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What is Face sitting?

asked Oct 4, 2017 in Questions by Coolcracker420 (1,330 points)
edited Oct 5, 2017 by longhands1

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone, who took time to answer my questions.

I completed my BTech and started to prepare for Master's entrance exam. I have left my  masturbation habit and stopped having sex with my  professor.

But last week it was my birthday, so we had sex. Then she allowed me for anal (after requesting a long time). We used artificial lubes. It involved great pain with pleasure. I asked her whether I can cum on her body (just like porn) after every 15-20 days? After some pleading she said OK (just for helping to relieve my sexual tension).

Yesterday while talking casually she said she likes face sitting and it was her fantasy. As she had under gone alot of trouble to satisfy my fantasies, I want to fulfill here's. Her birthday will be next week. I want her to face sit on me. I want to do this for her.

My aunt gave me a gift on my Birthday. It was my first gift from her. My professor saw it and asked me what's the matter? I said it was my Aunt's first gift. I also said it was you who wished me first on my birthday. Then she said OK. But she looked little worried.

My questions are:

1) Has any one experienced face sitting?

2) Do other Indian women have these type of fantasies?

3) We have seen in porn, the man cumming on a woman's body / face? Does the woman in porn really like it? Or is she doing it just for Money?

4) How will my professor might feel if I do as above?

5) Does my aunt giving me a Birthday Gift affect my relationship with my professor?

Thanking you 


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commented Oct 12, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,330 points)
Thanks for  the answers. I want to share an update.

I discussed everything with my Professor and we also tried it 3 to 5 times so that she will feel at that time. Her birthday was 5 days ago.she kissed me very hard.

I removed her panty and she sat on my face. I felt uncomfortable, but as we talked some code words like :

She would sit on my face with both knees on bed so that whenever I tap on back which means I want to breathe, she will lift herself a bit. She came a little in front because of that she adjusted her weight during her orgasm. It was a little awkward, but she said I liked a lot.

Next day she allowed me for anal sex. We had very rough sex. I asked her feedback. She said I was  in bed with you. Its an honor to satisfy a woman. Always try new things in bed. So it will bring people together.

Thanking you.

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4 Answers

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Best answer

As per your update that you have shared, you have now experienced what Face sitting is about. Saves me the trouble of explaining in detail.

It is basically a form of cunnilingus, where a man kisses a woman’s vagina and sucks her clitoris to bring her to orgasm. The clitoris is a mini penis and has the same nerve endings that a man’s penis has. Women love to receive cunnilingus and often fantasize about it. A good Lover will always include cunt licking in his repertoire of sex making.

Normally, the woman will lie on her back, open her thighs wide apart and allow her male partner access to her vagina. This makes it easy for him to breathe. But as you have experienced, when a woman sits on a man’s face, his nose gets pressed and he has difficulty in breathing and is forced to give an indication to his partner. Also the weight of his female partner on his face, has a strangling effect.

This position is more used in BDSM, where a woman wants to dominate her man and he loves being dominated and tortured. Since your hands are pinned down, there is not much you can do. Did you try the reverse position? Sitting on her face and shoving your cock in her mouth, roughly pulling her hair and face towards you. Women tend to gag and do not lie this though.          

Your question:

We have seen in porn, the man cumming on a woman's body / face? Does the woman in porn really like it? Or is she doing it just for Money?


If the man had cum into her pussy, that would not be visible to the audience and men love to see the  man cumming. So to show this, the man withdraws his penis and cums all over his partner’s face or body. I have videos, where the camera is inserted in the vagina and shows a close up of the man ejaculating in a woman’s vagina.  

In reality if you are not using a condom, and you want to follow the withdrawl method, then just before you feel the orgasm, you remove your penis and cum over your partner. This is quite messy though.

Women do not normally love the feel of semen on their face or body, but often do it to see their partner happy.
answered Oct 12, 2017 by longhands1 (84,355 points)
selected Oct 13, 2017 by Coolcracker420
commented Oct 12, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,330 points)
Thanks for your answer, Moderator. She didn't pin my hands. She told me to tap on her back if I was unable to breathe. What ever it was I was happy to full fill her fantasy.

No, I didn't try to sit on her face. She had already allowed me  for anal sex and to cum on her face and body (Having anal Sex and cumming on her face and body was my fantasy). As she did it for me, I did it for her to keep her happy.

Earlier we used a lube for anal (I don't know the name), but last time we used a lube names back door. Can you suggest a better lube for anal sex, as I want to do it for week end.

Can you please tell me how many times we can have anal sex. Is there any limitations. I have a fear that I may hurt her if w both do it frequently.

commented Oct 12, 2017 by longhands1 (84,355 points)
I did not literally mean that she pinned your hands, but if someone is sitting on your face, then you have to keep your hands behind your head (which is uncomfortable) or automatically they will be straight and so would become pinned by the woman’s posture.

You are talking about sex as if it is a favour. She does for me… I do for her. Sex should be about giving without getting in return. Your motto should be to make your partner orgasm, before you do.  

For Lubricants for anal Sex, you should not use Oil based Lubes as they can be difficult to clean and can harbor bacteria. Better to use water based Lubes. Never use Vaseline as lubricant, as it can destroy a condom.

Are you riding bare back? Or do you use a condom for anal sex?

Some of the good Lubes are Pjur BackDoor Anal Glide, Wet Platinum, Gun Oil, Astroglide X, Penchant Premium. You will get this online if not available at the Chemist.

Your question about the frequency of anal sex. Well you can have it as often as you like. But it should be comfortable for your partner. It appears that she is doing it just to please you and does not like it herself, due to the pain.

When there is pain, it means that she is not well lubricated and this will later cause damage to her anal muscles. It is theoretically possible that frequent or vigorous anal sex could put undue pressure on the posterior (back) vaginal wall. This could lead to an increased risk for passing gas (farting) or even to anal continence problems (need to pass frequent stools).

I hope you have read our Articles on what needs to be done to have Anal sex.
commented Oct 13, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,330 points)
I am riding her back with dotted condom. At the beginning, it used to give her pain, but after time she told me she liked it.

Actually my mom and she was talking in the Hall. My mom went aside, while I was in the hall. At that time, my professor showed her finger towards her ass and said to come on Sunday.

I gave her a flying kiss and went to her. It was her idea to have anal sex at the weekend.
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Dear coolcracker,

Last time, I gave you some advice but I didn't hear much from you about that.

I will skip all questions except no 3)

Male pornstars mostly ejaculate on female pornstar to reduce the chances of pregnancy. During intercourse precum comes most of the time but they use contraceptive to avoid pregnancy.

Now coming to your main problem.

You had or have lust for your aunty, and previously you told us that you kissed her, pressed her breasts etc. Your aunt wants to have sex with you but she fears about her husband, her family, society so she might not initiate. She is expecting that you will take initiative and make her feel secure while you both are in relationship. But you didn't do any further movements.

Next you talk about your professor. She loves you, that's why she allows you for anal sex too. Last time I suggested you to choose wisely.

Your aunt wants you and your professor wants you. You need to decide whom you want to choose. You said your aunt gives you birthday gift for first time it clearly indicates that she still waiting for you to make a move.

You show that gift to your professor and she knows who gave it. Does she know that you tried to seduce your aunt. If she knows then she will feel insecure.

So it's time to choose. Wish you good luck.
answered Oct 4, 2017 by Harsh.03 (1,025 points)
commented Oct 4, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,330 points)
I am really sorry harsh.03 . But I clearly remembered your advice. That is why I told everything to her. She also knows that I tried to seduce my aunt.

She felt little insecure at beginning, but till now my aunt started talking to me rarely/frequently, she was happy. But now when she saw a birthday glass present (accidentally broken when it was opened) from my aunt, she became sad.

I convinced her. I was shocked when my aunt brought another present before I returned from my tuition. Actually I thought it was time waste with her. I too waited for my aunt. When I asked her to wear my fav color Saree, she does not wear it, that is why I moved on with my professor.

Now my aunt will not understand my desires. I think she still treats me as a loser and she just wants attention. When I asked my aunt why you brought another gift, she said I was very sad for broken glass in my first gift. I think she was dragging it like a serial.

I tried seducing her for 2.5 years, but no response. Frankly speaking she has no spice in her life (am not insulting her).

Thanking you
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Cool Cracker

1.LH1 already put a beautiful demo picture. Nothing great. You will get little bit uncomfortable/ suffocation if she sits on your face. She will get a sexual thrill from having you under her control. Obey the guru.
2.You just ask your aunt for rimming, you will get the answer.
3.Money, Kasu, Panam, Thuttu, Money, Money.
4.She will get a sexual thrill from having you under her control.
5.You may get one more gift. You are lucky to have free fuck alongwith gifts from the loved ones.

Enjoy. Do not miss M.Tech
answered Oct 4, 2017 by solliadi (2,910 points)
commented Oct 4, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,330 points)
Thanks for the reply solliadi.we both(me and my professor) will discuss before I full fill my professor's fantasy.

Thanking you
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I wish you success in coming Master's entrance examination.Please come out of the clutches of your professor.She seems to be a pervert.She will ruin you and she is unfit for this prestigious job.I was also a Professor for 35 years,never thought of doing sex with female students.Always regarded them as my sister or daughter.Set aside your sex adventures with Professor and save yourself.Otherwise you will become cattle fodder.
answered Nov 6, 2017 by Motilal (8,030 points)

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