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I want my son between my legs. What should I do?

asked Oct 21, 2017 in Questions by meerasa (125 points)
edited Oct 23, 2017 by longhands1


I am a 46 year old woman working in a Bank. I lost my husband 7 years ago in an accident.  My family consists of my mother in law, my son and myself.

I never had an affair with any person after my husband’s death. Once, I saw my son's erected penis accidently in the  morning while he was sleeping. For the whole day, I could not concentrate on my work. My pussy was wet and that night, I masturbated imagining my son.

I have not had sex since past 7 years. I know it is wrong to have sex with my own son, but I cannot control myself. He is 27 years old and carrying the same gene of my husband. My pussy is getting itchy day by day.

Should I seduce my son and have sex with him?

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14 Answers

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Best answer
Dear Meera,

Yes, not only with son but any form of incest sex is wrong in Society, but if you really feel the urge then, yes you can seduce him and go for sex. But take things very slowly Meera.

There are possibilities of you mentally scarring him for life. Seduce him, talk sexually,  expose your body and observe if he really gets the intentions for you and then make the move. If he doesn't make any positive sign then please back away and find someone else for sex.

If he shows any positive signs let us know on the  Forum and we all can give you more advice. May your sex life become better than ever Meera.

Hoping for you to have intercourse with him soon. :)
answered Oct 28, 2017 by Darius (560 points)
selected Jan 18 by longhands1
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Why do you want your son to be in between your legs? Spare him for some other pair of young legs and try to find some one else to fulfill your sensual lust and desire.

That I feel is better and it will help you to save your son's future too.
answered Oct 22, 2017 by gentleman 42x (175 points)
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Dont spoil your beautiful mother and son relationship for your temporary sexual needs This relationship is the holiest out of all the relationships on the earth.  I beg you to maintain morality.

Having respect to your needs for sex, I suggest that you find a man outside the family and relatives and have pleasure at your wish. Make sure you choose the right guy because most of them outside are not secure.

Either they are not hygenic  or they in turn leak the information among their friends which cause loss of your reputation.

Better to find a man outside family who can be trustworthy and responsible to take care of you and your Son.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by maximos7 (190 points)
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Whether you should go ahead and have fun with him, can be decided by you, only. There is nothing right or wrong. It all depends on how we look at things.

It is very difficult to live without sex. I know from my experience. It makes life miserable. We all have our physical needs that must be met, according to circumstances. Some hard situations require some hard decisions and solutions.

These types of attractions and relations do take place and are kept secret. From this Forum you can see that many want and many have such relations. After all we all are living beings first. Then only our roles as mother, son etc come onto play.

If you will not feel guilty later and if he is also interested, you can go ahead. There are many things in life that we need not disclose to others, And we do not need others approval for all our actions, especially like this one, which is very personal in nature.

I had an attraction for my mother, when I was a young man. I don't feel guilty for it. I also had some incest experience when I was young. Not feeling guilty for it either. Nor are they feeling guilty.

So see it as a strictly personal matter which is going to remain behind closed doors. So take a practical decision and also see that your sexual desires are met. Whatever decision you take you need not feel guilty. You have responsibility to take care of your needs.

Hope you enjoy life fully.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by sumitran9 (1,605 points)
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You shouldn't proceed since your son is 27 years old and is ready to marry. If you have sex with him he will probably feel ashamed of himself or maybe he will enjoy you but that will take away his interest from his wife and that can prove to be harmful for their relationship.

So unless you want to see your son's and his future wife's relationship under a lot of stress you wouldn't do this act.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by Machismo (275 points)
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It is up to you what you want and no one can blame you for that as these days incest relationship are in the high but if he does not want you then you should stay away from him but you can try for him. I would not lecture you on the moral ground as there are many people here who can lecture what you should do and not but ultimate decision lies with you because at the end of the day you are answerable to yourself so if you are able to justify your relationship with your son then you can go ahead.

There are many things wrong in the eyes of the society but that does not mean that it is wrong for you. Overall, incest relations do exist and you may not be alone if you offer your vagina to your son because you have a right to be happy as that is what matters.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,320 points)
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Morally it is wrong, but even if you wish to proceed, give extra care to your son, take him in adult movies, discuss movie scene, go for long drive, purchase under garments and  seduce him by showing your body curves with purchased under garments.

Best of Luck.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by praveen5757 (190 points)
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Hi Merasa

I will advice you to think carefully. Do you really want to see your son in between your legs? In your case if you have sexy figure then it is easy to seduce your son but in your questions you do not describe your curves.

So here I assume you a sexy lady and giving you advise. Just look at your son's activity. He is already 27 years of age so you can't manipulate him according to your requirement.

You have to observe his activity and see if he is also interested or not in sexual encounter with you. If you see any positive response from his end then only proceed other you will bear big loss because he is your own son.

Be careful and play safe game.

Good luck
answered Oct 23, 2017 by kingmyaqueen (1,845 points)
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You should not seduce your son to fulfill your lust. It is better to quench your thirst with his friends and your colleagues.

It is matter of shame that your pussy becomes wet by seeing your son's penis. Change your attitude and become a Goddess for him, not a chudail for him.

Shape his life never destroy it.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by Motilal (6,710 points)
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Don't spoil your beautiful relationship with your son for fatal attraction. Rather than your son, choose some boy or call boy.

Or try to seduce some guy and better option is to start practicing spirituality for controlling desire by connecting with some spiritual organization.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by Rahul4545 (115 points)
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Dear Meera ji,

I think, you have got every right to your sexual happiness with an adult person you love if your feelings for person is reciprocated in the same way. So first try to find out if your son has a serious girlfriend or not and if he does not, then you may try to seduce him in a loving way.

If you succeed then enjoy as long as both of you want to be in the relationship. And no kind of coercion or emotional blackmailing at the start of the relationship. The same principle holds good at the time of ending of the relationship too.

I know of a widow who ended her incestuous relationship of 6 years with her son ,once  he got engaged to a girl of his choice. Not to be out done, she also found happiness in the arms of a loving young man.

As regards the morality, as long as you get happiness without hurting others and not breaking the law of your country, then every thing is fine!
And for your information, incest between two consenting adults is not illegal in India.
BTW, you have mentioned, your mother-in-law also stays with you. So it's up to you how best to manage things in the best interests of your family. Any way I'd advise you take all kinds of precautions and be safe.

I wish you all the best!

answered Oct 24, 2017 by Hrudananda (120 points)
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Hii meersa,

I am not that matured to tell you but if you feel like having sex with your son then go for it.

I can tell this: if you both sleep in one room or on same bed than your son can easily get  attracted to you. Just use some good curvy pose while sleeping with right clothes he will surely make a move and you will enjoy.

A guy gets attracted to every woman. Just make him horny. You don't have to ask him, he will come to you my dear

Enjoy life.
answered Oct 24, 2017 by girish 1234mm (160 points)
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I really dont understand why do we always look for an easy way out. Please tell me how seven years of sex deprivation doesn't affect you but looking to your son's erect dick makes you horny upto such an extent that you could not concentrate on work.

As Motilal suggested, you should shape his life rather than destroy it.

I fail to understand why cant you find someone else except at your home...why cant you go ahead with someone else rather than your son.

How can a mother think of having sex with her own son? Please spare his life and find someone else. There are plenty of erect dicks trying to find the way to hot wet pussies.
answered Oct 24, 2017 by cutemonster (155 points)
commented Jan 10 by Kitkatray (355 points)

I agree with you, that mother-son incest is immoral. And a mother should shape his life rather than destroy it.

But here is one problem, having sex with another man can also destroy her son's life.  He may object to his mother's life style. At that time we should not tell him "you should be happy for your mom, and it is none of your Business, it is her life, let her live it etc).

So having sex with son will destroy her son's life is not always true. By having sex with another man can also create problems in her family.

And about the moral part. Sex with married colleagues, neighbors, maids, aunts, bhabi, chachi is not immoral (read all the cases in AA)  but having sex with mom or dad is immoral ...I just don't get it?

I think any adult can have sex as long as it is consensual and not hurting other relations and related people [ Example : mother and son should not have sex if sexually active father is alive].
commented Jan 19 by cutemonster (155 points)
Right and wrong is defined by society, law, morality and above all by oneself.

Whatever I have said is my point of view. Those social and legal rules are for our own and social betterment and there has been explicit basis why those rules have been created.

If someone is deliberate and decides to ignore those what can be done?

But what goes come around. one should be ready to face the consequences for the actions one is taking deliberately.

As far as i am concerned i condemn all sorts of insest.
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offer him your holly pussy let him feel in heaven go for sex seduce him...
answered Oct 28, 2017 by sex.guru21 (105 points)

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