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Adult Jokes Corner: Part 2

asked Sep 14, 2017 in Articles by longhands1 (76,980 points)

"Popat ka Pinjra .....Bees Rupaye me".
"Popat ka Pinjra..... Bees Rupaye me".                                  
Ek aadmi road side pe chilla raha tha
Ek Aurat ne pas ja kar dekha, aur wapas aayi.

Dusri: Kya huwa?

Pehli Aurat :  Haramkhor Kameena!

"UNDER WEAR" bech raha hai.devil


Husband is praying before going to bed ...

Wife: What are you praying for?

Husband: For guidance.

Wife: Pray for hardness. Leave guidance to me!!devil


Different Responses after sex from Women :

1) Call girl : paise do

2) Girl Friend : jaldi kapde do

3) Padosan : fir kab aoge

4) Wife : ab 2 din kuch mat bolna

5) Kamwali :  ab to pagar bada do..devil


Woman’s Life is very hard.

Morning: wash the dress.
Noon: dry the dress.

Evening: iron the dress.
Night: remove the dress.
Midnight: search for the dress.devil


Call Girl (to 68 year old man): "Uncle, aap ek baar try karo na!"

Uncle: "Main KAR nahi paaunga."

Call Girl: "Arre, aao na uncle, try to karo!"

Uncle aa gaye aur callgirl pe toot pade aur uski almost faad dali.

Call Girl: Haaye mar gayi. Aap to bol rahe the- "kar nahi paaunga"

Uncle: "Wo to main PAYMENT ke baare me bol raha tha.devil


Girls prayed to god : Why don’t you make boy’s sex organ more beautiful?
God: No way, though I made it ugly, you suck it all the time; If I had made it beautiful you would have eaten it.devil


Jeevan ki 3 Hakiikat.

School ki Ghanti.
Garib ka Darwaja.
Jawan Ladki.




Who is more respected? The female sex organ or the male sex organ?
Answer: Female sex organ, because male sex organ always stands up when he sees a female sex organ, so he shows respect.devil


There was a Contest in a girl’s college. They had to write a short essay. The Essay had to contain Religion, Sex and Mystery.
The Winning Essay was: " Oh God, I am pregnant, I wonder who did it".devil


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