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I have never had sex. I want to have sex with Women and Girls. How?

asked Sep 27, 2017 in Questions by WomenLover (150 points)
edited Oct 5, 2017 by longhands1

Hi Everyone,

My name is Sandeep Sarkar.

Age 26, Unmarried, Location:- Malda (West Bengal).

This is my first question in Ask Anjali. I never ever had sex in my life with any girls and women. I am still virgin at the age of 26.

Please, answer these following questions:-

1. How to find a married couple who wants a guy for threesome sex?

2. How to find a married couples in which the husband wants to get his wife fucked by other guy? I want to fuck other's wife but in a legal way or at his consent.

3. Tell me any feasible ways to get laid in Kolkata as mentioned above. I don't want to be a Virgin anymore.

Thank you all for taking precious time to answer my questions :)

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4 Answers

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Best answer

What you really want is a “Free” Fuck. Meaning you want to fuck, without having to pay for it.

There are some ways that you can lose your virginity. You can visit a Prostitute and have the time of your Life or you can have a girlfriend and convince her that you want to fuck her, but in both these cases you have to incur expenses. In order to pay, you have to be earning and so working.

Are you working? First concentrate on doing this and then you will be able to bear the expenses of finding a Vagina.

Don’t look for shortcuts. Married couples don’t just look for a Guy to fuck. They also look for stability. What if they agree, but say that you have to book the hotel room.
What will you tell them? I cannot afford.      

So, I suggest that you first look for Job, rather than looking for couples.
answered Sep 28, 2017 by longhands1 (78,025 points)
selected Oct 1, 2017 by WomenLover
commented Sep 29, 2017 by guruofalldivas (315 points)
Well said. Job first, blow jobs later!
commented Oct 1, 2017 by WomenLover (150 points)

That was the perfect answer.
commented Oct 2, 2017 by longhands1 (78,025 points)
Thanks for appreciating my Answer and liking it.
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You are a virgin. (not a graduate in sex)
Three some and cuckolds are for advanced sex workers.(pHDs)
Your Age is 26.
Better get married and enjoy.
answered Sep 28, 2017 by solliadi (1,940 points)
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First of all you are not alone who is still virgin at the age of 26 so be patience as you will get everything at appropriate time. Your question gives the glimpse that you are reading too much sex stories which suggest that people are able to get the couple to have sex easily so get out of that illusion as most of the stories are fake.

No one can suggest you what you need to do to get a woman for the sex as it depends on the luck only.  If there is any way to get women for sex then all the men in the world need it at any cost. Overall, stop running after the idea of how to get couple who is ready for the threesome or how you can fuck women. If you have a nice career and you are nice man then women are tend to fall for you as that is the only way you can get the women in your life.
answered Sep 29, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,220 points)
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For you, the only feasible options, it appears, is paid sex, but remember, you need to be prepared to pay for its consequences..

If not, do not do it..

Best option for you : Get married and stay devoted to your wife. and hope she does not cheat on you.
answered Sep 30, 2017 by blore.guy (375 points)

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