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I am drinking my Elder Sister's Milk. Should I move further?

asked Sep 5, 2017 in Questions by kartheek reddy (130 points)
edited Sep 10, 2017 by longhands1

Hi guys,

I am new here and want to ask my doubts. I completed my Bachelor's Degree and started searching for job in my home town. I could not get a job there, then my parents suggested that I should go to Hyderabad and try there, as my elder sister stays there along with her hubby and one and half year old kid.

My sister also invited me to their home. My brother-in-law works for an MNC. He is very friendly with me. I started attending interviews. But most of the time I was at home. My sister is very close with me (close in the sense, that I can share about my gf with her).

I saw her breast feeding her child infront of me many times. She does not cover her breast while feeding. One afternoon, I went to her bed room she was not wearing a bra. She was doing something with her breast. I left the room and started watching TV. After some time, when she came there, I told her I was sorry for entering her room without knocking on the door.

She said, dont worry. She told me that she had stopped breast feeding her kid for 2 days, and her breast was getting heavy and painful, so she was removing her milk by some type of machine. So, now I got the point. She was removing her milk by herself. I asked her why she doesn't feed her Kid. She said that she wanted to wean him away from breast feeding or he will get used to her milk again.

Next day, she asked me to come to her room and she locked main door. She told me to suck her milk by using the sucking machine. I said, "No". She said dont worry, you are like my Kid and she removed her nighty. She was not wearing a Bra. I got a huge erection. She noticed that and started  laughing. I somehow, managed to help her in sucking her milk from her breast using that machine but it was not that good in sucking her entire milk. She got relieved from pain. She said its enough for today and she wore her nighty.

This became my routine job, after my brother-in-law left for work. One day she told  that me to suck her nipples. I was out of my mind. I wanted to taste her milk but had not asked her earlier because of fear. Without any hesitation, I started  sucking her nipples. The milk tasted sweet and thick. I started playing with her boobs while sucking her boobs.

At first, she stopped me but later she allowed. While I was sucking her nipples, her breath got heavier and she closed her eyes. I could sense that she got an orgasm. Then she told me to stop and wore her dress. She did not talk to me properly on that day. Next day too, there was not much conversation between us. After 2 days, she again asked me to help her in sucking her boobs and removing the milk.

Now we are habituated. Daily after her hubby leaves for work, we will get locked inside and start our milk sucking routine. She will be in petticoat whlie giving milk to me. Sometimes, we do it 2 times - in the morning and evening .

I wanted to ask: Do women get orgasm while their boobs are being sucked? Do they get excited when milk is sucked out from the nipples? Does this happen when their kids are also sucking their boobs?

I have not taken any further step, nor has she asked for anything. Is she interested in having sex with me? How to make the next move?

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featued question

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9 Answers

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Best answer

Nipples are very sensitive areas commonly used in sexual activity so it would definitely be possible for your sister to orgasm when you are sucking at her nipples. I have read cases where mums have orgasmed when feeding the baby.

Since you must be also playing with her boobs and nipples while sucking, it would lead to an orgasm. As long as she thinks of you as a baby, she will not want to go further, but if you kiss her on the lips in between the nipple sucking or even move your hand near her pussy. She will not be able to hold on and since she has already seen your hardon (in your trousers), the next step is just a move away.

The fact that she allows you to breast feed, behind closed doors, indicates that she would be willing to allow you more access. Since she would be now satisfied with your practice sessions on her nipple, she will definitely allow you to next try on her clitoris. Read up on our articles here. How to suck the clitoris and bring a woman to orgasm.

What would have started with the noble objective of weaning the baby away from the breasts would now have degenerated into a sexual fantasy. People are able to be "turned on" by many things. Kissing, for example. You may kiss your mother, father, friends and other relatives without being "turned on," and yet are still able to participate in kissing as a stimulant to promote readiness for sexual intercourse, i.e. being "turned on."

Have you heard about ANR Groups? There are actual groups called "ANR" (adult nursing relationship). They are comprised of men and/or women who lactate and breastfeed. There is a loving bond established by the woman and her partner. These women even take hormones to initiate lactation long after child birth. Your Sister and you are into such a relationship.

Yes, the next step is waiting to happen. She is like the ripe mango ready for plucking. If she was really having problems with her excess supply of milk, she would have asked her husband’s help. The fact that she asked you to help in sucking her breasts, is a sign….that you are going to return the favour, by feeding her with your thick creamy milk soon.
answered Sep 5, 2017 by longhands1 (80,975 points)
selected Sep 12, 2017 by kartheek reddy
commented Sep 12, 2017 by longhands1 (80,975 points)

Thanks for liking my Answer. Hope it was of use to you.
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I do not think, anyone in this forum has sucked the milk of their sister from the nipples. You are more experienced. You must ask your sister whether she gets orgasm / excited during sucking. How she feels, when she breast feeds?

It is the learning from your experience, that  women's milk is thick and sweet.

Carry on and update us the status.
answered Sep 5, 2017 by solliadi (2,355 points)
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No. She is not interested in sex. If she was she would let you know about her orgasm.

Be frank with your sister. Ask this to her directly if she feels anything when you sucked her?
answered Sep 6, 2017 by myselfarun (1,400 points)
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She is getting pleasure by the act of sucking itself so she does not need further actions but you can go further and I am sure she will allow your penis to roam inside her vagina because it shows that she has sexual intention  towards you otherwise no woman would allow her boobs to be sucked by other man. Moreover, if her sole intention was to reduce the pain by removing milk from her boobs then she could have asked her husband to do that job but instead of her husband  she chose you for the act and that too when her husband  leaves for the job so she must have some sexual thoughts about you.

Next time when you sucks her boobs, take out your penis and put her hand on it to play with it. She may shows hesitation at the first but later I am sure she will be happy with your penis in her hand and then you are not far from her vagina, You both have already crossed the limit so I would say do the rest of the job by filling her vagina with your juice.
answered Sep 6, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (24,510 points)
commented Sep 6, 2017 by kartheek reddy (130 points)
We didnot crossed any limits bro, why dont you think in a positive way , may be she was really getting pain in her brest? I too know that she was interested in getting sucked by me, and i too want to enjoy fully with her body, but till now we did not crossed any limits
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It's up to to you now, whether you want to fuck her or just suck her boobs, because a woman never gives her boobs to suck other than to her kids or husband or lover.
Your sister looks interested in you. May be her husband doesn't perform well in bed so she wants you do her husband's job in the bed.

Your sister is getting pleasure by you so she will definitely open her vagina for you and that is sure. Mark my words you will get a vagina very early.
answered Sep 6, 2017 by pavan350 (1,155 points)
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Hello kartheek...
It seems that your sister is seducing you and by doing that she is also getting arousal and thats why she also having orgasm.

I think she is not fully satisfied by your BIL, that's why she is allowing you to suck her tits, because no women In this world would allow any man to suck their tits and you are her brother.

If she is allowing you that means she is giving green signal to you for further proceeding, No women can directly express their view on illegal relationship, so if you like her and also wants to sleep with her than now its your turn to go ahead and give her real pleasure of life.

It will be easy for you as you are saying she had orgasm when you are sucking her tits, son next time when you do that then please insert your one finger inside her vagina and show your dick to her also. Definitely she will feel more excitement and will allow you to sex with her at the same time.

So all the best and please update us also.
answered Sep 7, 2017 by Lustyraj69 (395 points)
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I dont think this is real honestly. Mostly of the comments are made by men who dont have any idea of breastfeeding.
the pain its terrible those days and barely we think about sex. I just dont believe on this, (sorry but its my opinion)
answered Sep 8, 2017 by ana (430 points)
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nice fantasy story man u have very good future as porn story writer
answered Sep 8, 2017 by rambo rajkumar (135 points)
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I've had sexual relationship with my married cousin sister. It lasted for 4 years. It all started from breastfeeding, then kissing, oral sex and finally normal sex.

If you want to have sex with her, I'd suggest you to go for kissing and touching her upper part of the body while breastfeeding and after it hug her, kiss her neck, upper chest, shoulder, ears etc.

In your cozy moments you can appreciate her beauty. Believe me all this helps.
It'll take some time, but it'll take you where u wanna go with her.

Try to never be forceful. Focus on winning her confidence and heart.

Good luck!
answered Sep 9, 2017 by friskyrisky (160 points)

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