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My Experiences with a Prostitute - Not for Sex but for Blackmail. Learn from me.

asked Sep 20, 2017 in Questions by Silent sathya (320 points)
edited Sep 25, 2017 by longhands1

Hello everyone,

I will come straight to the point. This morning, I met a Prostitute in Bangalore. She accepted to have sex with me for Rs. 500. Then she told me to get in an Auto. When I did, she demanded that I pay 500 before sex. I did. The auto started moving.

I could sense that this was a trap, but I am tired of being virgin and wanted to have sex at any cost. She then ordered me to pay 200 for the auto. I paid. Then she said she had to give commission to the Police which was 300. I paid that also but she was not ready to have sex.

Then she said she needs 2000 to book a room. I lost my cool. Prostitute and auto driver knew each other. When I refused to pay 2000, she told the driver to make me get down from the auto. By now I had paid 1000 rupees.

I was so angry that I decided to snatch her mobile and I did so, but the mistake I made was I ran away after snatching it. Since they were in an auto they somehow caught me. Public gathered in few seconds. I explained everything to them. A policeman entered the scene and he asked the lady to give back the money. She gave only 700 back and I gave her mobile back.

Now the actual fear started. I saw a photographer taking pictures of what had happened there and he clearly took my picture. He was in formals: shirt tucked in and with a DSLR camera. I am so afraid that he might be from gthe press and those images might get published in tomorrow's newspaper. If that happens my whole life becomes worthless and I loose my respect with my Family. I don't know what to do. Please guide me in this situation

And also please please help me come out of it. Waiting for your answers. Please help me.

(Picture shown above is representational and has nothing to do with this question)


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2 Answers

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Best answer

That was quite an experience. But I think you handled it very well so far. You have no confirmation that it was a Press photographer who shot your picture. And what news would he print? “Customer steals Prostitute’s Mobile”. Does not sound like meaty news. I think you are hyperventilating about a non-issue.

If he was from the Press, he would have spoken to you individually and got your version of the story. But my real worry is that he could be in league with the Prostitute and the Auto Driver. And that he may try to blackmail you, if he knows your address or is able to trace you. Generally, these People operate in Gangs and even the police are in on the racket.

You can make up some story for your Family. Say you took an Auto to go somewhere and the Auto driver, stopped and picked up a woman. She began asking you for money and grabbed your purse and then she wanted to take a snap of yours. You grabbed her mobile and was pushed out. Crowd gathered. Police came. She returned your money and you forgot the whole issue.

Just relax. Nothing will happen.

We are really touched that in your moment of tension and fear, you have thought about our Site and are confident that you will get the best advice here.
answered Sep 21, 2017 by longhands1 (77,195 points)
selected Nov 23, 2017 by Silent sathya
commented Sep 21, 2017 by Silent sathya (320 points)
edited Sep 21, 2017 by longhands1
I too have a doubt whether he was a reporter or someone who might be involved with those prostitutes. I didn't see him wearing any ID card. He just came and took the photos.

My only intention at that moment was to get out of that place and a traffic police was also present here. He was the one who asked the prostitute to return my money.

I checked in one of the local newspapers but there was no article regarding it.
And this AA Site is the only place where I can openly speak because I am alone always. I don't go out anywhere. I will just sit in my room and pass the time. That's what I am doing for past 3 years.
commented Sep 21, 2017 by longhands1 (77,195 points)
So, can now breathe a sigh of relief. But do learn from the lesson Life has taught you.

I am a bit worried when you say, you are a Loner and spend all the time by yourself. Not a good sign. The World is a beautiful place. Go out and make a difference.
commented Nov 25, 2017 by longhands1 (77,195 points)

Thanks for liking my Answer.
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Oh dear, I hope you are fine now and for sure you learned a lesson.

I don't think that man was from press and don't think he was part of the prostitute "gang" (do you really think a cheap prostitute was going to be prepared with a photographer? I dont think so)

Probably it was just someone with a camera who found it interesting to take a photo.

All the best dear.
answered Oct 23, 2017 by ana (335 points)
commented Oct 24, 2017 by Silent sathya (320 points)
Yes i think i have learned a lesson but i still have a temptation to visit that place where i met her not because to see her but there will be others standing there looking for a man one day i went there and that lady came face to face with me and tried to catch me but somehow i escaped
i don't know what's happening to me sometimes my urge for sex is uncontrollable

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