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I want to change my Sex, but my breasts are not growing. What to do?

asked Sep 12, 2017 in Questions by chikukaju (160 points)
edited Sep 12, 2017 by longhands1


I am a 23 year old boy. Sometimes, I feel thaat I am a girl trapped in a man's body. I notice that my breast size is also little more than other boys. In my room when no one is there, I wear saree and bra to look like girls. I get pleasure when I do this.

One day, my mom caught me in saree and she asked me, why you are wearing girl's clothes. I told her that I feel like a girl and want to become a girl. My dad is working outside, so he comes home after 2-3 months.

My Mom and I visited the doctor to know what is problem in my body changes. I told the Doctor that I want to become a girl. The Doctor gave me some hormone treatment for that. My breasts increased in size and face and skin became smooth. Also my head hair has now became long. My mom and dad are supporting me so that I can transform into a girl.

Now, I look like a girl and wear girl's clothes all the time, like, panties and bra and blouse and saree etc. etc.

The problem is that my boobs have not increased to the natural size like other girls.

Can I have breast implants?

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3 Answers

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Best answer

You seem to be in too much of a hurry. You have to be patient. Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) takes years to bear fruit (breasts etc).

Some of the Mandatory Prerequisites for Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS/SRS) are:

•    A true transsexual with gender dysphoria
•    Surgery recommended by 2 mental health specialists trained in gender identity issues.
•    Hormone treatment for at least one year.
•    Living “true life” test for a minimum of one year.
•    Emotionally stable
•    Medically healthy with any medical conditions being treated and under control.

Your Doctor must have already ensured that you fulfill all the above requirements. As our Editor, Alpesh has said, it is very important that with the physical changes, it is very important to have psychological counseling as the mind is even more important than the body.    

Optional Prerequisites for Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS/SRS)
•    Adult age (at least 18 years old)
•    Support of spouse, family, friends
•    Economically stable

It is good to know that your parents are supportive as without the backing of close Family, this transformation will not be possible.

Sex reassignment surgery for male-to-female involves reshaping the male genitals into a form with the appearance of, and, as far as possible, the function of female genitals. Prior to any surgeries, patients usually undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and, depending on the age at which HRT begins, facial hair removal.

When changing anatomical sex from male to female, the testicles are removed, and the skin of foreskin and penis is usually inverted, as a flap preserving blood and nerve supplies to form a fully sensitive vagina. This is called vaginoplasty.

Breast augmentation is the enlargement of the breasts. Some trans women choose to undergo this procedure if hormone therapy does not yield satisfactory results. Usually, typical growth for trans women is one to two cup sizes below closely related females such as the mother or sisters. Estrogen is responsible for fat distribution to the breasts, hips and buttocks, while progesterone is responsible for developing the actual milk glands.

As you must be aware all this will take lots of money….couple of lakhs.

Be patient. You will be happy.
answered Sep 13, 2017 by longhands1 (82,280 points)
selected Sep 15, 2017 by chikukaju
commented Sep 18, 2017 by longhands1 (82,280 points)

Thank You for liking my Answer. I hope you got some more knowledge. Do tell your Friends about this Site.

Be patient. Things will work out.
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The boobs size is not getting increased because naturally you are not a girl so you would not get the size of your boobs the way you want it to be them so stop comparing yourself with the girls as it is incomparable at all.  The good thing is that you have supporting parents but that would not make you a girl because physically you are a boy but mentally you are a girl which makes everything confusing for you.

Moreover, it seems that you and your parents have accepted that it would be better if doctors would convert you into the girl but I would say you should see the psychiatrist for your issue and to understand the pattern of your behavior in the first place. To find out who you are actually, you need professional help so see the experts who are qualified to analyze your issue and needs to be able to guide you in a correct way. Overall, you should not take any decision about your gender yet as you have to go deep into the issue.
answered Sep 13, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (25,460 points)
commented Sep 13, 2017 by chikukaju (160 points)
Thanks for giving me an answer.
I recently visited the doctor for this issue and the doctor suggested to wait for some time for growing breast due some hormonal changes.

I waited for 2-3 month for changes in my body. All body parts are showing changes as the doctor gave hormones pills, except the breasts .

My face and skin are also now smooth and fair after taking this treatment. I am happy now for these changes.

Thanks to my parents who accepted me and supported me.
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First of all CONGRATULATIONS on having such supportive parents.

You must realize that hormones take time to act and you can't have the breast size you like but you will have a descent breast, just accept that and live a beautiful life.

Wishing you a successful life ahead.
answered Sep 17, 2017 by Vinit0987 (160 points)

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