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My Aunt stares at my crotch, when I look at her Boobs. What is she hinting at?

asked Oct 5, 2017 in Questions by Darius (585 points)
edited Oct 11, 2017 by longhands1


This is Darius. This is with regard to my aunt that I had spoken to you about in my previous question. The details about my aunt, have been given in my previous question.

My aunt continues seeing my penis area when I walk infront of her. Nowadays I'm not able to understand her intentions. Whenever me and my aunt walk in a closed space like the staircase our elbows rub together. In that instant I touch her butt also. She does not make any reluctant sounds.

I always play with her daughter, make jokes, have fun and she laughs on seeing it. She asks me to help carry her daughter (baby girl) and look after her while she can do the household work.

I just listen to her without uttering a word. Things are awkward in the house. I don't talk to her casually. Just talk to her if necessary. When she hands over her baby girl, I try touching her breasts. She does not show any signs of reluctantance. My aunt has started bending infront of me a lot of times and I see her deep cleavage.

She very rarely covers it when she catches me seeing. But she catches me seeing her cleavage all the time. This type of behaviour in her is not seen when my uncle is at home. I want to have sex with her badly. Lusting on her for a very long time since now.

Is all this a green signal? What are the moves (BOLD MOVES) that I can do in order to start sex? How can I give her signals? Does she really want sex from me?. I cant understand her intentions or what is going on in her head. 

Please help me.

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6 Answers

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To understand whether it is a green signal or yellow signal or red signal, follow the below steps.

1.Stop looking at her boobs. Start looking at her eyes.

2.Take her eyes out from your crotch area by conversing with her at eyes.

3.Report the results.
answered Oct 6, 2017 by solliadi (1,980 points)
commented Oct 8, 2017 by Darius (585 points)
Solliadi, like I said...its very awkward between us...I've tried making eye contact, but it never works ...I see her cleavage, she sees my pant and legit checks if I have an erection or not. She makes it a point to see every time I'm near her ....There is not even a single moment where she doesn't look at the penis area.  She looks at it every time I'm near her ...just within a span of 2 seconds she just moves her eye balls and I see it.
commented Oct 9, 2017 by solliadi (1,980 points)
Now I understand. Every Sep, you face such problems..It is too long and too much time. Your penis and her eyes might have become tired.
Now your are 20, why not you put an end to this by wearing dhoti / lungi.
commented Oct 10, 2017 by Darius (585 points)
How will it help if I wear a lungi solliadi ?? Please tell me. Please help me solliadi. The next world war between trump and Kim is gonna start ...I don't want 2 die a Virgin :(
commented Oct 11, 2017 by solliadi (1,980 points)
Try these and report.
commented Oct 18, 2017 by Darius (585 points)

I have tried this,not with a lungi but with a towel. I just came out of the bathroom tying a towel with my dick erect. She was standing right outside the bathroom and she was seeing my erect penis.

She was standing there till I closed and locked the bathroom door from outside. After I locked, she just walked quickly into the bathroom. I don't know what's going on.

Hopefully a towel is similar to a lungi. That's because I have never worn a lungi in my life ever.
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If your observation is right about her behavior towards you then yes it is a  green signal from her side and now it is your turn to make a bold move as being a women she did what she could have been done to seduce any man.

When you both are alone in the house approach her for the sex and that too I would say directly as here I do not think you should even waste a single minute to have sex with her as she is ready so just make her legs spread for you and enjoy the vagina of your aunt.
answered Oct 6, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,335 points)
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You asked about having sex with your aunt one year ago. There seems to be no progress from both of you. One year is huge amount of time which can decide whether she is interested in you for not.

About yourself what is status of your lust on your aunt. Your age is 20 right? You might be in the middle of BE / BTECH / any other courses. I can tell you, if you continue like this there will be no response from her. If she is interested in you, it would have happened by now.

I too lusted on my aunt (my mom's sister) for 2-3 years. In the span of time I did many things that you can't image. I too had asked a similar question like this. People had told me to leave her but still she continues to talk to me normally. She serve me the food or she does not say anything.

It became like a  "baalika vaddu" serial. Because of it I lost many things in my life. What if this repeats in your life?  What if she just wants your attention? Your life will be spoiled. Leave  her and concentrate on your studies. Get a job, then all these things will follow you.

If still wish to continue then there will no improvement, but after 1 more year also you will be posting a question "how to seduce my aunt"? It is waste of time.

Thanking you
answered Oct 6, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,150 points)
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I think you are asking this question after one year.There is no significant change in the situation.For how many years you are lusting for fucking your aunt...kissing,embracing and playing with boobs will also give pleasure to you and make you wet.Why you are interested in entering her vagina at this tender age.Erection is natural if you stare and think about her boobs...she can't remain with closed eyes.Therefore,visibility of penis before her eye is natural phenomena.She is hinting nothing.Your devil's mind is thinking otherwise.
answered Oct 7, 2017 by Motilal (6,740 points)
commented Oct 8, 2017 by Darius (585 points)
I try to expose my erection to her. I started this all way back when one day (the first time) early in morning I walked in front of her with my morning wood...from that day whenever I'm near her she stares at it.

She deliberately makes an attempt to take a glance at it. I too enjoy her seeing it.  I'm not like literally standing naked with my pants open in front of her Motilal ...its a bulge/erection inside my pant where the pant gets a tent shape.

If I were standing naked, any person, or even for a matter of fact even an animal would look at me (because it's weird). It's like as if she is checking, whether I have a erection or not inside my pant. She takes like a millisecond glimpse and turns away.

There was this instance last week, where I was standing in the balcony and she came with her baby outside. Her baby's hand was on her dress and she was kind of irritated with her (there was zero cleavage that time) she just turned around and did something.

When she turned back to me she adjusted her dress in such a way that now she had a lot of cleavage. Motilal, I think patience is the key for winning a prize. I can't help it ....its hard for me to get rid of my lust on her.

Besides I'm of legal age. more than 18 years. It's not like she glares at my pant reluctantly, she checks for an erection in my pant. If it is there, she sees it and walks away..If there is no erection, she still makes it a point to see and walks away.

I keep staring at her eyes whenever I'm near her to catch her if she is seeing or not.
commented Oct 9, 2017 by Motilal (6,740 points)
I think my answer stirred your imagination.I never said that you stand naked before her.Otherwise she would have gripped your penis and expressed desire to suck it.
commented Oct 10, 2017 by Darius (585 points)
Hmm...Please help me motilal. I don't know what to do, it's almost a year means you should know how much I'm suffering. :(
What am I supposed to do now in this situation ?? In case I want sex with her ??
NOTE: Today also we happened to cross each other's part closely in the house. And I happened to touch her butt. This time I think I hit it a bit hard. Just a bit. Without any reaction, she just walked off.And she bent in front of me when I was playing with her daughter. She was turning another side, feeding her daughter biscuits bending. And then she suddenly turned to my side. So much cleavage was exposed... (first of All, she Bent down....on top of that the zip in her maxi/nighty was more open ).My eyes became involuntary(though eye's muscles are made up off voluntary muscles) and had a feast that time. I don't know Motilal, what is up with her. Please help me motilal. :(
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It's simply clear by her expression towards you that she is very much interested in sharing her body with you and that the green signal from her side

If a lady bends in front of you and know your intentions that you are seeing her assets that means she wants you to use her asests and enjoy with those

Your aunt wont come and tell that she wants to spread her legs for you being a men Its your duty you should understand
answered Oct 11, 2017 by pavan350 (1,075 points)
commented Oct 14, 2017 by Darius (585 points)
Please tell me pavan how to be bold ?? What should I do ?? How should I go about with the situation ?? Please help
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This situation is common nowadays.

You can see most women married or unmarried, in daily life look at men's private parts. It is their right as men look at women of all ages. There is no man on earth left who never looks at private parts of women so understand your mind is playing tricks on itself. Since imagination is beautiful and pleasuring than reality in your mind. I know many men and women have lot of rules in marriage or sex but after marriage or sex they come across and say it was just only this much. The topics I am discussing is on people living in families.

Women and men equally masturbate before marriages in life thinking on some unreal infatuations, thinking about most women around them who are already wives or girlfriends, perhaps knowing they will never get them to have sex in life but still they are doing a mind pleasure why ? Its the pleasure they get in unknown corner of life and enjoy it very beautifully since no police will arrest this rape going inside a mind. Ha ha will be intolerable to some but carefully understanding its simple.

When a women gets married, earlier she might have thought of many ideal men during various days of her masturbation and its her freedom in loneliness to do so. Does a man not understand this? Yes, he does but he never argues with her. After marriage to his wife that you might have masturbated thinking about various men in mind since his wife can ask the same question back, so everything is a mutual understanding of reality and practical life.

In your case your aunt will never have sex with you. She is just doing a mind enjoyment in her unknown mind. By unknown mind, I mean the mind which she cannot see through her eyes. She will look at genital part of every boy or man. Its her routine, just watch her taking her to a park or mall around and make yourself understand ,I am sure since she gave birth recently she knows the importance of life and now she is most important to the baby rather than on anything ,a women gets 50 percent pain equivalent to death while she gives birth , which she will never forget in another 3 years after child is born .

So  keep reading actual sex novels dont watch porn .Concentrate on studies the entire life you got to brick all fantasy come true your choice to live like sex with as much as women or one wife all depends how you bring your conscious mind aware of situation.

Your aunt has nothing to loose looking at your pants or even if she has sex with you It will be you who is going to suffer getting distracted from studies .

So next one year only finish studies satisfy small lust by reading sex novels only dont watch porn ,Get good results in life.

My answers were only to your conditions and surroundings that I have imagined,It is not common for all ,  answers are always varying according to situation of people age mentality etc etc ....

happy academic life.
answered Dec 11, 2017 by Lifewithfreedoms (510 points)
commented Dec 15, 2017 by Darius (585 points)

But she keeps exposing her deep cleavage every time to me. As a woman when she is in front of a man, she is supposed to turn other way around and bend thus showing her backside and not the cleavage.

She should at least try not to bend or show her cleavage as much as possible. Why does she bend in front of me so many times?? I literally stare at her cleavage whenever I get the chance and she herself knows that I see it. Why is she doing that?

Last week one more incident took place, when she was handing over her baby to me to look after the household work, I happened to not only touch her boobs but also pressed it literally. I don't know what was in my mind.

I was just so confused. Instead of grabbing hold of her baby, my hand went straight to her boobs and pressed it and THEN, I took the baby ...she didn't seem to react at all. I pressed it for about 2 seconds. There was just a very shy, silent, quick moan (or quick breath exhaled) from her side ...moan like just for 1 sec.

I don't know what is on  her mind... please help me... lifewithfreedoms ...
commented Dec 15, 2017 by Lifewithfreedoms (510 points)
Ok now you are sure she wants you its going to be clear but she has some facts going in her mind which stops like below.

1. Being a virgin how you will react to her response.
2. will you be secretive and mature after a sessions of sex at home while others are around .
3. Will you be a wright choice .

ALL the above things can be cleared by mutual talks between you and  your aunt only so Step one find a time when you both are alone at home ,talk just straight forward that You cannot ressist her beautifll body and you are going to be completely secretive and loyal to her you have never been in touch with a woman earlier  , also tell her never he will give out a hint in face or expressions after a sex life which would doubt others .This three negotiations will make her secure just finish this first and start you clock with her for sex at regular intervals and when people are not at home she will give you all that you want.And I think it will be safe sex with her for you ,Never spoil or have guilt which will effect your studies that's all.

You have to take her as your sex teacher while luckily you can enjoy all kind of sex activities with her very well ,give her all type of sex that she want arouse her well before entering into any climax .

Show that you have lot of maturity in face look and expressions she is ready i feel from your talks just go ahead , but make a point to negotiate or talk about all things I told you .She should feel a deep ocean of secrecy lies in your mind were she is secure to give her secrets of life to you ,Dont show a begging attitude talk like you deserve her and you will keep her secure and happy .
Start kissing her thigh ,legs ,arms ,shoulder ,neck ,waist , encircle her nipples with tongue, never put hard pressure on her body  practice this after
You can start with Oral sex to her since she is shy ,slowly she will come for straight missionary positions ,you should make her relax in all her  body before you enter into her vaginal pleasures .

Look the advice is according to your statement and response that aunt is giving if all the aunt response you told us are imaginary and there was a hatred in her eyes
all above things can be dangerous approach .
Normally women like your aunt will resist and will not report to other family members that you are catching her boobs etc because she dont want to spoil your life career academics and long term family relations since you are her aunt.secondly she is showing cleavage and bending too much to you many times I cannot understand this aunt some ladies are like that she are very happy to show this to young boys because of 2 reasons .
according to me she is showing cleavage many times and bending many time before you

1. generally women after marriage know boys get fertility by seeing other women around them ,women know boys masturbate regularly and easily than girls ,they feel proud that their showoff like showing cleavage sexy legs ,sexy see thru saree.high heels ,lipsticks all make men around them to go home after seeing a lot of women around them to take it as a fertility mater in masturbation.Women are mature from 13 while man gets after 16  or 18 that level of thinking.
2nd reason why she is showing cleavage by bending is she is ready for sex or not ready she only needs you to get many chance to use her figure to be a masturbating picture in your mind during your self masturbation.

All elderly and after married women think very broadly I love them all you know ,not that all woman i see I like to have sex with them .I like their mature thinking which contribute to fertility in many young boys.

Once I met a lady whom I had appointed as my secretary in office for 3 months ,She was a married women but she comes office sitting opposite to me  showing her very low cut blouse behind and in front ,sometimes she will change in bathroom the dress of her choice secretary dresses I never had sex with her never we thought about it but we enjoyed lot of sex topics together .She was too beautiful with a good boob size and waist .I noticed all my staff coming to my office becoming more and more pleasant all had false talk on her beautify and some even said I am having a affair with this secretary it all are imagination of people ,People enjoyed all this .She would realty in  saying was no day left in this 3 month were she wount show her partial covered boobs and waist body navel etc to me during our talks and working hours ,this makes me more concentrated on my work.She will always talk to me keeping one hand on Saree near navel and show it many times to me i liked all this ,Why i said all this real things is not always a women like your aunt showing cleavage is ready for sex.

Another example is my own aunt which i mentioned while i was 19 in my first response she was very much bombshell lady who knew how to handle me made things easy ,.But your case aunt is shy.

In your case its simple just talk to her well mannered she will ether say yes or know thats all. Understand I have respect to women and their mature mind ,I say they are not toys to bend as you wish.

try your luck.thats all i can say I have not seen her I would have seen her I would give you the answer in just yes or no .Also I dont know how much she is shy.

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