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My Brother-in-law wants to try "Nudism" with me. Should we?

asked Aug 19, 2017 in Questions by sheetal69 (740 points)
edited Aug 20, 2017 by longhands1

Hello Friends,

I am Sheetal, married and living with my husband. We both are happy in our married Life. We are very open in Sex and romance. Since we live in 2 BHK Apartment, we spend our weekend at home staying nude and have lots of sex. We are enjoying this and doing it since a long time.

Recently my brother-in-law, aged 23 yr old, came to our home and is staying with us. Initially, we felt uncomfortable being nude on the weekends, as we are habituated to stay nude and have lots of sex. We were doing it in another room. This has been going on for few weeks.

I spoke to my Brother-in-law and explained that it is our way of making love and romance and every married couple does it, so he should give us privacy and ignore if he feels uncomfortable. I also explained to him about nudism. He understood everything and he supports us. When I give him hint, he goes outdoors so we can make love.

Now the problem is: He also wants to try nudism with me. This is a new challenge for me. If I allow him to also be nude, he may try to make a further move. (May be sexual). I dont want to do that. I am OK with nudism only.

What should I do?

featued question

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16 Answers

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I am all for indoor nudism in my family. Since we live in a farmland environment, my house is located in secluded place. I hope your house has this privacy. But it is not essentially true that nudity leads to sex and there must be some kind of code of conduct. If you invite someone outside the family get ensured the he/she follows that code. In your case your brother in law must get consent of his wife, ie, your sister and better she also joins in.
answered Jan 12 by zena69 (1,875 points)
selected Jan 16 by longhands1
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Dear sheetal, it's bit confusing what you asking for. You used to have sex with your hubby & roaming naked when you both are in home, that's ok. But when there is someone else around you, you need to be careful & maintain your privacy. Your brother in law has come to your home, has he come to stay permanently, I think he will stay for some days. So adjust little bit, have sex inside the room by locking door. You have done one wrong thing, what was the need to explain him about your nudity. Don't ever allow him to be nude infront of you, other wise you will get another pole inside you. Hope you be careful.
answered Aug 20, 2017 by dashing prava (470 points)
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Your profile picture is sensational.

I read that naturist have higher self esteem, good body image and happier in general. What do you feel after long time experimentation?

Regarding your Brother-in law's recent visit to stay in your apartment: You have not told the purpose of your BIL's stay in your home. Is he searching for a job? or Already working somewhere? Or Preparing for career prospects? In such a situation, do not add  this dimension to him as it will affect him.

Though he is 23 and mature enough to understand, he will definitely make further move in one or the another situation. If he does not get the answer he wants, he may or may not keep it as secret in your extended family. This, you will agree is unwanted. My personal suggestion is you should avoid it.

Then I have these pointe - i)What is the need for you to explain to him? His brother can talk to him in this regard. ii)if he is so much understanding, during week ends, he may stay out of your apartment.

I repeat, BIL staying nude during weekends in your apartment, will not bring any benefit, either to him or to you. my personal suggestion is you should avoid it.
answered Aug 20, 2017 by solliadi (3,210 points)
commented Aug 31, 2017 by sheetal69 (740 points)
thanks for your answer;
He came to looking for a Job. he'll stay with us until he get job. I used to wear short dress; deep neck top at home; so may be he enjoy my body.
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Its almost clear no no. He is taking advantage of the situation to enjoy your body and may be further.  By only telling what is nudism one cannot be nudist.
Who will not avail a chance to see a woman nude at house.  So stay away, you going to create a big trouble to you and your married life.
answered Aug 20, 2017 by sm11 (185 points)
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Hi Sheetal,
Frankly you have mentioned the answer yourself and i can feel that you have already decided as to what you want to do.Your statement "I don't want to do that", is a clear indication. So stick to it, also give him your clear stand, and if you agree to Nudism with your BIL, it is just the first step and eventually it will end up sex, which i am sure will lead to issues in your married life.
answered Aug 20, 2017 by Sudeep Mohan (3,135 points)
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It's simple, be straightforward and tell him outright that you have a husband and not looking outside. I know it's your right and freedom to live the way you want, but if his (your BIL) stay is a matter of just a few days then try to curb this habit a bit and subtly let him know to stay in his limits and not to think about any adventure.
answered Aug 20, 2017 by gr8gaur (2,565 points)
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you should not allow him i can guarantee he will go further if you allow him.
answered Aug 20, 2017 by myselfarun (1,850 points)
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Dear sheetal your bil is smart he want to taste your pussy   that is why he is planning for nudism  if he strokes his dick front of you will you be able to control your sexual feelings  and what  about your husband knows  about his brother nudism with you but if you feel  you can enjoy then do it in future after his marriage you can swap so that even your hubby can taste his sister in law pussy  as long as both enjoy please update your session
answered Aug 20, 2017 by bijun38 (325 points)
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I think you should not try this.

Afterwards , his demands will increase and he may put you in trouble.
But, If you want to go ahead with him, then try it.
answered Aug 20, 2017 by Aksh (315 points)
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Hi, it is a silly problem. Your bil is trying to decide you. Pretty you are also quite free with him. Either you are enjoying sharing details of this sort with him.

You may decide between having fun with your brother in law or totally keep away from him. If you practice nude with him then there is high chance for you to end up in sex with him.
answered Aug 21, 2017 by hollow (235 points)
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Hello sheetal, I read your problem, that you want to nude in your home and all of sudden your bil jump in your court.
In my opinion you should talk with your husband and he will explain situation to his brother very well.
Or if you will allow your bil to be nude with you, than definetly in future he will demand more, I mean sexual act with you.
So if you are also want to sex with him than go ahead else discuss this issue with your husband and say him to make other arrangement for his brother.
And you have to be very strict on your decision else if you loose in your action than surely your bil will be fuck you.
If you like my suggestions than please reply me.
answered Aug 21, 2017 by Lustyraj69 (410 points)
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Hi Sheetal.

To begin with, what you and your husband are doing is an extremely private affair and as much as we feel that he should understand this, I feel you too should understand this.

You may not like this but then as it is I'm not writing this to please you so let me tell you frankly that you have landed yourself up in some deep trouble. And the more you do it the more is he going to aggravate this.

Let's face it. He's 23, his hormones are enraged and he's in search for a hole. No matter what he says or does, this is the truth and deep down somewhere even you are fully aware of it.

Now if you are willing to do this, you may go ahead, sure but then know one thing that this dude is going to leave no stone unturned to get some action from you. But if you are okay with that, for me this issue ends this very moment.

Just in case if you are not, the only thing you can now do is stop being nude in front of him. And the moment he knows this, he'll ask you why, tell him anything. Tell him you caught a bad cold because of that or tell him that some gynaec problems arose due to that. When you say that, he won't counter you unless he himself is a medical student, in which case think of some other excuse. If he further insists, tell your husband about all this. Because from what you have told us over here, I can only guess that your husband isn't aware of his brother's hormone rage.

Now when you tell your brother in law that you are going to stop staying nude, he is going to insist otherwise. As I said, he'll leave no stone unturned to get you to doing this again but then here your integrity will be the thing that'll matter the most. Of course only if you are against catering to your brother in law's cock.

First he'll protest but then seeing you firm on it he'll forget in a matter of time. But for that you will have to be extremely firm. And you'll have to make him understand why.

And I understand that you and your husband really want some time alone and that you guys really enjoy this but then think of other ways of doing this. Maybe escape for a weekend together.

Tell your husband to say that he has some sort of conference somewhere, you say that you have some work somewhere else, you escape from your house, go to some place, book some exotic Villa or something over there and it's just you and your husband. I agree that staying nude with him, the frequency would be like say once a month only, but then until your brother in law is there with you, there's nothing you can do. And if you are worried about the minimised frequency of the sex you have, you have nothing to worry. You can still have sex in the other room and he'll never know if you control all the noise.

Hope this helped.

Take care! God bless you!
answered Aug 26, 2017 by confusioninmind (1,430 points)
commented Aug 31, 2017 by sheetal69 (740 points)
there are few confusion in your answer, let me clear;
I have not tried nude in front of him. he know that we like stay nude on weekends, and while we make love in our bedroom may be he hear my screaming sound so he know that we are making love.
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Hi sheetal. I have gone through your question. Well, if you allow him, he would surely take a step forward to have sex with you. So if you are OK with that you can. But if you are not willing to do that, its better  not to do nudism with him. If you have any questions you can message me personally.
answered Aug 26, 2017 by raju gali (160 points)
commented Aug 31, 2017 by sheetal69 (740 points)
this is what I am worrying about.
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If you do not want him to take a further move then do not be nude with him as he clearly wants to have sex with you and started taking steps towards it by asking you to try nudism with him. You made a mistake by discussing your sex life with him as it gave him courage to talk to you about sex and your confession gives him a chance to come close to you. Therefore, if you do not want to have sex with him then do not try nudism with him and if you want to have sex with him then you have a great opportunity to taste two penises.
answered Aug 29, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (27,770 points)
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If you are interested to do sex with him,there is no harm in becoming nude.Otherwise abstain from it.Be sure that there is no filming or video recording.Change the room or place chosen by him.It is for your personal safety.
answered Nov 27, 2017 by Motilal (8,290 points)
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I am also a nudism loving person i also do the same way as you have mentioned Sheetal you have to be careful ,
There is no need to invite anybody else in between you and your husband ,Never think the brother in law will be a controlled guy .Just avoid it Why I am giving such an answer is you existing nudism built up and affections will be destroyed and there will be lot of issues ,That guy will come out to have sex with you also which you will not like I am sure .I have a belief  according to me Sheetal you are a highly understanding women and your husband is lucky to have you as his wife see from hiss point of view when somebody else join in nudism with you both perhaps no normal husband will allow ,even if allowed then just avoid it and say its not possible.

I live with my partner 26 and her aunt who is 36 and i am a male in my age of 34 ,Me and my partner always stayed nude as much as possible in a week while during the first days we did in the first floor while aunt was bellow here what happened aunt also wanted to enjoy nudism with us since she is not related to me but a distant relation of my partner , my partner she told me very casually that see aunt has never got married and she way always living alone let her at least enjoy a bonndagless life in nudism .I agreed During first few days things went well she also stayed nude slowly our talks all went on having sex aunt started helping my partner during sex ,my partner she was a broadminded one day it happened I had sex with her aunt while we were all nude my partner initiated this ,after then its 4 years that I am in  sex relation with both of them  ,,,,here 2 females and me now imagine if it was two men and my partner all sort of problems can come into picture its very difficult..

For me I did not liked aunt to join us in the beginning   but it happened in a wrong climax but there is noway to get out of this .I am not complaining my situation since i am enjoying ,you have to study your husbands need and never try to change him into new solutions since it will be never ending with you .

So Sheetal you remain in nudism with only your husband and enjoy life rather than bringing a new guy your mind will get no peace and peace less mind cannot enjoy proper sex.

I wanted to make you understand how things work in nudism ,Since yu all stay in one house it is major drawback in bondages while nudism makes people bondage less .

Another example one of my office staff she is 34 widow but a great writer she believes in nudism she organizes
nude cofee time at her home were she will make a point that all people coming stay not more than even numbers come maximum 6 people and me ,here our intention is not sex when we assemble we at her house we spend 3 to 4 hours no other group is allowed to join us also no couples are aloud ,we all get cloth-less and enjoy a very freedom stated mind of thinking I love nudism but it should not be in the stake of sex .

We never pollute nudism with sex other than our partner so everybody will not have that feeling with nudism so just avoid him stay with your husband enjoy life of freedom with him only.

You have to take nudism into different dimensions you are practicing it with your husband  limit to this much just ask your brother in law to stay away totally since he has mentioned to join you this is the only solution .

Its the matter of peace in life and self esteem in freedom of thinking dont mix sex with life.
According to me and your pattern of question you have lot of career plans go for them make your husband a happy man by giving the most out of you to him .

Also note benefits of nudism are there but i feel its not applicable to your family since the question you raised is the answer itself I just elaborated with few examples so that you can anchor properly.

Advantages of nudism I got out of life

Partners remain question less in mind quarreling couples will soon live the habit of quarreling,its not about the beauty of body that matters in nudism its the freedom of thinking which grows between partners ,level of excitement increase between couples ,couples body automatically starts showing signs of new development to self healing  , ,arguing mentality of people reduce  ,all mind blocks vanish ,
practicing nudism makes health related issues and problems away,Body skin glow ,people become more beautiful in look,people start appreciating there body ,people start respecting their body..a lot more

anyway think wise and make sure a serious trouble is not welcomed in life by inviting your BIL in nudism .
answered Dec 17, 2017 by Lifewithfreedoms (920 points)

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