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Announcement: Ask Anjali is now available on Face Book

asked Aug 23, 2017 in Announcements by longhands1 (82,360 points)

Hi Guys,

Your Favourite Ask Anjali is now available on Face Book under the name of

Anjali Anjali.

She already has a Fan following of around 900 Members  (and growing) on Face Book.

We request you to spread the Word among your Friends and Colleagues and exhort them to join us on FaceBook. If you are convinced about the value of AA, then convey it to them and tell them why they should join. 

The Owners of this Site are seriously considering stopping this WebSite, due to falling Numbers and unless we all get together to do something about it, we can all bid GOODBYE to this Site.


commented Aug 24, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
Hey LH,
I am not able to find the page on facebook as their are many pages named the same.Can you please post the link of the same ?

I am extremely disappointed after reading your last para. This site is number 1 site in India for sexual health related issues. Please don't stop this website. It will not be fair for the regular members like me and many who continously visit this site.
Please , all the editors,moderators and Anjali mam should think over this again.

commented Aug 24, 2017 by Motilal (7,505 points)
Sad blow to Ask Anjali....just like Rediff Q & A.Will it cater the individual privacy in Facebook?

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1 Answer

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While owners are free to stop the site anytime due to whatever reason, the site has been the platform for many real sufferers in sex life and many many more fake questioners. Whatever be the questions, the platform has been serving with well thought responses. Many editors have become dormant (example sexysalma, inconvincible etc etc), but many new have jumped in, proving that site is worthy for general public.

We all know social media has much more features and free. I guess so called "owners" are also aware of the worst privacy facebook provides. The larger audience here wants secrecy and less profiling of the real life. Hence many are sticking.

I guess the advertise at the bottom of this site like velamma etc is creating revenue at least to host this site, while may not bring any profit. I think these ads also would serve the purpose of distracting filthy users of this website to such porn material to spend time there than spoiling this website. Still I see many are raising fictitious questions especially incest related. I guess they guess some awkward pleasure by posting such questions here.

Anyway, if the website can not  self-sustain economically, there is no way out than shutting down. Rather than bringing cheap content to this website like more porn ads everywhere in site, it is better to close the shop.  

Hope you guys take it in right spirit. All the best..
answered Aug 24, 2017 by coolncute (990 points)

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