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Sharing my Experience of Pooping and my Hubby cleaning my Anus.

asked Aug 22, 2017 in Questions by haima (170 points)
edited Aug 29, 2017 by longhands1

Dear AskAnjali,

Thank you so much so much so much. I am so happy because of you and your Users. Thanks for providing such a platform to share things we can’t ask directly to anyone.

I wish to share my happiness with all of you. Because you users also one of the reason for my happiness.

‌Yesterday morning, I woke up early and drank lots of water to get smooth pooping. My husband was still sleeping and I waited for him. When he woke up, I stood in front of him and said “Sorry for everything that has happened till now”. I gave him a tight hug with a long lip lock. And I said in his ear, that today I am going to fulfill your desire.

When he heard that he was so happy and started kissing me and fondled my breasts. I took him to the toilet room and removed all my clothes, so that he can see my defecation clearly. We have squat type of latrine tub. I sat on it and started forcing my poop. He was seeing my expressions. Initially, I got some farts with large sound and he laughed and started saying, “Come dear, Come on”. I was trying and slowly my poop started coming out from my anus.

When he saw the poop coming from my anus, he took his penis and started to jerk it. I started laughing, and continued saying come on come dear, come on. A lengthy solid poop slowly came from my anus and dropped in the latrine tub. I was trying to apply force but this time only small quantity poop came from my anus. I said, I was finished and come and clean your hot spot.

Then he started giving jerks to his penis and asked me to open my mouth. I opened my mouth and he ejaculated in my mouth and face. Then he put his penis for some time into my mouth and I sucked it. He said to swallow his semen and kissed me. I swallowed his semen. It tasted wired.

I said come dear clean my anus it is going to dry. Then he took some water and told me to bend like a doggy. Then he poured water on my anus hole and started to clean all that scat. Then he washed his hand and took a towel and rubbed my anus to make it dry. After that he kissed my anus and sniffed. He removed all his clothes and lifted me and dropped me on the bed. He started to kiss every inch of me and fondled each part. I was totally out of control because after long time we made physical contact.

I also started kissing and applying pressure to his balls. Then he started licking and biting my vagina and anus. He became uncontrollable at that moment. I said, please dear, fuck me, fuck me. I begged him. I was out of control and was pulling his head to lick my vagina and anus. Now he was sitting on my face and started to fuck my mouth and asked me to lick his anus. I did not think of anything and just followed whatever he said. I licked it and enjoyed that moment.

My husband felt happy and cried because I was licking his anus and obeyed his wish. He slept on me and said, I love you, my fucking wife. I need daily this type of cooperation from you. I said sure dear. I will fulfil each and every desire of yours. He then started to insert his penis into my anus and started to fuck. Yes. It was painful but I enjoyed it as he was so happy while fucking my anus. I had never seen my husband so happy. I co-operated with him and he ejaculated into my anus. I saw his penis was coated with my shit.

I asked him what about my vagina. He said, he will fuck it in the evening. He said, if I do vaginal sex after anal sex it will infect your vagina. He asked me how was anal sex? I told him, it was painful but I was very happy. He took leave yesterday and took me to a restaurant, movie and park. I enjoyed happily with my sweet hubby. We had dinner and reached home around 9 pm. When we entered our bed room, I kissed him and said, I love you dear and I will never hurt you again. He also said sorry for his rude behaviour.

Again our foreplay started and we became nude and he inserted his finger into my anus and sniffed my anus and finger. I said first fuck my vagina and then go to your loving anus. Before insertion we sucked each other genitals and I fingered his anus, sniffed and licked it. I felt, I WAS FLOATING ON A OCEAN OF HEAVEN.

I am asking you all, to suggest some more sex tricks to enjoy my sex life? Do also share all the dirty things you did with your partner or wife or girlfriend?

Thank you.

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1 Answer

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Dear haima,

I am feeling happy that your problem has solved. You also started doing anal sex, which is good. If you want to do more dirty, then tell him to cum over you and massage it on your body.

Tell your hubby to fuck in between boobs and underarms. Try 69 position. Have sex during bathing. Spit saliva on each other, it will make you both more wilder during pay time.

Please use condom during anal sex, to avoid infection.
answered Aug 23, 2017 by dashing prava (420 points)

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