us are strict to not put any mobile or camera with them for the same reason you said.
Once a pic click then their will always be a high risk of it getting leaked at any stage of life.
commented Nov 1, 2017 by myselfarun (1,175 points)
Its on you than and thats y i suggested person to whom you can trust upon
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If this is not possible to stop the whole act now then arrange a guy for her and be ready to arrange the guys as many as she wants her to fuck as you cannot do anything now because you people have not discussed how it should be go and how many guys she could demand to join the session.

She is demanding guys further because it gives her pleasure and she is enjoying her sexual life with them so you should be her support or ask her that you are not comfortable and she should stop doing all this for your happiness and hear what she has to say.

Still there is a way of discussion to put your point across to make her understand why it is not safe to add so many guys in the session and wish that she can see your point of worry. Now she is out of your control which you should have thought earlier before giving her to have sex with other men and that too in front of you.
answered Oct 31, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,840 points)
commented Oct 31, 2017 by vermaricky24 (325 points)
I am not asking to stop the whole act as both of us are now comfortable with that and enjoying the zest in life which we were lacking.

Now the thing is how to convince her to stop her demands of adding more guy after 3-4 months.

In our argument she puts a point that we always do it safe at particular place arranged by us. Then we dont allow any cam or mobile to carry, and we dont carry so much amount of money or anything that they can steal from us.

Then they dont know much about us, instead we know about their family way better. We always use safety precautions to avoid any STD. Upon that we are not letting our family life disturbed due this thing. As we are giving enough time to baby and carrying our responsibilities well towards our parents.

She is trying her best to convince me with her logic and points through which I am running short of words in front of her.
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Dear Ricky Verma,

When you have no issues about 2 guys screwing her, with that being her demand, what is your problem with a third? Is it inauspicious or you simply hate prime numbers? Let me enlighten you about something here.

96 out of 100 women love to be dominated. They like to be spanked, stuffed, almost abused and ridden really hard. The 97th is a rare, mutant dominatrix and the other 2 are lesbians. So, you are certainly not a misfit.

The increase in her appetite for more sausages is like having 3 chillies in her Chilly chicken instead of 2. Now, that should not be of any concern really. If you are worried about this number becoming a multi-level marketing pyramid, with your lovely wife wanting you to hire a convention center or the Wankhede stadium for a bukkake party, this would certainly lead to social unrest and the rather "long" arm of the law would reach out to put you out of your misery.

My lucky number is 7. What is your wife's? Add a few more and let us know how much of a gift to mankind, you are married to...
answered Oct 31, 2017 by Logical_Guru (235 points)
commented Nov 1, 2017 by vermaricky24 (325 points)
i dont have any problem with the third one fourth one or anything if she is enjoying and our relationship remains healthy.
I am concerned about our safety not the numbers my friend.
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I think he telling us some nonsense stories.
I don't know how once a wife asks her husband to do all this, if she willing to do this then she must have done it without telling you.

This is nonsense, total nonsense!!!!!
answered Oct 31, 2017 by girish 1234mm (160 points)
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hello ricky verma.

first I want to tell you some facts and then a suggestion.

1)before I answer this question I have read your previous question.
when people unable to understand what is real and what is fake this kind of situation occurs.
now we see many of porn clips lasted more than 30 minutes. but they shoot short clips and then combine them later to make them look like a long one.
In real life many men ejaculate within a minute. some may last upto 5-10 minutes, but if some one claims he lasted for an hour or more he is definitely a lier.
may be you also ejaculate too quickly. that's why your wife was avoiding sex with you.
as you said you arranged a guy for her. but may be he is also ejaculate too soon. that's why she demanded another. and you added another but same thing. and this addition is increasing with time.
The real problem is porn. gangbang, threesome, foursome, dp, rough sex these porn are the reason for change of behavior.
so try to avoid these types of porn as much as possible. instead show her clips of homemade sex, oral sex, blowjob, fingering, handjob.

2) you also mentioned that your wife is stubborn. when she demands for another guy for sex you rejected but later she convinced you. this shows that you completely gave up. may be you had no choice that time. but if you still continue this it can ruin relationship day by day.
she is already doing sex with 2 men and want to add another. when you asked to join she rejected you to join. as I said earlier this may be because of quick ejaculation.

as you said your watching her while she is having sex with other 2 guys, is they also ejaculate quick ? which sex position they do? how many sessions they do in one day?

as I said I'm giving a suggestion.
as your wife ask for a third guy, tell her that you are searching for a good guy for her.
just say this but don't start the search yet.
in mean time show her those porns which I have mentioned above.
see what are changes occurs in her thinking after she started those porns.

as she is having sex with 2 men let her continue this but try to low down this frequency as much you can.

for your problem I think there is no definite answer. you need to do many things as per situation.

hope you understand what I'm trying to say. If you have any problem then ask at any time.
answered Oct 31, 2017 by Harsh.03 (715 points)
commented Nov 1, 2017 by vermaricky24 (325 points)
No my friend.. i do not ejaculate early. In fact i have good control on myself to stop and start again.
Let me clear this again that the thing she wants is rough sex. she likes it to be humiliated and degraded. she loves it when you pull her hair and slap her.
She is demanding for hardcore sex and i am not at all dominating guy..infact you can take me as a submissive one or normal but i am not at all a dominating type.
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You have given us a detailed history which is good, when you want good Advice.

Firstly, there seems to be some past, where your wife has shown signs of her promiscuous nature. You have rightly said that during stages of pregnancy, due to hormonal surges, women tend to have more sex. But then this reduces as the pregnancy progresses and things become normal after some time.

Just as men have porn addiction, so can some women. You have not told us whether she watches porn in your presence or in your absence. Is she on some medication?
Your wife is showing signs of being a Nymphomaniac. This condition is linked to a past emotional disturbance and could show that she has mental reservations about her past sexual inadequacy. Her sexual Impulses could be beyond her control. She may not even be enjoying the sexual act, but is doing it out of compulsion.

I know this all may not make sense to you, but it could be due to depression, anxiety or stress. You may feel that your wife is open with you, but there would be a drift in emotional bonding as a couple. She may have persistent thoughts about intercourse and intimate images, compulsive masturbation, and manipulative conduct.   

Some symptoms of a Nymphomaniac are given below. Does your wife display these Symptoms?

•    Avoiding emotional participation in intimate bonds
•    Engaging in extreme masturbation
•    Engaging in masochistic or sadistic sex
•    Exhibitionism
•    Frequently employing pornographic elements
•    Having a fixation on an unattainable sex associate
•    Having multiple intimate partners or extramarital actions
•    Having sex with anonymous partners or prostitutes
•    Using explicit handset and Internet services

You need to treat this as an Illness. If untreated compulsive intimate conduct can cause impairment self-esteem, family bonds, etc. Her mood swings (if she has any) can be due to dopamine, serotin levels etc. Her compulsive intimate behavior could be due to Sex hormone levels.

Unfortunately the tag of nymphomania is employed in a derogatory fashion. To many men, the thought of a woman with a bigger sex drive than their own is to some extent menacing, so they may use the tag to safeguard their own egos by "proving" that the woman is abnormal. Do you have any Performance Issues?

It is not about the number of men, your wife desires to have sex with, this seems to me to be a mental issue and needs patience and expert medical counselling.
answered Nov 1, 2017 by longhands1 (80,265 points)
commented Nov 1, 2017 by vermaricky24 (325 points)
I will answer your questions step by step.

Yes, She had a BF and I had a GF like every other guy or gal has in her/his college, but we have never discussed about our physical relations before marriage because both of  us were never concerned about our past.

Just a thing, I got to know 7-8 months back in the 5 years of our marriage that she was not a Virgin at the time of marriage and I was least bothered by it. It just came out when we were talking casually and teasing each other and flirting with each other.

Then you asked about porn. It doesn't matter to her if I am there or not. If she feels like watching porn she watches it. In fact, she pounces on my mobile to watch the clips I get on Whatsapp from my friends on the group messages.

Now regarding Symptoms, that you have mentioned:

- I cant say about that because she gets so much pleasure through it, which one can judge it through her moans.

-Yes she masturbates a lot.

-Yes she likes to be humiliated and degraded. She loves to be spanked and slapped. She loves it when her hair is pulled.

-Yes she is an Exhibitionist but she doesn't do because of her fear of destroying Family life. In fact she mentioned it to me a lot of time that she would love to get fucked on nudist beach in some countries where people can see her getting fucked.

-Yes, she is addicted to Porn badly

-I don't think so

-I don't know about multiple partners in the past as never discussed but she had a BF. Extramarital is whatever you know. ..thats it.

-Not ever

-She doesn't get much time to involve in all such things as we have a baby and we live in a joint family. We approach those Guys mostly when we take leave from office and go to them without telling parents that we have taken any leave or half days or telling them that we will be going for some shopping and leaving our kid under their care.

I agree with that word that she is nymphomaniac. Whatever, I have observed, I think she has got into all this because she had always been into her studies deeply. She had been always a school topper and was ranked 3rd in University (not college, mind it, University) topper.

So now when she is free from her study after marriage she is enjoying all this. She always says, that I would love to check out but limits that how far I can go and enjoy without disturbing Family life.

Its not that i am not enjoying what she is doing. Honestly, I am enjoying watching her too and she is enjoying teasing me in front of them.

I am just afraid of the increasing numbers of her partners as the risk factor increases if numbers of partners increase. She is not trying to understand this practical thing and giving me her logic.
commented Nov 1, 2017 by longhands1 (80,265 points)

You have answered my questions to you in some detail. Good.

From what you have written, I think your wife is as Normal as normal can be. It is just that she loves Sex and is bold enough to express her desires. She is also lucky that she has an understanding partner like you, who understands her needs.

It is commendable that she stood 3rd in her University Exams. All this goes to show that she has a mind of her own. The fact that she had sexual relations before marriage and is not afraid to disclose this shows that she is an Independent Woman. We have a Column : From the Diary of a Hot and I think your Wife suits that description very well.

Have you tried saying NO. What is her reaction? What happens if you put your foot down and say ”We stick to 2 Male Partners”. Will she throw a tantrum? It will tell you how strong your marital bond is.

You are absolutely right. Having multiple Sex partners, will lead to emotional upheaval and the real danger of STD/HIV. There is no way you can check the status of the men she has sex with.

Condoms can only help to some extent. Breakages and slippages are fairly common. Imagine, if one of them has HIV (he may not even know it), your Family will be ruined. It is all okay to have fun in Sex, but the dangers need to be looked into seriously. HIV makes no distinction between the rich and the poor, the educated and the ignorant.

You also never know, how a human will react. She could fall madly in love with another Guy, either for his well-endowed dick and what he does with it (read a Question posted recently on the subject).

You can’t withdraw from this situation. What you can only do is to limit more damage. Stick to 2-3 Sex Partners, that you and only you choose for her. Threaten to Stop it all and let us know her reaction.
commented Nov 1, 2017 by vermaricky24 (325 points)
Yeah, I refused her strictly once and she didn't say anything and went for her domestic work. But for a week, I saw her sad and calm. I lost that vibrant lady for a week, then at the end when I couldn't bring a smile on her face, I asked her to give me some time for this and she happily reacted.

She never throws any tantrum.

Those 2 guys are medically tested and I have already instructed them to give me their medical reports in every 2-3 months.

I didn't understand that hot diary thing?
commented Nov 1, 2017 by vermaricky24 (325 points)
just went through that article. this is encouraging for my wife to have as many partners as she wants.
It was all her brain behind those safety measures and management..i am just following her.
commented Nov 1, 2017 by longhands1 (80,265 points)
Your wife is smarter than you think. She is aware that she has you by your balls and you will agree to everything she says.

Well, how many Guys are you going to ask for clean Chits?

You can read the Article here:

Below that you will find many more : From the diary of a hot Wife
commented Nov 2, 2017 by vermaricky24 (325 points)
Yeah...I went through those articles. But I didn't get that you want me to add this question on that or what?
commented Dec 9, 2017 by harshad51 (205 points) are day dreaming Buddy.

One Line Answer is a Comment.
commented Dec 9, 2017 by vermaricky24 (325 points)
It's absolutely okay my friend..Infact I believe most of the questions people post here are fantasies.. so no issues..

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