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I love my Physical Education maam very much. How to tell her?/

asked Sep 2, 2017 in Questions by Sourav khanna (120 points)
edited Sep 10, 2017 by longhands1

Dear Friends,

 Please help me.

I deeply love my Class Teacher, She is so beautiful. I am in 12th class and she is married for about 5 rs. She has two kids but she still looks so pretty. I love her with all my heart. I am her best student. I am a person with positive attitude person and innocent that's why she says in the class, ”See Sourav and copy him”. She says I will give Sourav, 2-3 more marks because he is the best student.

She is very kind hearted lady. She does not like to spent time with boys and does not beat any student. She thinks with her heart.

She regularly goes to School by School Bus, but yesterday she went by tempo and I also join her. When we reached school, I took out money to pare the fare for both of us. But she caught my arm and said, “No, Sourav, I will pay the fare”.

Really, after this I am not able to control myself. I love her and will not be able to live without her. Please tell me what to do now? I want that she hugs me only one time. But I also fear that if I do anything she will lose respect for me.

What should I do, so that she talks to me with a smile? She has such a lovely voice.

I want to know what she thinks about me? Does she love me? What will happen if tell her that I love her? I want to convince her that I love her.

Please, please, please give me your Advice.

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commented Sep 5, 2017 by Sourav khanna (120 points)
And one thing, I want to share. She is on FB but she only posts her picture. What does this mean? She does not upload her husband's picture.

Out of 50 pics, there were hardly 5-6 pic of her husband and today she also share a pic of hers alone. What it means?

Does it mean she doesn't love her husband and it is easier for me. Also she is in very upset mood means her husband is not able to keep her happy.

Does this mean it is easy for me to attract her? I can't wait.

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3 Answers

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Actually, this is not real love. It is a infatuation towards your teacher. Do not ever dare to tell her about your love for her.

If you tell her, you will lose the respect that your teacher has about about you. Also think about your parents. What they will do you if they know that you love you teacher.

Try to get girlfriend from your college and love her.

Have a great day ahead..
answered Sep 5, 2017 by wassekaran (675 points)
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There is nothing here which suggests that she loves you and she is into you so you can fantasize her and can even masturbate thinking about her having sex with you but I do not think you can convince her to love you as she is married and she will not ruin her married life for you as she will not gain anything loving you. Better to put focus on your study and do your best to get good grades.

Most of the boys use to fall for their teacher as that is the best imagination when we are in schools and teachers are the only women we use to interact. Therefore, you are not in love with her but you are infatuated by her and that is normal. What you need to do is keep it to the fantasy level and never dare to make it real by approaching her otherwise you will lose respect and that would make your career spoil so take a wise decision and see the reality. You should learn how to control your feelings for her.
answered Sep 5, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (25,535 points)
commented Sep 5, 2017 by Sourav khanna (120 points)
but i love her .
and i think she is not happy with her mairried life.
beacause many a time when she has a free period in school she starts thinking means by looking her face she is in worryness and she is very amger in mood when she leave her home to school it like to be that she is like to fight at home.

I love her very much today at teachers day i gifted her a beutiful and expensive pen. and she feels very happy and tells other teachers also I love her very much .
what i do my mext plan is to tell maam plzz conversate on whats aap i know she will never regret me and then i spend time with her want to know her interlife problmem with her husband and then won her heart.
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Hello Saurav boy !

Nice to see your question. And this is only question I am happily accepting as real question. And I believe this question is not only your but the whole "boys gang" of your age. Good that you brought forward the question, though this website may be inappropriate for you to visit at this age, as you may get over "educated" in sexual aspects. Anyway. Happy teacher's day and question is related with a teacher.. I will make FAQ type of answer for this as this question may be with several guys like you.

Q1 : Is this a love or desire towards madam?

A: This seems more like desire towards her body. Probably because you are watching her in different poses due to physical training exercises. So all you want is her hug or little more. Your whole question indicates you have great attraction to her body, voice and gestures.

Q2 : So why this?

A: So simple. You have reached proper puberty and hormones started showing their presence. So natural to develop this feeling/attraction. Believe me , according to my interaction with my friends when I was in teens, at least 60-70% of guyz had feelings and desires towards female teachers irrespective of age, look, race and marital status. You know what I mean. Clearly indicating that its simply a bodily phenomenon for boys.

Q3 : What should I do?  

A: Just refrain from making any advancement regarding this keeping your reputation in mind. If the step you take goes wrong, you may not only lose reputation, but also you will fall into depression. And you may lose interest in studies. Its teacher's duty and goodness to appreciate good student and your teacher is just following good practice. Dont be carried away.

Q4 : If not, how should I control?

A: Yes , having undergone same age group and "difficulties" for you for not only for one teacher and but many, I can confidently answer this question. One : Please imagine the havoc and bad image it would create for you in family/freinds circle and society in large if it gets public and teacher rejects and takes it to parents/principal. Imagine if this comes true and you are losing your future. This very thought will make you to refrain. Second, try to get rid of physical sexual energy build-up with masturbating by imagining all the scenes with your teacher.No harm, but dont imagine when you face the teacher. So can't see her face then. Believe me, I had crossed limits of masturbation during puberty stage. Did it till my little brother could not even get up any more. Its costs you zero and consumes very less time. After 3rd masturbation (on the same day if you can), all of your so called "love" for your teacher would be gone. Try and tell me. So keep tissue papers ready :-D

Q5 : Nope , even then I like teacher?

Even after exhaustive masturbation, if you feel love to teacher, its your appreciation for beauty, truly. So best way to actually to praise her right away. But what if it turns as disaster? Alternate ways are there. I had same issue? But then I found creative ways. I used my diary a lot. I will write in diary what ever I felt for teacher. I drove their faces, wrote poems about them, i wrote beautiful words, sentences about them. Even I wrote erotic stories to get rid of my tension. Above all, I preserved those diaries in secret. Just go back old diary pages after a week or month. You will know how sill you were. If I visit my old diary now, I can stop laughing for whole day. But due to this, I was successful in studies and career. Don't waste too much time on this.

Q6. So many boys are like me? Any impact ?

Yes, most of them. But because of our system, we don't express anything, anywhere. I have come across many boys losing interesting studies, going to depression, etc etc... ruining career. Beware, if tension builds up and you can't get it out in some way, you ARE gone. So try this experiment.

Boy, try above and let all of us know, if this helps.

Happy teacher's day again. All the best. Happy studies, happy career.
answered Sep 5, 2017 by coolncute (990 points)

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