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Am going for paid Sex for the first time. Any suggestions?

asked Oct 24, 2017 in Questions by WomenLover (150 points)
I am going to have paid sex in the Massage parlour with hot girls. I am 100% virgin and never had sex in my life.

Can I put my finger in her pussy to give her G-spot stimulation? If I put my fingres in her pussy, will I catch any disease later on? As a novice what are the things I can perform with her without catching any STD/STI or HIV/AIDS.

I will use condom for intercourse.

Please put your advices and suggestions.

Thank you.

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7 Answers

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dear, i dont think is the best solution. it could be risky.
answered Oct 25, 2017 by ana (465 points)
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Dear friend never go for paid sex,it will ruin your life.There is no necessity to go to massage parlours at the age of 26.i am yet to visit those two places.Select a nice girl friend and enjoy her company.Avoid penetration and concentrate on other activities.I am sure you will enjoy it.Your whole life is there for doing sex.Try to keep your virginity till you get married.
answered Oct 25, 2017 by Motilal (8,035 points)
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You are just 26, a young boy who wants to enjoy sex. But I think you should not go for any paid sex or have any type of sexual contact with prostitute.

Sex is not just to penetrate your penis into any vagina. It's a feeling which needs love, romance and more trust. You may feel guilty after having it with a prostitute, cause those girl only want your money. They don't love you.

And having sex in early age must have emotions of love and romance. You are like my younger brother. I suggest you to make a good girl friend or get married, love her, romance with her and then move ahead for first time sex.

You will really enjoy that and it will be memorable for you forever.
answered Oct 25, 2017 by sheetal69 (695 points)
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Brother.never go to paid sex.this might be a trap.if it is your life will be at risk.find a girl friend  or else you can do sex with known and trusted girl with safety.there are many situations where  men are cheated by that girl who agreed for paid sex.its think twice to think wise before you go there.

Good luck
answered Oct 25, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,330 points)
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I can understand, what is going through your mind.
I know it is not safe to go for paid sex. But you can go, as i have went for it. You cannot do what you want. Not all acts are safe to perform on those girls. Firstly, you must know how HIV and STDs spread.
1. Fingering is fine, there is no exchange of any fluids.
2. Even deep french kissing has very less chances of spreading.
3. Penetration sex should always be by using condom.
4. Dont try to go to anal sex, its never safe on massage girls, even if they allow.
5. Don't go to brothels, they are not safe
6. you can go to some high class professional call girls, they are quite safe as they get their checkup regularly.

If there is anything you would like to know, please ask here on the Site.
answered Oct 26, 2017 by nameser (170 points)
edited Nov 7, 2017 by longhands1
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Since we are from a similar age group, I know how sex attracts, but not always you will get to enjoy in paid sex.

They might rob your money and even worse is they might hurt you. Stay away from it. If you still feel like visiting for paid sex no one can stop you but be careful. Don't go alone.

Go with a friend whom you trust and always try to have sex in the place of your choice like friend's room or a booked hotel room by you just have oral sex it's completely safe if the prostitute is good looking or well cleaned you can try intercourse with condom i said this because these kind of ladies are concerned about themselves so chances of them having a sexually transmitted diseases are very less don't ever try to lick her pussy wait till you get a girl friend if u want to do it mate but be careful that's it always have a good company with you.
answered Oct 27, 2017 by Silent sathya (340 points)
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Condom would be fine as I do not think you need other advice so just follow her instructions and obey her order as you are new one and she is experienced one so you need to follow her order to have proper sex but make sure that you tell her that you are the first timer so she gives you maximum support.   You can put your finger on her G spot but there is no need to lick her vagina.
answered Oct 28, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)

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