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Why are so many Incest questions allowed on AA?

asked Oct 23, 2017 in Questions by coolncute (980 points)
edited Oct 23, 2017 by longhands1

For couple of months now, too much of incest questions are pouring into AA. Though policy says clearly prohibited , somehow they are in. Just wondering what has changed?

Is it the world or AA policy. Usually I come here to help different kind of real world issues, while I learn a lot. But last few weeks, months, it has been kind of dedicated to incest domain. May be it is one of the reasons that we lose good editors like Salma. So requesting AA members to take in right spirit and come up with variety. If this post is unfit don't hesitate to withhold from publishing.

Also on otherside, planning to ask some funny questions to have lighter side of sex life.

Is that welcome?

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4 Answers

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I hope you are not questioning our Policy on AA. That right is reserved to the Owners.

We want to see AA evolve and grow. We do not want to follow the Ostrich Policy of burying your head in the sand and assume that nothing bad and objectionable happens in the world around us.

AA has grown from being a rag-tag outfit which was one dimensional to one that caters to our strong base of Users who are multi-faceted and appreciate a vast array of Articles. We have many more Female Users today, which is a sign of acceptance and progress.

It is easy to criticize when one’s contribution is minimal and one makes an appearance after 5 months.   

Do not jump to conclusions. Salma has taken a break from the Site as she is perusing her higher Studies. You are welcome to ask “funny” questions, provided they meet our criteria.

answered Oct 23, 2017 by longhands1 (80,370 points)
commented Oct 24, 2017 by coolncute (980 points)
Hi long hands,  My apologies for bad tone. May be due to my poor language skills. Intention was not question policy or criticize great work done by AA  team. Was to trying to understand and reflect my observations. Having got right response in quick time,  now AA views crystal clear.  And as I always said your contribution is really invaluable, and I acknowledge mine is quite minimal, due to my limitations.

But quite nice to be back to this site. Warm regards from cool and cutes ;)
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I don't find any objection in incest,homosexual,lesbian related question.What pains me is sex relationship with real mother-son,real father-daughter and real brother-sister.None should get involve in these.It is not proper to drag the name of Sexy Salma in your feedback.I dislike funny jokes here.I want to see what type of funny questions you will post here....
answered Oct 24, 2017 by Motilal (7,000 points)
commented Oct 26, 2017 by coolncute (980 points)
Motilalji. Thanks for your views. I agree regarding salmas mention. I realized it later.  Regarding funny questions,  not ready yet :)
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Dear coolncute,

It's not that AA allows incest question it's because now human society is trying this new approach.

Few years ago swapping was almost forbidden fruit but now it's almost lifestyle. Even in small cities too you will find out lots of swapping groups.

Same thing is applicable to incest too . After few years you will see that incest is very common in India. So don't blame that AA is allowing incest questions . This platform is for people whom facing problem and they can't tell or openly ask in our society.

If people facing problem in incest them what's the problem if AA is allowing incest questions.

Sorry if I have hurt you. But it's my frank opinion.
answered Oct 25, 2017 by rohit.sharma786 (925 points)
commented Oct 26, 2017 by coolncute (980 points)
Rohitji. Thanks for your answer on this. Not to blame AA, but I was trying to reflect. But things are clarified by LH. We all are undergoing irreversible changes on planet, so is our sexual culture. Anyway, once again clarifying that I am not against or blaming AA or its policies. No, I am not hurt, mature enough to respect and digest opposite views. May be some more views may come in as time goes by.
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If you see my earlier answers then you come to know that I do not like the incest and I was the one who made people guilty for incest but my entire view point has been changed when I come to know that the incest do exist in the society whether believe or not. Therefore, whenever someone asks about incest thing I consider them as male and female and nothing else so if the both the parties are ready then sex should happen as that is the natural requirement of the body.

Too much incest questions here show that incest do exist and people are not shy and hesitate anymore to ask such questions and sex is the main focus nowadays which might be bad as we are losing the respect of the family relations.
answered Oct 28, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
commented Oct 28, 2017 by coolncute (980 points)
thanks alpeshji, I am happy that my reflection (not viewpoint) still stays relevant and getting attention of respected readers. surely its one of burning subject today!

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