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My Neighbour Maid knows only Telegu and I know only Hindi. How to approach her for Sex?

asked Oct 27, 2017 in Questions by Amitkumar2107 (120 points)

Hello, I am Amit Kumar. I am attracted towards a Telugu maid who is my neighbour. She has 2 children and her husband is a Drunkard.

I want to have sex with her. She is so sexy and has a nice figure. I have seen her many times with her boyfriend getting into her room. I also want to have sex with her but the biggest problem is the language.

I don't know Telugu and she does not know Hindi. What to do?

Please tell me Anjali ji.

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6 Answers

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If you want to get into her pants then you should learn her language as there is no other way that you can express your feelings to her so at least learn basic things about her language so you can somehow approach her. However, since there is a language barrier I would say chances are less that you can taste her vagina.
answered Oct 30, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (28,860 points)
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In sexual matters language matters least.Your eyes,your behaviour,tent formation in your pant and body language will express everything to her. Hurl flying kisses to her...embrace her gently,pat her shoulder,kiss your own hand,rub your prick...she will understand what you want.Language will be no barrier.Observe her body language then go ahead with caution.
answered Oct 30, 2017 by Motilal (9,600 points)
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I think, you should learn Telugu to proceed ahead. Once, you know Telugu, then it would easy to go ahead. However, if you go ahead, it may cause issues in your marriage life..

If she is having an extra martial affair, she would be okay to carry on with you for money.
Try and tell us your experience. But subjected to risks of your married life.

All the best. Stay safe.
answered Nov 1, 2017 by thewetindworld (565 points)
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I agree with  motilal sex matters language matters very least.a women doesn't need language to understand the intention.but the point is ,will she encourage you once if she known your intentions?well it depends upon you.but I suggest to learn the language from might learn Telugu and get in her panties.

Good luck
answered Nov 2, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,435 points)
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Language is no barrier to have sex. You may draw her attention in other ways, like, giving her gifts, like bra, cosmetics etc. and slowly get closer with her. Once she gets the hints, she will come to you. But take ample precaution against getting her pregnant. Otherwise you will be in such a problem that no language would solve it!!
answered Dec 4, 2017 by zena69 (1,875 points)
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It's such situation were you cannot do much about because you cannot learn Telugu in lesser time its highly impossible
You have to show her your feeling towards her be naughty in front of her try to look her in many ways
Try to be friendly towards her wear very little clothes at home
It's very tough situation because You should learn Telugu to seduce her and fuck her
Best of luck try your level best
answered Dec 4, 2017 by pavan350 (1,645 points)

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