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Does my Aunt have doubts about my intentions?

asked Sep 11, 2017 in Questions by pranav69 (140 points)

I had asked a question here about me groping my aunt in her sleep. After that we had a little family reunion in which she also came. To my surprise she changed a lot she became quite mordern she wore lipstick and a tight kurta with no shawl.

I complimented her saying that she changed a lot and all. After that, I started touching her whenever we talked to each other. I kept my hand in contact with her ass. She tried to move a bit, but I continued it any how and kept on doing that.

When we got into a car we sat together. I began to rub her thighs from the back of my hand pretending that it is happening on its own. She looked at my hand from the corner of her eyes but she didn't say anything. After sometime I began staring at her boobs. I am really sure she saw me staring at her tits because in between that we had several eye contacts.

Now in my vacations, I'm planning to go to their house. Once she invited me too. My question is does she know of my intentions. Will I get successful with her. Please people help...

commented Sep 11, 2017 by Motilal (6,460 points)
Come out of fantasy land.She seems to be a sex toy in your hands.Change your go as you like attitude.Never post such rubbish material here.
commented Feb 2 by longhands1 (76,920 points)
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3 Answers

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Talk to her over phone. Tell her that you will be coming there to have good time with her. Tell her that If she would have been younger and unmarried, you would have married her. Make a ground for your visit.

I am enclosing a similar question posted here who succeeded in his attempt.
answered Sep 13, 2017 by solliadi (1,805 points)
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I'm very much sure that she's aware of your intentions, if she's not reacting, by your acts.

Most of the ladies don't make the move first and moreover if she's invited you to her house, kindly go ahead.

Might be you get lucky from her end !!!!!!
answered Sep 13, 2017 by ramku19 (205 points)
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Dear pranav,

You have tried on your aunt and she didn't give you any reaction. That doesn't mean she is ready to have sex with you. But after your behaviour she might have known about your intentions. That doesn't mean she will approach you first.

So if you like to move further, then you should try some more before approaching. May be you will get her on bed. But it won't be that easy.
answered Sep 13, 2017 by dashing prava (420 points)

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