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DSN: Nokia 3310 Phones Make Great Vibrators, According To Women In India

asked Sep 8, 2017 in Articles by longhands1 (82,280 points)

Nokia 3310 Phones Make Great Vibrators, According To Women In India

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? But how far are you prepared to go to get off? Women in India have proved themselves as a frugal lot as the humble Nokia 3310 i.e. the phone no British schoolchild would dare be seen dead without has come on leaps and bounds since the day of tireless snake sessions. The old school gadget is now being used as a masturbation tool by frisky ladies in the South Aisan country.

If you thought the population of Nokia 3310 phones had been banished from the world only to sit at the bottom of some non-descript landfill site, you thought wrong. The humble 2000 gadget, cherished by schoolchildren across the country and famed for its Snake-playing (and accompanying vibrations) abilities, is making a comeback, quite literally.

But rather than saving kids and teens from inevitable lunchtime boredom as per yesteryear, the Nokia 3310 is being used by horny women in India as a masturbation tool. True story. According a survey of 100 Indian women by - a group dedicated to promoting sexual positivity - the females of the nation are using the phones in place of traditional vibrators and sex toys which are apparently hard to come by.

The group studied 100 women, asking them about their masturbating habits, and were as surprised as us to find the Nokia 3310 was being used as a vibrator substitute. The group said: "The old Nokia vibrating phone made several appearances on this survey! We have no idea why that company is not the market leader after this!"

One of those women recalled the tale of her night in with her Nokia, saying: "A group of three of us decided to masturbate with the old Nokia phones to show a fourth how pleasurable masturbation can be. We switched off the lights to reduce her discomfort and got into our beds. Only, when we switched on vibration, the screens lit up showing off our vaginas!" It's not clear whether the women are wrapping their bait before they mate but we recommend you do if you fancy putting this theory to the test for vaginal hygiene purposes.

What's more surprisingly still is that 54% of the women surveyed relied on domestic items to get their rocks off, 40% more than the age-old method of using your own fingers. Whatever tickles your fancy.

featued question
commented Sep 9, 2017 by solliadi (2,355 points)
First Picture - What a bliss on her face.

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