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Has anyone ever caught you naked? Share your Experiences.

asked Sep 14, 2017 in Questions by mahesh344 (125 points)
edited Sep 14, 2017 by longhands1

Many people have caught me naked. Here are a few instances.
1. Once in hostel, my friends caught me naked. I was wearing a towel and I was standing on the balcony. My roommates pulled away my towel and locked me outside. Many students caught me naked. After 20 minutes they let me in.

2. Last week my Mom caught me naked. I was in the bathroom. I asked my mom for towel. But she didn't listen. Then i came out naked. She saw me and laughed.

3. Yesterday, I was masturbating in the bathroom. I thought my sister was sleeping and parents went to office. So I did not lock the door. Then my elder sister came to take bath. She removed her clothes and turned around. She saw me mastrubating in bath tub.

She was embarassed. So she went outside. After sometime she came back and slapped me and kicked as I was watching porn.  She told me to clean myself. I took bath infront of her. I begged her not to tell about it to parents.

Have any of you had such experiences of being caught naked? What was your reaction? Were you ashamed or guilty? What was the reaction of the person who saw you naked? Did they shout at you or just laughed?

Come on, tell us.

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7 Answers

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Yes, I was caught red handed in nude condition by my mother. I was masturbating in the bathroom. I was 19-20 years old. She allowed me to complete the hand job.

She smiled and told me not to do this regularly as it will ruin my health. She is just like a Goddess to me. I kept her advise in mind and masturbated twice in a week.

On another occasion my grandson, aged 8 years pulled my pyjama and underwear, I became almost nude. His mother saw my penis clearly and rebuked her son. She said her son has become very notorious.
answered Sep 14, 2017 by Motilal (6,700 points)
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Yes... So many times I was caught naked by so many people...

1. When I was 17 my younger brother's friends caught me naked. My parents went to office. My brother was in another room. When I came out naked there were my brother's friends caught me naked. My brother went call their tuition sir so he left the door open. I told them not to tell about that incident to any one.

2. Today my cousins saw me naked. My towel fell down in front of them while I was scolding them. Because they were using my mobile. They are making fun of me.

3. In our village we don't have any bathroom or toilet. So whenever I go to village it is a headache for me. We have to poop on the railway line, farming fields or river side. We have to take bath in river.  So many people have seen me naked. I have seen many people naked. Once a mentally ill man wanted to rape me while I was pooping on railway line.

4. Our hostel bathroom door was broken. So me n my roommate decided to take bath together.

5. My boyfriends(ex n present) have seen me naked during sex.

6. One day my present bf's roommate caught me naked. Me n bf had sex then we slept. Then his roommate came from outside as he has the key. When I woke up I saw he seating in the room. I was embrassed.

7. I have flashed two times in front of strangers.
answered Sep 14, 2017 by amita382 (105 points)
edited Sep 14, 2017 by amita382
commented Sep 16, 2017 by myselfarun (1,045 points)
quite adventurous you are
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I was caught by my cousin sister who is of same age as me. She laughed at me and now smiles at me every time, I came across her.
answered Sep 16, 2017 by myselfarun (1,045 points)
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I remember once when, I was around 22, while skipping ropes my Bermuda got undone and was naked waist below in front of my neighbour didi.

She was embarrassed and we have never talked since then.
answered Sep 17, 2017 by Vinit0987 (160 points)
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Yes I was caught naked by my younger  sister. Me and one of her friends were deeply in love.Once there was no one at home. I called her. We started watching porn. Both of us got excited and we became naked.

We went to bed and were  enjoying  sex. Door was unlocked. I don't know when my sister came and saw both of us.

Again, second time I took her to my farm house. At night we were having sex fully naked. I realized the curtain was not pulled. When I realized it, I went to pull the curtains. I saw my young servant was watching us.
answered Sep 17, 2017 by pratyushN (145 points)
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I have been caught when i was taking a steam bath in a hotel ... Naked... no one was there and all of sudden someone came and later he also got naked....
answered Sep 18, 2017 by babblo4u (165 points)
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Luckily I am not yet caught by anyone though I sleep naked everyday.
answered Sep 26, 2017 by Ass_brwn (205 points)

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