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How to initiate relationship with my twin brother?

asked Oct 22, 2017 in Questions by TWINS (125 points)
edited Oct 23, 2017 by longhands1

I am a married woman. My husband works in the Merchant Navy so for long duration he stays away from home. Because of  this my sexual life is not good. I discussed this with my husband. He understood my problem and gave me permission to have sexual relationship with someone. Also advised me to be very careful.

I tried looking for someone who I can have sex with me but couldn't find anyone suitable. I tried in my locality, social networking sites but no result may be because of privacy issues.

I was reading some articles on internet about Brother-Sister relationship. I have a Twin Brother. We both are very close to each other and share everything like about his girlfriend or sometimes sexual topic. I thought if I can have sex with my twin brother, that would be great. I am married in the same town so I can have sex regularly and no one will doubt us.

During Karwachauth, I was at my home. I dressed like a new bride in red saree. After doing puja I removed my saree. My brother saw me and I could see in his eyes that he was madly excited. So I decided to watch movie with him to seduce him more. During the movie there was a sex scene so I thought he would forward. But nothing happened. After that I slept with him. He hugged me from back and I could feel his hard penis. But nothing happened.

I want to ask you all - how to initiate this relationship and have Sex?

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7 Answers

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Best answer
Hey Twins,

I think you should take things slowly. Having an erection in the night doesn't mean it was because of your good looks. It could've happened as maybe he was excited or liked the sex scene in the movie. It might have been even a normal Nocturnal erection which occurs in deep REM sleep. Sleeping with own brother doesn't mean anything.

Try to seduce him more, make him excited, and become mad for you. Start exposing your cleavage, legs, navel only to him. See if he stares at it. Or likes seeing it. Observe for a month or so and then, start making a move. Try complimenting him(everyone loves compliments :) ).

Try taking the sexual topics to a next level. Make him horny by talking more seductively. It's not just about girlfriend. Make sure he's so excited that he gets an erection every time he is near you. After confirming he's horny for you ....then you can try doing the following:

1) Ask him to give you a massage for your legs, see how he reacts.

2) NOW, make it a point to sleep with him. Observe if the penis is hard for you or some other reason. See if he tries to touch you at night. (Just act as if you are asleep and observe patiently), if his penis is hard because of you, then just grab it in the night and see how he responds, if he likes it or moves away.

3) Remove your panty and undergarments and keep it in a place where he can see. (He might end up masturbating with it)

4) Try to expose your skin to him as much as possible and observe. Try to catch him on seeing.

5) Flirt with him.

Try these and tell us if anything further takes place. Take things slowly as you can creep him out. What if he is not interested?. It's difficult to seduce own brother/sister, but patience is the key.

Hoping for you to get inside his pants soon. May your sex life get better and spicier than before. :)
answered Oct 28, 2017 by Darius (625 points)
selected Feb 24 by TWINS
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Why wait any longer? You already have consent from your husband. You already slept next to your brother and felt his hard penis. Next time you just make a comment appreciating his hard on and touch there. Grip it. It will give him courage to take further steps.

I too had a similar situation but it was my fear that kept me away from going further, now I regret not trying.

Such feelings are common and such relations do exist. Sex is a basic need to be met, like food and sleep,  for the health of the body and mind.

You need to take  a few more bolder steps, that is all.

Good Luck
answered Oct 23, 2017 by sumitran9 (1,610 points)
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Grab his erect penis and let him do the rest of the things to serve your vagina with his penis. It seems that he is waiting for you to give him a hint that you are ready so take the step and make him to have sex with you. You both have already crossed the limit by sleeping with each other and feeling his erect penis so now do the rest of the things and enjoy his penis inside your vagina. I do not think you need to go for the indirect way as you both know what you both want from each other so be direct that you are ready for the sex.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
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Hello twins,

From your question it's obvious that you have already initiated. Now its just matter of time that his dick is inside of you instead of being rubbed against your ass.

Happy fucking.


answered Oct 23, 2017 by sadiq_khan (1,025 points)
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Hi  Twins

You are very lucky your husband has given you permission to fuck other guys and you have found the best option, your brother. As you told us you both are sleeping together then what's the problem?

Allow your brother to feel your boobs and ass cracks. As a man I know morning time erection is very common in all men. So you may take advantage of morning time. Just grab or rub your ass with his penis and act like sleeping. If he makes a little move then you win the game.

Very nice your brother is lucky.

Good luck.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by kingmyaqueen (1,855 points)
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Dear twins,  your lucky to get a husband like him who understand your sexual needs what you planned is also good thought your brother will satisfy you as well maintain secret so what the delay try to sleep with out Panty and bra so if he wants his hard dick can enter your juicy pussy or go for bath come with only towel show him your assets  i think you can easily touch his dick and talk to him your needs enjoy your sex and please write back your experience
answered Oct 26, 2017 by bijun38 (325 points)
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Hi Twins.

I feel you are doing the right thing by approaching your brother for sex as this is not only safe but also has secrecy in it. I also sailed in merchant navy and can imagine what goes through in terms of sexual needs. The way you need it, your husband would also be having similar thoughts. It is good he has agreed and I am sure he might be taking care of his own needs.

I would suggest that you would have to take some lead and be a bit more bold. You had set up the scene very nicely just that your brother in the end id not have the guts to do it. You could have just put your hand on his cock and rubbed it to give a green signal. You May try it next time and when he understands that your hand is in his pants whisper that it's OK.

Or else best is to sit down and talk it out with him, which is straight forward but difficult as it involves courage.

Best regards

answered Oct 29, 2017 by Tangent (445 points)

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