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How to fulfil my punishment fetish from my future wife?

asked Aug 18, 2017 in Questions by Petersam (145 points)
edited Aug 18, 2017 by longhands1

Hi all,

I got good answers for my earlier question.Thanks to all who read and greaterthanks to those who took trouble to answer.

Here is my next question/doubt :-

1. As a master, I have a Fetish to give punishments like criss cross ear holding situps, kneeling down naked and spanking the ass of the girls.

2. As a slave, I have fetish of kissing and worshipping feet, getting slapped and crawling like *** on four legs.

How to approach my future wife for fulfilling above fetishes?

I do not like normal Vanilla Sex. I feel it is boring.

I like the above BDSM, punishment fetishes the most. I masturbate seeing only these kind of videos. I never masturbated seeing a normal vanilla sex.

Please share your thoughts.



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4 Answers

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In married life one has to respect the partner, the partner's preferences, convincing the partner.
By reading your question, I think, you are not yet ready for married life. My request is that even if you get marriage proposals, do not marry now. Otherwise you will soon end up in separation.
All the best, that is all I can say.
answered Aug 19, 2017 by solliadi (1,965 points)
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No one can give you the idea right now what kind of steps you should take to fulfill your fetish as you have yet to find your partner for the marriage. Once you got married you can come to know how she thinks about the sex and what her way of understanding the sex is. If she is conservative then you should drop the idea of BDSM and have to respect her thinking.

However, if you find an educated and modern partner who thinks sex is part of the relationship and everyone has different kind of fetish then there are chances that you get what you want from her. Therefore, right now it is useless to think about how to fulfill your fetish as your focus should be on how to find a partner who can be on the same page with you as far as sexual activities are concerned.
answered Aug 19, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,295 points)
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Better you don't get married because you marriage won't last for many days because you ideas are very dangerous for this society you thinking doesn't exist in this society

BSDM looks good in porn movies but it  doesn't work in real life
answered Aug 19, 2017 by pavan350 (1,075 points)
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You've to talk to your future wife about your fetishes. Discussion about sexual needs of both partners is an important key in building confidence and it'll help in understanding your significant other in a much better way. Do not hesitate. Make things clear to her & try to know whether she'd be comfortable with your fetishes.

BDSM is physically demanding and very unconventional form of sex. Men tend to adapt unconventional sex more readily than women. So, it's better you talk it out to your future wife. If she's okay then you'd be lucky.

If she's not fine with it then it I'd suggest you to go conventional and keep including new forms of sex in-between but in slow manner. Let her get used to easy sexual techniques first.

It'll help her in getting comfortable & give her some confidence too to try different things.

Sex is such a thing where more is always less. And who doesn't want more and more sexual enjoyment?
answered Aug 19, 2017 by friskyrisky (140 points)

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