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Is my Brother trying to seduce me?

asked Oct 3, 2017 in Questions by Kanuparthyswetha (160 points)
edited Oct 5, 2017 by longhands1


First of all, I want to know why most of the people are trying to have sex with their relations (incest...recently I came to know about this word). Is this relationship good?

I am 27 years old and married and my married life is quite good. My sexual urges are more than my hubby, but that was not my problem as I can control my self. My problem is my younger Brother.

I have a younger brother who is 3 years younger than me. His behaviour has changed a lot. He is always trying to spend time with me and trying to touch me when ever possible and making comments about my beauty, so I have my doubts about him.

One night after he slept, I took his mobile and opend it using his fingerprint locker while he was in sleep. I saw his browsing history. It is full of incest content, mainly about brother and sister sex.

Does Incest really happen? Is it a good relationship? What are the problems involved?

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5 Answers

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Best answer

Incest has always existed, but now it is much more spoken about. Remember, brothers and Sisters grow together and their close proximity while growing builds up a strong bond between them. Most childhood games are first played at home and while often these are innocent games, many times the first sexual contact is between siblings.

You ask whether this relationship is good? Sexual relationships were never meant to be between Family Members and leads to feelings of guilt and shame. It is best avoided. But it does exist and often the bond is as strong if not stronger than with a married Partner.    

You will need to analyze how you feel when your Brother touches you. It must be obvious to you that he has more on his mind than a harmless hug or an embrace. You have not said, if he stays with you or only visits you. As he is now 24 years old, he would be at that impressionable age where the Sex stories (of Incest) that he reads would leave an impression on his mind. Does his complements of your beauty embarrass you or does it please you?   

Was it fair on your part to peep into the privacy of his browsing history? What was your reaction when you saw the incest content on his mobile? Was it in the form of clips or Stories? Were you annoyed? Your reaction will tell you your answer.    

Incest happens. For good or for Bad. The mind is very powerful. It will not rest till you find out your own answer.
answered Oct 3, 2017 by longhands1 (84,355 points)
selected Oct 4, 2017 by Kanuparthyswetha
commented Oct 4, 2017 by Kanuparthyswetha (160 points)
He stays with me only. I don't feel embarrassed whenever he touches or hugs me.

Neither am I pleased if he compliments me about my beauty. We are very close from our childhood. We used to bathe together when we were schooling.
commented Oct 4, 2017 by longhands1 (84,355 points)

As he is staying with you and you are his Guardian, it would make it even more difficult for you to decide how to treat his affection.

Many children in rural areas do bathe together, but that was different. You were both children then. Now you are adults.

Where are your parents? How does your brother treat your husband? Are they friends? Does he respect him?

You have indicated that you enjoy sex more than your husband, one reason could be the age difference.

Be aware of the consequences of such a relationship. It will have long lasting implications.
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It's better to talk with him before he makes any advances towards you. He seems to be in great hurry. Soon he will be starting his moves. Show him his limits.

Any way, why did you check his phone? It's his personal space. Having porn on mobile is very common at his age.

You are the one who has to tell him what is wrong and right? Try to communicate more  with your husband while having sex. Don't spoil your married life.

Incest doesn't have any future. You may unknowingly spoil his future.

answered Oct 4, 2017 by Coolcracker420 (1,330 points)
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The real question is are you interested in your brother?  Is this curiosity enough to bed him?  Do you love your husband?  Are you willing to break your husband's trust and heart?  When you answer these questions truthfully then nothing else matters.
answered Oct 4, 2017 by gr8gaur (2,400 points)
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Is your husband relative to you before marriage? When did you notice that your brother's behaviour has changed?

Your description of the question says that you are also interested and hesitant.

Is it correct?
answered Oct 4, 2017 by solliadi (2,910 points)
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From your question as I can understand, yes it does seem that your brother is certainly interested in you. Whether he wants to go the whole hog or just restrict it to flirting, touching fondling etc or not is still not clear. It seems to me that he is testing the waters now to ascertain how you are reacting. Based on  your reaction he would take the next step.

If I look at it purely objectively without bringing in the taboos & societal norms etc, I don't see anything wrong in it. You are 27, he is 24, both of you are bubbling with hormones. Women tend to take it easy after marriage & they also become a bit careless. I am not sure but has your behaviour towards him changed in the last few months? Are you inadvertently giving him signals due to which he is interpreting in a different manner? You can ask these questions to yourself & find answers?

Coming to the point about incest, well let me tell you that incest is not wrong if both partners are adults & they are 100% in consent in such a relation. If any one partner is being exploited or coerced or being subjugated into such a relation then it is strict NO-NO. So you need to decide what you want to do. Do you want to go ahead with your brother or not? You have said your desire is not satisfied totally by your husband & probably you may be doing self pleasure. Can you accept that your brother filling in this gap? If you have any hesitations regarding societal taboos etc, let me tell you that incest was considered wrong because sex was method of procreation. Now in the last 2 decades its become a method of recreation with very less procreation, so unless you get knocked up with his baby I don't think anybody else has any business commenting on what two mature adults do behind closed doors.

As far trust is concerned, yes you will be cheating your husband, there is no two ways about it. However, on more practical lines, a thief is declared only when he/she is caught. Same applies to you, if you feel that you both are able to maintain secrecy then no one gets any the wiser. Most importantly, whatever you plan to do, it has have your full mental consent & so from your brother's side. You enter into this relation only when you are 100% convinced about its safety & secrecy, if not, drop this like a hot brick. Incest can get quite messy if not handled properly & maturely.
answered Oct 7, 2017 by nehasona (630 points)

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