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My fiancee's best friend is blackmailing me to continue sex with her. Please help.

asked Aug 19, 2017 in Questions by Dark Horse (750 points)

Hello Everyone,

I am back with a new problem I thank all the members of AA for repling to my previous queries and helping me. You may like to read them all.

I am 22 years old and my Fiancee is 20 years old. I love sex and have been in many sexual relations other than my Fiancee. I have been having reglar sex with my fiancee's mother who is my Aunt, for the past 5 years. My fiance doesn't have any clue about it.

It was a seceret between only te two of us, till my Aunt bragged about having sex with me, to her friends. Since then there are a few people who knew about my sexual relations with my aunt.

Recently, I became friends with my fiancee's best friend. With time we got closer. My Fiancee knows about my flirting nature and so she never minded about me talking to other girls. Her best friend and I became so close that after some time, we couldn't resist our feelings for each other and ended up having sex.

My Fiancee was busy with her college exams. During that month her best friend and I had sex almost daily. I don't know how but from somehow my fiancee's friend came to know about my sexual relations with my Aunt. She was okay with it and never asked me any explanation.

Recently, I told her that we need to stop as I soon will be getting married to my Fiancee (her best friend) and she started acting strangely. She says that she wants to continue this relation discreetly as we both are enjoying each other physically and emotionally. I tried to make her understand but she is reluctant.

Moreover, she is now blackmailing me by saying if I stop having sex with her then she would tell my fiancee all about my sexual encounters with her and also about my aunt (i.e my fiancee's mother).

How should I make her understand that it's not safe as we could get caught? Moreover it will be difficult to meet and manage all such affairs after marriage.

Please help me to get out with this.

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5 Answers

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Best answer
Dear, you said u love to have sex & have been in with many. So what is the degree of worries, when u r used to do this type of things. So only marriage can't change u.  If u want to keep ur story secret, then do what u r doing. Have sex with ur would be wife (fiancee), mother-in-law, ur fiancee's friend...... That's the solution.
answered Aug 20, 2017 by dashing prava (420 points)
selected Sep 11, 2017 by Dark Horse
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Dark Horse

What is the issue if you continue your relationship with her for ever?  You can continue your relations till marriage and after marriage also.

Your fiance is your maternal uncle's daughter and more understandable. You already fucked her and you both got caught by your maid. Even if she comes to know your relations with her best friend and her mother, it will not affect. Within a family, you know everything will be covered. The maid caught you and your aunty. She did not tell to anyone.

What about two kids, one born from your friend's (who works in ship) wife, and another born from your cousin brother's wife. Whether your cousin brother divorced your sister in law? Please update on these two issues.

Blackmailing is not a new thing to you. You handled Chitra's blackmail well that too during your exams. You are more experienced now.

I wonder, How do you manage your studies despite so many activities / problems?

 I suggest you to change your name. You are qualified to be a Blue Chip  rather than a Dark Horse.
answered Aug 20, 2017 by solliadi (1,965 points)
commented Sep 5, 2017 by Dark Horse (750 points)
My brother has divorced my sister in law and got married to someone else. The kid born form his wife is taken care of by both of them jointly.

She too is looking for someone new partner to get married to. Though no one has revealed that secret...many do say that he looks like me not knowing that actually the baby is my son. The other born from friends wife is actually taken care by them only.

We confessed everything that had happened and he agreed to treat child as his..that thing opened a new level in friendship. I am free to have sex with his wife whenever we both want to and sometimes we even have has been a blessing.

I have completed my college just this March...and I am free till next March so there is no pressure of work and all.
commented Sep 10, 2017 by solliadi (1,965 points)
Blue Chip

You have 6 months in hand. Prepone the marriage and plan for a honey moon abroad. New country, new people, you will get plenty of new opportunities.
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I have gone through all of your questions.
U have verry vivid sexual life.
You had sex with..

Your aunt,
Her daughter,
Cousin's fiancee,
Another 37 yr old lady,
14 yr old cousin,
Moms friend,
Then you got touched with couple on facebook an had sex,
Your sis-in-law,
Friends wife,
And now with your fiancees best friend..

You lost virginity at 19 an now you are 22.
In just 4 years so many encounters.. Wowwww

You are doubtful.
answered Aug 20, 2017 by Crimson tide (120 points)
commented Sep 5, 2017 by Dark Horse (750 points)
It's natural to doubt. I have had a lot sex experience because of my aunt. Those mentioned here are only the long lasted and problematic ones. There are Dating sites where it's free to get know people.
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I joined this site few months before. I have seen only your questions headings. But our paths never crossed till date.

When I read your current question, for more information I went through all previous questions.
What are you? Are you sex freaking machine. You almost banged every women you met.
You should learn whome to bang and whome to not. Need to control ur self.

Before I can give any advice, can you give answer to my this questions
1) how many women you banged till date?
2) do you love your gf or not. Do you really want to get married with her or not?
3) in previous questions you said few women blackmailed you? How you deal with that.
answered Aug 20, 2017 by Harsh.03 (615 points)
commented Aug 20, 2017 by athitha cholan (100 points)
he is telling stories,,,  my age 25 almost silver jubliee till i cant understand girls and not even made 1 attembt... i think she read more sex stories....
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You should have thought this earlier as right now it is too late for this. It seems that you are selfish and you used her for your pleasure. You started having sex with her because your fiancée’s vagina was not available for time being and now since she is available you want her to stop having sex with you so you can go to your fiancée for the sex.

You made a blunder by having sex with your finance’s best friend and gave her a chance to blackmail you so you are left with no option that you inform your partner what you did from your end. One thing you should keep in mind that sooner or later your partner would come to know about it through another person so better to confess it and win her trust back if possible.

Therefore, admit to your partner about your sexual relationship with her friend and put the ball in her court to decide about your future. Say her sorry and show your willingness to fix everything if the chance is given. If she does not want to give you any chance then learn from it and be careful in your next relationship. Better to face such a thing early stage of the relationship rather than too late. I do not think you can get escaped yourself from this mess but the best thing is the face the reality as that is the only way you can save your relationship.
answered Aug 29, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,295 points)

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