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My Wife wants me to be a true Cuckold. What to do?

asked Aug 30, 2017 in Questions by ricky91 (120 points)
edited Aug 31, 2017 by longhands1


My name is Ricky and I am married. We have 1 kid. We are into the swinger lifestyle and recently we had swap with another couple K and R.

We both couples live in the same city and so meet often. Last time, after having sex we were sitting in the hall and discussing our experience with different partners. My wife said that she liked K and she will allow him to have sex with her again. I can clearly see she was attracted to K.

Recently, We met K coincidentally and he told us that his wife has made him a Cuckold and got fucked by a Massueur. They have recorded all their fucking and he told us to try it also. He told my wife that she should watch the recording before trying.

I didn't had any problem being cuckolded. I agreed to try this next week. My wife was ready and she told me that she wants to try Cuckolding with Karan. I agreed to this also but she told me some harsh rules : like I have to only watch and I cannot touch her nor can I jack off. I tried to reason with her that she was being too strict but she didn't agreed.

She told me clearly that if I break the rules, she will not allow me into the room also when they are fucking. She is very strict and this is my problem. I cannot convince her not be so strict.

Please help. I would like if any member can share their cuckold experience and help me to convince my wife.


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5 Answers

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That's the prophet buddy you does not have to touch yourself more your wife
answered Aug 31, 2017 by rockstar536 (640 points)
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Thank God...
At least I'm happy to know that there is 1 lady who is taking initiative and making her husband cuckold. It has resolved my doubt completely of husband forcing wife for this lifestyle.

Ricky, if you have gone through cuckold tips posted by longhand, there are so many things to try, out of which your wife is demanding one.

Perhaps, this time you can try what your wife is telling and see if you enjoy it and may be next time, you ask her to do it as per your wish. Next to it take it the way Karan wants it.

There is only one life. Believe in give and take. What if she does behind your back. Better cooperate and enjoy.

I think you shall go ahead and fulfil her wish. You will get your turn too...
answered Aug 31, 2017 by Rati.Anil (295 points)
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Hello Ricky,
Cuckloding is done by husband when he is unable to satisfy his wife. Though some men have fantasy of this thing.
Before you do Cuckloding ask yourself is it okay for you. If it is hurting your male ego then don't do it.
Instead try threesome or swinging which you already doing. Or srsp is also new thing.

But still your wife wants you to be cucklod and anyhow she wants to do with karan , then  it's may be problematic to you. So I suggest you to find new guy and do Cuckloding or threesome with him
answered Aug 31, 2017 by Harsh.03 (575 points)
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This is something you both should discuss and need to meet the half way so explain to her that she cannot sabotage everything and she needs to be liberal but if she does not want to do it then you should say no for the cuckold. Discuss with her your issues and ask her to meet the half way as that is the best solution for everything and it will work on the long run.
answered Aug 31, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (22,945 points)
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This is one aspect of cuckolding that we keep telling our Users to consider carefully when you are trying to experiment with wife swapping….viz. jealousy.

Admit it, you are now jealous that your wife is being dominant and wants to eagerly have sex with Karan. It is clear that your wife is moving on from simple wife swapping to cuckolding in its true sense. Does she encourage you or allow you to have sex with R in her absence? How long are you both in the swinging Lifestyle?

You should use the situation to your advantage. Remember if you keep your wife happy (even though it is by allowing another cock in her pussy), she will keep you happy. Consider that if she now has an affair with Karan, behind your back, that would make you feel miserable. It is better to kill your ego and let her have sex with him, in your presence.

Think of the positives. Your wife is being honest with you and told you she likes his cock. Since Karan is a cuckold himself, he is aware what it requires and wants you to experience it too. His seems to be a more definite case as he shares his wife. Yours is presently, a wife swapping scenario.          

My only fear is that she may soon tire of Karan and tell you that she wants to try more cocks. What then?

Read about our Cuckold Series of Articles. Type Cuckold Corner in the Start searching Box and you will find more information. Or you can join a Cuckold Group on FB and find out their experiences.
answered Aug 31, 2017 by longhands1 (77,195 points)
commented Sep 2, 2017 by Motilal (6,510 points)
I have no such experience to share with you.What you are doing is swapping of partners.In the long run such practice creates misunderstanding among husband and wife.Family life is ruined forever.Better to avoid these.Extramarital sex for changing monotonous sex life is better.Go to attached to it is harmful.

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