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Can I have sex with my male Student?

asked Oct 17, 2017 in Questions by deeptip (150 points)
edited Oct 17, 2017 by longhands1

Thank You for your Replies and your Advice. Many of you have advised that I should not have Sex with my Son.

I am thinking of this. Please advise if I should go ahead.

I am working women who is a widow. I take a private  Tution in Engineering mathematics at my home. There are 10 students in my Tution. But since last one month behavior of one of my Student has changed very much towards me and his way of looking at me is so seductive that I feel he will have sex with me by force.

He is always asking me questions and calls me towards his seat and wants me to explain the procedure of a Maths Problem. But at that time I can clearly see the tent in his pant and he constantly look towards my Boobs while I am busy in tutoring.

As a woman, I also have some feelings and am getting attracted towards his behavior.

What sholud I do? Should I proceed towards my student. I just want to fullfill my sexual desire.

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13 Answers

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Hello deeptip,

I can understand your feelings. Even I get aroused at times and wish to have sex. That should not be an issue at all. You are single and you have sexual desires.

By your explanation I see that feelings are mutual. So, I would say go ahead, enjoy and make the most of it. Remember that it is okay to satisfy your desires. All the best.
answered Oct 18, 2017 by sadha (335 points)
selected Apr 14 by deeptip
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Hi Deepti,

This should be ok, as long as you both are happy and it has no impact on his studies. I understand your situation.

You also need to listen to your body needs and sexual desires. I think this is fine if you both trust each other and are comfortable with each other. Try to seduce him he will take you to bed.

Have fun and enjoy Life.

answered Oct 17, 2017 by pune32 (300 points)
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Just like the relationship between Mother and Son is sacred, so is also the relationship between a Teacher and her Pupil.

You seem to be an educated woman (not everyone can give Tutions in Maths Engg.). I have been wondering what kept you so long from having the company of a mature Male? Since you are in the close proximity of Teenage students and you have the craving for sex, it is natural that you have lust for having sex with one of your Students.

Are you aware that you seem to have a Fantasy to have sex only with young boys? Are you afraid of having a relationship with a mature adult? why? Do you feel that you can control young boys, but this may not be possible with Men? It would be advisable to build a stable relationship which has a future. Since you are widowed, try to invest in a relationship for the future.      

It is a Fantasy that can bear fruition if you are really keen on going ahead. The danger is that you will lose respect with other students who are quick to sense when one of them is having an affair with their Teacher.

You may think that your students will not notice, but they will. It may be a better idea to coach this Student separately.

If you are convinced that you wish to have sex with this young Boy, then it will happen. You have already told us that he has the hots for you. All you have to do is lead him on.
answered Oct 18, 2017 by longhands1 (82,510 points)
edited Oct 18, 2017 by longhands1
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I think it will be very bad and give u a very bad reputation if you fuck your students. The young guys are very fickle minded and unfaithful. We can not trust them. After fulfilling their sexual instinct they can leak it to other guys. Then your reputation will become polluted.

So my dear, never think to choose a sex mate among your students. Better you search in NET and you can easily get male mate there. I think you should choose guys of your age. They will be faithful, mature. They respect you, fulfill your sexual needs, give no harm in future.

So do accordingly.

Wish u a happy sexual life in near future. Enjoy life.
answered Oct 18, 2017 by nneha (325 points)
commented Oct 18, 2017 by pune32 (300 points)
I agree with Neha. Young guys and college students share these things with friends easily and may ask others to give a try to seduce you.

This is common with college students.
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Hi Deepika,

Yes, you can have your pleasure from student but followed with dangerous consequences like normally teenagers have excitement and zeal to showoff the things they got.

So he will surely share your relationship with his friends, slowly it spreads to everyone and they expect you to be a shared asset to them which in turn going to spread like fire and make you lose respect.

Instead find a healthy but slightly matured man who can keep it as secret and fun with him you both will enjoy and it will remain between you two.
answered Oct 18, 2017 by maximos7 (260 points)
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Since he is not of your son's age it should not be a problem. But you have to make sure that no one is watching you.

As the other boys are also of the same age they might sense the thing between you two. You have to plan all these and make sure that he won't discuss all these things with them. Then you can seduce him. Teach him all the things , I am sure he will take you to heaven.

Always remember these things should not interrupt his studies .have a safe and happy sex

Good luck
Coolcracker .
answered Oct 18, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,255 points)
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You haven't mentioned your student's age. The way you described him, it looks like he is only interested in sex. As you said, you are taking Engineer Maths classes, I guess he is 17-18 years old. At this age boys are only looking for casual sex. You may proceed with him but for fantasy he may force you for threesome, group sex etc.

As I told you, in your previous question, you are feeling lonely. So try to find a guy who can love you. Men above age 21-22 are far more mature than teenage boy.

First find someone. Go on date with him. If you think he is good then proceed. Wish you good fortune ahead. If you need any more help then ask at any time on this Forum.
answered Oct 18, 2017 by Harsh.03 (930 points)
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Do you really want to get fucked by your student? Guruji, You should think about it before venturing into it.
Boys in groups (of 10) in tution are dangerous. Once, it spreads it will affect your reputation.

Are you a housewife? Which standard is your son studying in? Why don't you marry - life is a very long way to go. Or find a person from your relative.
answered Oct 19, 2017 by solliadi (2,355 points)
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A student teacher relationship is just as sacred as mother son relationship.
If you start having sex with one of your student then he will definitely tell other students about it and they will see you as an object of easy sex and thus try to seduce you.. If you really want to have sex with a young man, you can search on dating sites and have a night stand.
answered Oct 19, 2017 by maya75n (655 points)
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I feel, that if you feel comfortable you should go ahead but remember Safety first. Trust is the most important factor.

Make sure no Hanky panky stuff happening that could ruin your life later.
answered Oct 20, 2017 by Abybaby (125 points)
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Yes you can just be careful dont know the age of your student. But i am sure he has some close friends with whom.he will share this secret and that can affect your life too if they try to blackmail or will ruin your image.

So be carefull and enjoy sex.
answered Oct 21, 2017 by myselfarun (1,585 points)
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You can have sex with him as he also is looking forward to have something with you. Ask him to come when no one is in your home as you want to explain something to him in the subject so he gets the hint. When he comes to your home make sure that no one is in your home so you can get him to have sex with you. You are only one step away from taking his penis inside your vagina so take it and do some favor to your vagina.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (25,535 points)
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Yes you can go ahead with that, but there is another problem .

1. This boy may be high risk, as he may blackmail you. Or he may tell his friends. Then you will lose your job and reputation. I will ask you to go for older guy who is respectful towards woman, faithful and have nice relation with your son.

2. If you value mother-son relationship then, before going for any relationship, have an open talk with your son. Make him open minded so that he can enjoy from your relationship. Otherwise there will be big mess. Because 18 years (came to know from your last post) is most vulnerable time for boys.

Don't lose him.
answered Nov 11, 2017 by Kitkatray (355 points)
reshown Nov 11, 2017 by longhands1

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