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Article: All about KISSING. What kisses turn on a Guy / Girl the most. Wet Kiss etc.

asked Oct 11, 2017 in Articles by longhands1 (82,610 points)
edited Oct 11, 2017 by longhands1

All about KISSING. What kisses turn on a Guy / Girl the most. Wet Kiss etc.

Kissing is much more than simply touching the lips of another person with your own - they greatly stimulate desire, arousal and pleasure. We all have a particular way of kissing as well as different tastes. However there are in fact certain kisses that are more exciting and satisfying for men and other kinds that have the same effect for women. In this ASKANJALI.COM article we will look at specifically what kind of kisses turn a guy on the most and what their favorites are. Take note and dare to put them into practice!

Good to know! A study conducted by an expert in anthropology has revealed that men generally show a weakness for very wet kisses, with lots of saliva and the mouth wide open. With this data, she came to the conclusion that what men are unconsciously seeking is to transfer testosterone to the girl to awaken and enhance her sexual desire. So take advantage of this fact and opt for a good wet kiss to take your man to the heights of ecstasy when kissing.

Apart from wet kisses, there are other kinds of kissing that are very exciting and also drive men crazy. One technique is to kiss him on the corners of his lips. This kiss, according to Kamasutra, will truly ignite the passion. Although it may seem like an innocent kiss, it's full of suggestion and will leave him with a sweet taste in his mouth. Just skim his lips with yours to unleash his desire and leave him wanting more.


Kissing and nibbling his ear is also a sure way to arouse a man. Start with small kisses and then slowly and softly trace the contour of his ear with the tip of your tongue. This will definitely cause more than just a shiver of pleasure.

Another one of the kisses that cause the most excitement and that men like best is the passionate kiss. This is the kind of kiss that lights the spark. Kiss him on the lips directly, accompanying it with nibbling and stroking with the tongue. Start with a gentle pace and gradually increase the intensity, letting yourself get carried away by the passion.

Men really lose themselves when the girl takes the initiative, so do not be afraid to take charge of the situation and cause burning desire with a roaming kiss. Move your mouth all over his body, accompanying your kisses with gentle caresses. He won't be able to resist!

Different types of kisses from the Kama Sutra

Most people are aware of the Kama Sutra, but there are many misconceptions about it. It is not a sordid book designed to show off incredible yogic feats of love making. Rather, it is a book about human desire and love. It provides advice on different aspects of this desire, providing a holistic approach to how we might look at love philosophically as well as practically. However, while it is not a sex manual per se, it does have some advice on the physical practices lovers might enjoy. The book dedicates one chapter to an important part of lovemaking; kissing. We share the different types of kisses from the Kama Sutra to help improve your technique. This will help you with kissing both before, during and after sex.

Main types of kissing in the Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra specifically refers to a man kissing a woman. But we know that these kisses can be done by any two people with four lips between them. The kissing section of the the Kama Sutra begins with the three categories of kissing a young woman: the measured, the throbbing and the brushing.

The Measured Kiss

The measured kiss is when one partner offers their lips, but does not move them. The other person touches their lips against theirs, kissing the mouth while the other stays passive. This kiss can still be a passionate kiss, especially if you are playing around with who is dominant.

The Throbbing Kiss

According to the Kama Sutra, this kiss is very specific. It is when a kiss touches the lips, but only the lower lip moves. According to the book, the woman is a little bashful, but is working up to something more passionate.

The Brushing Kiss

This last kiss has the young woman starting to be more active. She shuts her eyes and pushes her tongue against her lover's mouth. Her eyes are shut, perhaps due to inexperience or naivety.

The Askew Kiss

This is one of the most common kisses for lovers to try. This is when the two partners tilt their heads into each other as they press their mouths together. You can allow the tongue to enter deeply and make sure noses don't get in the way. Great for passionate kisses, it's also called 'the crosswise'.

The bent kiss

Also known as the 'turned kiss', this is one of the most romantic kisses in the Kama Sutra. The bent kiss is when one takes the chin of their lover and tilts it up towards them to kiss the lips. It is perfect for foreplay as you are leading your partner towards greater sexual release. It can be quite emotionally charged.

The Direct Kiss

The direct kiss is one of the most exciting of the Kama Sutra. The couple faces each other and kisses, licks and sucks each other's lips. It is both passionate and playful at the same time. The tongue, of course, can be incorporated into these kissing games also. You can even make an end goal of the game with victory going to "the one who first catches the lower lip of the other". Also known as 'the equal kiss' as the two lovers are on an equal playing field.

Pressure Kiss

The pressure kiss may seem aggressive, but some people enjoy it, it includes biting and keeping the mouth and lips of your partner closed. It's important to do it for just a short while so you don't hurt them. You can even make a circle with your fingers and kiss them against your lover's lips to reduce the pressure, but keep the passion.

Top Kiss

This produces delicious sensations, as the top kiss involves one lover kissing the upper lip of the other. While this is happening, the other partner can kiss the lower lip, making them tingle all over.

Clip Kiss

The Kama Sutra also proposes a kiss which not everyone might be into, the clip kiss. This is where one partner touches the other's lips, tongue, or gums with their tongue, causing a "fight of the tongues" which can be very pleasurable for both. This is particularly good for those who are passionate and can involve (according to the book) a young man kissing both lips of a woman in a pincer movement. While it does show passion, this kind of kissing can also show immaturity. This is why it is often sloppy.

Stirring Kiss

One of the most tender and sweet kisses is the stirring kiss. One partner kisses the other sweetly, but strongly to inflame their passion. The book suggests a woman doing this to her lover while they are sleeping. It is a classic demonstration of love and romance.

Contact Kiss

Perfect for a steamy sex prelude, when the two have struggled to resist their desire to the maximum. The contact kiss is when one partner provocatively lightly touches the other's mouth with their lips and there's light but intense contact, it's very brief but enticing.

Kiss to Ignite the Flame

The Kama Sutra includes a kiss that looks innocent but may not be. The kiss to ignite the flame occurs when one lover comes back to awaken the other with a kiss at night. Here is when you see how sexual politics have changed over the centuries. It says the woman might want to still pretend to be asleep to "discover her lover's mood" since the time is late. This is vague, but makes us think of the importance of consent.

Distraction Kiss

The kiss to distract makes its purpose clear with only its name. It's used to draw the attention of your partner, but this kiss shouldn't only be limited to the mouth. It can include other parts of the body including face, ear, neck, chest and any of the erogenous zones of both the man or the woman.

Farewell Kiss

The farewell kiss is a classic goodbye, when you touch your partner's mouth with two fingers after having kissed. It's simple but tantalizing if done in a provocative setting. It's there to show that even after their kiss they will be thinking of each other. It could also be that one lovers takes the hand and gives it a little squeeze.

Eyelash Kiss

Those with long eyelashes love this kind of kiss from the Kamasutra, the eyelash kiss is when you touch and caress your partner's lips with your eyelashes. It is a sweet and intimate act, but not one you might have thought to do specifically. It might involve kissing all over your partner's body and working up to their face and eyes.

Finger Kiss

The kiss with a finger is exciting from beginning to end, as one partner puts their finger in the other's mouth, takes it out, and brushes it across their lips. This makes it a perfect invitation for oral sex.

Reflecting Kiss

Some kisses in the Kama Sutra can show desire and love without actually kissing your partner. A reflecting kiss is when you see the reflecting of your partner in a mirror or in water to show how intensely you desire them. Similarly, a transferred kissinvolves kissing a painting or statue, transferring the love and passion to an inanimate object (like teenagers kissing posters on their wall). It also says kissing a young boy as a transferred kiss, another example of how not all these rules are wise to follow.

Public Kiss

The public kiss sends the clear message of a relationship or intimacy that exists when you're in public. A kiss on the hand or neck, which clearly says I love you and that shows that there's definitely something between the two of you.

Finally, the chapter of the Kama Sutra about kissing ends with some poetry. It tries to encapsulate the role of kissing between partners and stresses a certain type of equality:

"For every action there should be a counteraction, for every blow a counterblow, and by the same logic, every kiss a counterkiss."

This predates Newton's Third Law of Motion by at least a millennium and a half, but it is a different kind of physics the Kama Sutra is interested in.

How to Give Wet Kisses


Wet kisses are warm, open-mouthed kisses that are charged with sexual and erotic energy. However, just as they can be the perfect kind of foreplay for a passionate and intimate encounter, they can also ruin the moment if not done properly. There are certain elements that should always be kept in mind.

Why do guys give wet kisses?

Some recent studies have shown that when men give women wet kisses they stimulate sexual desire and increase the woman's arousal. This is because male saliva contains the testosterone hormone, which acts as the perfect aphrodisiac. The more testosterone the woman receives through kissing, the greater her arousal.

However, although moist kisses are very passionate and ideal for increasing arousal heat during sexual encounters, we must also be careful not to overdo the amount of saliva. Unlike juicy kisses, kisses which are too "sloppy" could end up ruining the moment and might not be received well by your partner. They give off the impression that you haven't had much practice. This is a trait many teenagers have when they have just started experimenting with kissing. It is messy and implies you don't have much skill...let's fix that.

How to have less wet kisses

Before giving a good wet kiss, it is important to think about the appearance of your lips. Avoid having dry lips, as noticing chapped skin while kissing is not pleasant. Wet them slightly with your tongue before starting the kiss. Avoiding bad breath is also key to making sure the moment is pleasurable and goes according to plan. Just imagine who you would like to kiss and how you would like them to, then try and implement that on your partner. Of course, not everyone has the same turn ons or desires, so always start off tame - you have the opportunity to build things up!

Wet kisses should feel warm and moist but there shouldn't be too much saliva. Washing machine syndrome is NOT fun to experience for both parties! It is best to stay relaxed, open the mouth naturally, i.e. not too far, and start with a gentle kiss before proceeding to increase the intensity. As you and your partner get more aroused, start kissing more passionately, use your tongue to tease the inside of their mouth and alternate between licking and nibbling erotically on their lips. Biting their lip may seem like a sexy idea, and to many it will be, but always start gently. Remember to keep the frequency low - they should be little sensual surprises. You wouldn't want to feel like your face is being chewed off, would you?

Limiting these kisses to the mouth is a big mistake, as this kind of kissing is ideal for pleasuring your partner in foreplay. In fact, you can indulge in wet kisses all over the body, but keep them tamer for lip action. Saliva can actually help slide your lips over your partner's body. Do not hesitate to cover them in juicy kisses, caressing them at the same time in their main erogenous zones.

What Kisses Turn a Girl on the most

Kissing is much more than mere contact with the lips of another person. Kisses are stimulants of desire, they increase arousal and pleasure. They are the key to conquest and sexual satisfaction, a good kiss is capable of making a difference and making us feel very, very special.

More than lips

The first step to turn a girl on when kissing is making sure they taste good. Therefore, make sure you have scrubbed your teeth appropriately, have no food in between your teeth and have a nice fresh breath. There is nothing that will turn her off more than a bad tasting mouth so take this into account.

We also advise you not exclusively limit yourself to mouth kissing, the key is to go much beyond that. Be passionate, kissing her lips but combine it with other sweet and tender kisses on the cheeks, chin, etc. and use your hands, simultaneously, to caress her. Also nibble her softly to add more passion and excitement. These kinds of kisses are ideal to impress and please your girl.

A kiss that she is not expecting is one of the kisses that will turn a girl on the most.

Neck kisses

Surprise a woman with soft and tender kisses on her neck, it is a subtle and delicious way to turn her on. Pull her hair aside, cover her neck with sweet kisses, alternating with tender erotic licking up to her ear. A delicious kiss in this area can be very pleasurable and increase the women's libido. Likewise, kisses on the back of her neck, soft and gentle, will make her hair stand on edge, especially if she is not expecting a kiss at all. The soft impact of your kiss in this area will be an immediate turn on. Embrace her while you do to make her go crazy.

Kisses on breasts

Other exciting kisses for women are kisses on the breasts. This is one of the main female erogenous zones if properly stimulated she will be wrapped in an enormous sense of pleasure. Taking into account their particular sensitivity, softly kiss, and caress her nipple with your tongue. If you notice that she likes it, try to gradually increase the intensity.

Passionate kisses

For those passionate moments where you want to increase the maximum pleasure and foreplay, the Kiss without a clock may be one of the kisses that most turns on a women. Focus all your attention on the woman's body. Cover every corner of her body with soft, insinuating kisses, accompanied by caresses and light nibbling.

Sweet kisses

Very tender kisses always triumph among girls and that is because there is nothing sweeter than your partner delighting you with kisses such as the Awakening kiss or the Nominal kiss. The Awakening kiss is a slight contact with the lips on the woman's temple to wake her affectionately, a great way to start the day.

Meanwhile, the nominal kiss refers to after kissing the girl, gently caressing her lips with your fingers, it can be very provocative and tempting.

French kissing that will turn her on

French kissing can be quite sloppy if not done correctly. Too much tongue, lots of saliva or rapid and strong movements can ruin the mood in no time at all. Make sure you combine lip kisses with French kisses and use your tongue softly and gently, entwine with hers to make sure she is loving your French kiss and is getting turned on.

In general, women, apart from enjoying a good kiss that is passionate and tender at the same time, love to feel emotionally attracted to man. To achieve this, play and joke with her at the time as kissing her, interrupt the kiss, alternate it with short, gentle strokes on the lips, gently grab her hair, whisper in her ear suggesting things... she's bound to be speechless!

commented Oct 12, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,255 points)
I always experienced pressure kisses.sometimes wet kisses when after my professor's shower. She was a very experienced pressure kisser and a wet kisser.

I would like to know your experience.

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