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Need your help to understand my Distant Aunt!!

asked Oct 21, 2017 in Questions by pagela1 (135 points)
edited Oct 23, 2017 by longhands1


I am 34 and fallen in love with my unmarried distant aunt aged 50. I met her for first time when I was 28. I have met her 5 times in life and talked over phone many times.

She is caring and very soft spoken and always cares for my career and future. One day, I went to her home and saw her in saree and bra. She was busy to catch the bus, so I got that vision of her. She was really beautiful. After some days, I texted her about my attraction and we talked over it through 50 SMSes. I did not dare to speak her directly, so indirectly I praised her beauty. She gave me good advice and advised me to get married and lead a good life.

After that, I felt sorry for my thoughts. After somedays she called me and told me about taking a tour with her. I took it as a green signal for me. At the last moment she added one of her friends in the tour. I did not feel good and got angry, so refused to go. They both went and enjoyed the trip.

After that, I again tried to tell her about my feeling in text messages. She got angry and told it was not acceptable. She told me to consult a mind doctor and to treat her like my mother and told me never to call her again. I promised myself not to contact her again.

She called me again after 15days and talked about unnecessary things. We do not have any job in common and we are totally not dependant on each other, in any subject. She always ignored my flirting and told normal things about life. Whenever she called, we talked for 1-2 hours about life in general. She used to call me every 1-2 months for no reason. When I dropped my indirect text, she replied indirectly. She never suuported my feelings..

Now, I want to understand her. She could have stopped calling me after knowing my intensions, but she did not do that. Why? I am unable to understand her and this matter is going since last 6 months..

Please help me to understand her and her feelings.

Thank you..

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1 Answer

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It seems that she wants to have intimate relation with you but something is stopping her from doing it which you need to figure out and need to address so she can have sex with you. I would say start meeting her in person and spend time with her as much as possible so she gets comfortable with you and you can take next step to get into her pants.

Keep telling her your feelings and let her know that you want to have sex with her even though if she gets angry as with time she will surrender herself to you and you can enjoy her body. One thing is clear that she is interested in you otherwise she would have stopped calling you especially you when you told her about your intention so keep pressing the button and see when she opens the door for you. She is up for the sex so now it is on you when you can achieve it. Make sure that she feels comfortable with you.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
selected Oct 24, 2017 by pagela1
commented Oct 23, 2017 by pagela1 (135 points)
Alpesh Ji, Thanks for your answer..
I thought on this and I think she is very concern about the social value and she is in confusion..She might not trust me perfectly due to less in person meet.. Not Sure..

I am trying to keep telling her indirectly, sometimes she replied by 3-4 sms..always told me to control on my feelings..sometimes she just stays numb..

I could not dare to say her for sex directly..She never told no to visit her in home..but never showed interest for a date out..She is living in home with her sister and it is not possible to tell her about my feelings there..

She is educated and got spiritual vision..She enjoyed talk with me because we talk for more than 1hour about life, yoga, spiritualism etc..In between the talks she never gave me a hint..If she really want me, she may call me in regular intervals..But she does not do that..

Please guide me, how you come to an end that she is interested in me? How can I make her comfortable??? Please suggest..

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