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Now, Its my former teacher. What do you think is on her mind?

asked Sep 25, 2017 in Questions by Donalddefoe (230 points)
edited Sep 27, 2017 by longhands1

Hi Guys,

In my previous two questions, I had posted about my uncle's wife and elder cousin. This one is a bit different. Before I post this question, I understand that many of you would be wondering whether all I do is fantasize all day and do nothing else.

I am in college now so only chat sometimes with my aunt and havent been in contact with my cousin lately..

Now with this question. Last year in the 12th, we had a really hot Computer Science teacher. Almost all guys were after her like crazy (discrete manner obviously). She was really stylish with good fashionable clothes and nice hair, of moderate height around 5 ft 6, around 40-45 age.  I was attracted to her too.

I was  a good student and got good marks in my Board Exams. She knew my name. After school ended, I whatsapped her and after 2-3 days of normal chat, I confessed my attraction to her. To my surprise she said ots ok and she doesnt mind etc. Then onwards, I keep flirting with her. I ask about her interst, hobby, dedication, etc.

Whenever she posts new DP, I complement her (that she is hot, beautiful etc.). Once she said stop flirting (smiley face). I said 'I am not flirting'. She replied 'Ok, I was joking, dont get upset'. She talks to me about her work and troubles she faces. I regularly complement her, saying she is hard workimg and in good shape. She just replies..'ha ha..thanks, but I dont think so' and as such.

M question is: What is on her mind? Why she never stops this? Is there a remote chance of her being impressed?

I know this has no future, but still I want to know your opinion.

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3 Answers

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Best answer
This reminds me of those  stories you hear, about thirsty men lost in the desert, who see mirages of water.

You appear to be so desperate for female affection, that you see the  mirage of affection in the actions of every female you meet , even your own aunt & cousins.

You need to get a girl-friend.

Aside from that, this teacher of yours, just likes attention. Who wouldnt ? Unless you change your outlook, women , now and in future,  will always use you for their own selfish needs.
answered Sep 29, 2017 by blore.guy (375 points)
selected Dec 29, 2017 by Donalddefoe
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Write it in your autograph, that this is the Third Chapter.
In every chapter. still you wonder what is in the mind of your females- Uncles wife, cousin sister and teacher...

“Think wisely before you exercise an action. Having done so however,
never look back and regret. That would be a shame”.- Kural.
answered Sep 26, 2017 by solliadi (1,980 points)
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You seem like a Butterfly, that flits from one flower to another, hoping that some flower will open its bud and feed you its honey. First it was your uncle’s wife and then your elder cousin.     

We are not wondering, we are convinced that you fantasize and then masturbate wasting your honey. If you want something you have to go for it and not leave things halfway. Remember the flower does not come to the Bee.   

Most Schoolboys have crushes on their Teachers and it is just that. A crush. Since your interaction with girls is limited, every kind word or a gesture from the “Hot” Teacher is construed as a come hither sign,  and imagination that the Teacher is flirting with you. From what you have told us, it just seems to be normal conversation that any adult would have with an adolescent.   

If you really what to know what is on her mind, talk to her about sex. Ask her what she thinks about sex? Her answer will tell you what is on her mind. It may be difficult for us to tell what is on her mind, but we can confidently tell you what is in your mind.

Do you want us spell it out to you?
answered Sep 28, 2017 by longhands1 (78,360 points)