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What to do on first night after Marriage? What are a women's expectations?

asked Oct 7, 2017 in Questions by gillykumar (120 points)
edited Oct 11, 2017 by longhands1


I am going to be married in a month. I am quite nervous about our first night together. I want to ask this question to all women who are all Members of this Site. Please sisters, I need your inputs to know my fiance's expectation and needs.

How to start? What to talk about? Do women prefer oral sex in the first night itself? How to make her aroused both mentally physically!!

Please help me to make that night memorable for her for her lifetime. Please... please.

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5 Answers

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We welcome your Question. You have been a Member of this Site for 3 years, but have still not completed your Profile. Please do so immediately.

You want only the Lady Members of this Site to give you an Answer. Why? Never limit your choices this way. Since Men are also one of the Parties to the First Night, they are also in a good position to give you an answer.

We have answered (even had a "Disussion" posted) on this Site before about the first night. You can search for these by typing "first night" in the start searching Box on the top right hand side.

You have not told us how long you know your Fiancee (to be wife). How long have you been in this relationship? Has there been any physical contact between you both like kissing, hugging etc? In short is this a Love Marriage or Arranged marriage?

In any case, the first night is always special and tension packed. But the good thing is that you both will be so tired after all the rituals and ceremonies that it will go off quickly.

If you both are virgins, you will have to guide each other not only physically but also by communication. It is not necessary that you should have sex on the first night after marriage. First talk to her. Make her comfortable in your presence.

Will you be going to a Hotel for your Honeymoon? or will you spend the night at her place? There will be lots of noise and giggling from her siblings/cousins so be prepared for all that.

Two things that you should keep ready are a pack of condoms (she can get pregnant even with intercourse the first time) and keep a Lubricating jelly ready. Sex for the first time can be painful for a woman, if she is not sufficiently lubricated.

We wish you all the luck in your marriage. Now that you have asked a not just disappear. Do come back and tell us about your experience.
answered Oct 7, 2017 by longhands1 (78,025 points)
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Congratulations to you for your marriage.

I am a male and not invited to write. Then also, out of concern, you may find my reply below:

Before getting married, almost all women imagine their wedding night. High expectations, a lot of excitement, a bit of nervousness… After all, it is going to be an 'action-filled' night, never-ending lovemaking session isn’t it?

So, here is the list of obstacles which you should overcome on your wedding night.

1. Indian weddings get quite tiring. So, by the time you reach the room, all you can think of is crashing on the bed to sleep for as long as possible. Remember her expectations, excitement …..Do not sleep.

2. She cannot even remove the heavy wedding attire on her own, let alone the thousands of pins on her head. Hence, you get tangled in the tedious and tiring task of helping her to get rid of all those endless accessories. Well, does that leave any room for the 'mood'? ...Ask her to come in nighty.

3. Your cousins and friends might try to spoil her much-awaited night. The phone calls, the alarm clocks, the door banging and what not! You avoid to spend the entire night sorting out such silly pranks. …Switch of your mobile.

4. Do not spend the entire night in simply a chit-chat session! … She will be bored and yawn. You have whole life to hear her chit-chat.

5. Together or separately, taking a long bath is probably one of the most common ways. It help you shred off sleepiness. You are entering a temple.

6. All excited to show her new shopping to you - unpacking her bags on the very first night. Say no diplomatically.

7. And, if you have to leave for honeymoon the very next day, then you hardly have any option other than packing your bags for it!. Plan honeymoon accordingly.

8. Opening the wedding gifts to be avoided. While it might sound quite exciting at first, the excitement vanishes once unwrap those gift packs just to find things, like home appliances, crockery, lamps, etc. …. Opening the wedding gifts to be preponed in the evening.

9. Having been through a wonderful journey, you usually take some time to get out of all those beautiful experiences that you get during all the celebrations. And hence, rather than getting intimate on their wedding night, you simply love to spend the entire time recalling how nicely did everything happen. ….There is whole life to remember it..

10. If you are unfortunate, enough not to get the action on wedding night due to some or other reason, simply sleep blushing and stay hopeful about the early morning deal.

And, you always thought that the wedding night was all about a never-ending action-packed session, right? If I just shattered your dreams, just take note of  the above points and do ‘get to the point’ as quickly as possible. Women love action, not postponing.
answered Oct 8, 2017 by solliadi (1,940 points)
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You would never be able to meet the expectations of the woman and that too on the first night so do not concentrate on the area too much. I would say go with the flow of time and take the action as per the situation’s demand but make sure that you do not do everything on the first night as you have a whole life ahead of you to make all the wishes fulfill.  

If your marriage is an arrange marriage then I would say you should not go for the oral sex and if possible the do some romance and cuddle and avoid penetration so your wife can prepare herself for the sex as you should understand her mental situation too so first be comfortable with each other and then do experiment. Keep in mind that the long custom will make her tired so she cannot reciprocate you with full of energy. Remember, communication is the key.
answered Oct 9, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,220 points)
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Come on, you are not going to have first night with machine or robot, she is a human being like you and she too has feelings and emotions. Don't try to make that procedure step by step because its going to happen naturally.

Don't try to make it artificial by planning everything like for some time I will talk to her and that I will make her nude after that we will unite.

So don't make any future plannings. When time comes it happens naturally. In India, if you are Hindu, the first night will not happen on the same day, may be it will be planned afterwards, so try to communicate with her more and let it happen naturally.
answered Oct 10, 2017 by Kanuparthyswetha (160 points)
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When a man and woman are alone in a room, sex will start automatically. What you should not do is to make hurry, like after closing the door you start fucking her.

Make her comfortable, touch her. Then make her nude and start fingering her. After that use condom and start banging her. Using condom will make it easy to fuck the first time, penis will easily go inside her.

But most important thing , fuck her, do not waste first night. Fuck her hard, and hardest.
answered Oct 29, 2017 by saxena.sho (205 points)

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