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I exchanged saliva with a Woman I had paid Sex with. Can I get any STI/STDs?

asked Oct 22, 2017 in Questions by nameser (170 points)
edited Oct 23, 2017 by longhands1

I had paid sex with a married woman of age around 35. I dont know her details. While deep french kissing her, I took her saliva in my mouth and drank it.

We kissed for 3-4 minutes and saliva got exchanged. Do I have chances of contacting any diseases?

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2 Answers

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Chances are less but still there are chances so you have to go and get yourself checked if you are so worried about that. Most of the killing diseases do not get transferred with kissing so there are fewer chances of you contacting life killing diseases.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
commented Oct 23, 2017 by nameser (170 points)
which diseases , i might be afraid of by this act??
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Chances are very less because the percentage of HIV/any other STD. virus in tears or saliva is very very less.the virus content in respective person's blood will be very there is no possible of any STD.but if she she had a  wound in mouth, then there might be a  problem.its better to get tested.always be safe and have safe sex.

Good luck
answered Oct 23, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,330 points)

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