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Can I give my Aunt sleeping tablets and fuck her?

asked Oct 17, 2017 in Questions by Sathish6890 (125 points)
I am 22 years old and my aunt is 46. She has a slim figure.

She lived with her husband for only one year and is separated for 27 years. I use sleeping tablets for my headache. Usually they work for 10 hours and I sleep without waking up.

This gave mean idea to fuck my aunt by giving her sleeping tablets. After fucking, will she know that someone fucked her?

Please give your suggestions.

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4 Answers

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Dear Satish,

Don't do this nonsense. This is like you want to rape your aunt. This is unethical and criminal. You can try to seduce her and go ahead if she wishes to do so.

If you give her sleeping pills and try to fuck her, she will come to know someday and you will be in trouble.
answered Oct 17, 2017 by pune32 (300 points)
selected Oct 22, 2017 by Sathish6890
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I searched your profile found nothing.You can do anything which suits you.Your brain has become devil's workshop.

Otherwise,this sort of question should not have come in your mind.I advise you to go for Psychiatric Counseling.
answered Oct 18, 2017 by Motilal (9,600 points)
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It seems you are keen to spend some time in the Police Lock-up. What you are thinking is a criminal offence (but of course your erect cock does not know this). Stop thinking with your cock and start thinking with your head.

Don’t worry about your Aunt not getting Sex. If she needs it, she will give you hints and you will not have to resort to sleeping Pills.

By the way, who has advised that you should take sleeping pills for your headache? Please change your Doctor, if he has done so. Sleeping Pills work differently for different people and an overdose will require hospital admission.

Women will feel sore in their vagina, if there is penetration without lubrication and they will also know when semen is flowing from their vagina. If a police complaint is made of rape (assuming she does not know who it was), they will have a semen analysis done of all suspects (and you would be head of that list) so you can imagine the consequences.

Stick to masturbation and Fantasy. This will not put you in the Lock-up.
answered Oct 18, 2017 by longhands1 (93,495 points)
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Do something for your headache. 22 is not the age to use sleeping tablets. You may break your bones falling somewhere.

Take care of your health.
answered Oct 19, 2017 by solliadi (5,110 points)

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