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I am attracted to my Beautiful mom and want to have sex with her. How?

asked Sep 1, 2017 in Questions by mithun mike (140 points)
edited Sep 1, 2017 by longhands1


I am Mithun, 20 years old. My Mom is a beautiful mother. Many men watch my mom withlust in their eyes when they see her curves and beautiful feet.

She is a great Mom and cares for everyone. Even my dad's friends have dirty ideas about my mom. I have seen them tap my Mom's ass and also press it. She does not object. Even my friends sometimes hug my mom. I know that they all have desires to fuckher.

I am also attracted towards my mom. Help me. What should I do? She is an angel...

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6 Answers

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Best answer
Mithun Mike

You are too great. I advise you a new strategy. You start moving close to your father. Be friendly with him. Ask him for three some with your mother. And enjoy...
answered Sep 1, 2017 by solliadi (1,940 points)
selected Sep 1, 2017 by mithun mike
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Hi mike,

From your eye, one can assume that you have got a beautiful and a hot mom. It is never a bad idea to lust for your mom. You just have to start  a step by step seduction procedure.

But you have to mention the incidents which happened, while you saw your dad's friends and yours also hitting on your mom. I mean is it just a fantasy of your own mind or true incidents?

Please share the detailed stuff so we can judge all perspective for further steps.

Best wishes
answered Sep 2, 2017 by rohan_incestspark (115 points)
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Not a single mother is ugly.It is surprising that you are chasing the eyes of people,who are lusting your mother.You too are attracted towards her.Rectify your mind and ill feelings for mother.Save the world from destruction.
answered Sep 2, 2017 by Motilal (6,635 points)
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As you say that when your mom's ass is tapped by someone she doesn't object. So I advice you to do just that and see the reaction.

If she says nothing then next time you can press her ass a little. This is how you need to proceed slowly. Cuddle her. Sleep with her in same blanket. Rub her thighs. Kiss her on cheeks.

This way you can seduce her. See her reactions to your advances. If she doesn't object then try more and more.

I did this and I am successfully fucking my mom for a year now.
answered Sep 2, 2017 by Mayur_borse (145 points)
commented Sep 5, 2017 by mithun mike (140 points)
Sure bro... Ill do tat really I need a sex with my mom
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Wow!  Your dad's friends taps and press your mom's butts and she doesn't object?  Looks like she's  game and you don't  require much effort.
answered Sep 2, 2017 by gr8gaur (1,900 points)
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First talk to your mom, appraise her beauty, spend more time with her. Oserve her cleavage while doing work, help her in household work.

Suck her beautiful toes, lick them, kiss them while sleeping.. that would be your first step.
Later tell us what has happened?
answered Sep 20, 2017 by rupalisharma (135 points)