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My Friend wants to share his Wife. Should I go ahead?

asked Aug 9, 2017 in Questions by tedanthrax (145 points)
edited Aug 14, 2017 by longhands1

My good friend (a pilot) and his lovely, sexy wife have approached me for a 3-some. They want to start by me watching them have sex and then slowly join in. Apparently his wife has been fantasising about me for long and this is turning her on during her sex sessions with my friend. Both are broad-minded and kinky. My friend's special fantasy is to see me fuck his wife hard while her boobs jiggle with each thrust.

How should I proceed? Should I do it? My wife is unaware of this and my friend (and his wife) have agreed to keep this a secret?

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12 Answers

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Best answer

I think you should go for it, if they both are ready to keep this as a secret than it will be good for you also. As you said your friends wife fantasies about you, then it will be great, in future you can also secretely maintain relationship with her.

And gradually try to convince your wife about it. Surely you will all enjoy this group fuck session, it is very difficult to find good partner for wife swapping. In your case firstly you are getting offer so go ahead and enjoy this kinky sex also on free of cost.

But before start this act tell your friend that first you want to meet his wife, so that he can arrange his wife's meeting with you. Then you can chat with her and start touching her and kiss her. Make yourself comfortable for threesome and good fucking session.

My best wishes to you.
Keep updating.
answered Aug 10, 2017 by Lustyraj69 (390 points)
selected Aug 15, 2017 by tedanthrax
commented Aug 15, 2017 by tedanthrax (145 points)
Tried this yesterday...we started with a small drink and gradually they started getting frisky with each other...invited me to their bedroom where they stripped down and started me real hard...all the while his wife was looking at me in a very sexy sort of way almost sticking her boobs out and putting on a show for me...ended up my fucking her and getting her boobs to jiggle (She's a 36 D so they jiggled like crazy!!) She sucked me off to finish...loved her boobs as they jiggled!
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Hello friend,

Yes, you can proceed. Why not? If both of them are ready to enjoy, then you should go ahead.
But don't encourage videos as later on they may cheat you. Better ask them to come to your selected place.

Ensure that they kept it as a secret.

All the best dear.
answered Aug 9, 2017 by dr kalyan (380 points)
commented Aug 9, 2017 by Jonika (265 points)
moved Aug 9, 2017 by longhands1
Ya, sure you should go ahead and try and fuck her hard.

(A One Line Answer is a comment. So changed to Comment. )
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Three some is a big thing. You must be familiar with his wife before the activity. You ask for separate session with his wife. She is also longing for you. In next session you can fulfil your friend's wish to fuck her hard and your friend see her boobs jiggle with each thrust. In third session you can have three some. Going forward you can include your wife also as you are interested in wife swapping. Happy Fiendship and Happy fucking.
answered Aug 9, 2017 by solliadi (1,965 points)
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If you are able to keep this secret from your wife and you would not do any injustice to your wife then I would say you can go ahead as threesome is a really exciting thing to taste. However, if your wife comes to know about it then your married life may get derailed so you have to think twice before going to have threesome as they have nothing to lose and you have so many things to lose if you are caught. If I were in your place then I would go ahead so it is up to you what you want.
answered Aug 10, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (23,260 points)
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yes you know your friend since how long is. my concern if you two are new friends then take your time before proceeding and if you know him well just go there and enjoy budy.
answered Aug 10, 2017 by myselfarun (1,045 points)
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yes,why not are free to have any bodies wife..its lovely to have her infront of her own hubby..just rock her and roll too
answered Aug 10, 2017 by akkountwast (115 points)
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Certainly, the answer is yes. Why you want to miss this opportunity? There are so many positive things in this. Firstly, the guy is your friend, his wife too knows you and fantasies about you being with her. Also they are family, so nothing could be more safer than this.

However, I would suggest you to do one thing. Once you are done with the threesome, make sure that you do one more round with wife alone. Just do some special things with her when only two of you are indulged in sex. This will give her more satisfaction. I am telling you this as I know few ladies who has threesome regularly along with husband and their friend, but they are more excited to tell their experience, when they make love with friend, hiding from husband. Most thrilling is once husband sleeps, go to other room and enjoy.

You need not involve your wife into this. As certainly your couple friend is looking for threesome and not swap. But definitely, if you and your wife to wish to do it, then this couple would be good choice for you.

But basically, your friend is looking for someone who can bang his wife hard and want to see her going crazy on bed.

So go for it.
Enjoy and do let us know about your experience...
answered Aug 11, 2017 by Rati.Anil (335 points)
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I was about to write " what are you waiting for" but I had to hold my words when I read that your wife is unaware of this arrangement.

There are two things here....

1. This is the best opportunity anyone can get for safe sex. As he is your good friend, you trust him and on the same node they are a couple, a family and they won't do anything silly that can ruin their life too. So this is the best opportunity anyone can get.

2. On the other hand it will be like you are cheating your wife as she is unaware and you are fucking other woman. Now think like if she would be there in place of you and fucks any guy in FFM threesome and you get to know...would you mind that?

So...the decision is completely yours..but remember one thing...if you feel like after having sex with them you will feel guilty then don't approach as it will eat you like hell from inside.

So better question yourself and take the best decision.
answered Aug 11, 2017 by sharmanatasha87 (805 points)
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Go for it as long as you feel it's safe and if you trust them enough..such temptations are hard to resist but also count in the consequences if your wife gets to know or if u friends secretly records it and extorts you later..

Decide how trust worthy you friend is and take a call I also suggest why not find out if your wife is intrested in a wife swap or try convincing here for this so that you can do his wife while he does yours you can have a foursome instead of threesome the more the merrier ;) and all of ur are aware of each other's sexcapades
answered Aug 11, 2017 by zach53 (185 points)
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Hi Dear,
Since his wife is ready for sex, therefore its a green signal for you. Also, it would be a great help for your friend, because, whenever he leaves his wife for a long time, due to his job, you would be there to take care of his wife. But, few things to keep in mind, going for the first time.
1. Have a safe threesome. Use condoms
2. Book a secured hotel for threesome, as you may be caught in your home, and if at friends place, he may take advantage, by recording your intimacy.
3. Don't tell ur wife in the starting, but try to convince her foursome, in which enjoyment would be more.
answered Aug 11, 2017 by arjun.masti1 (110 points)
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You can join  in and  can have hot,steamy  threesome. but I am sure in that case after sometime your friend will ask you to join your wife too. so be ready for wife swapping.
answered Aug 17, 2017 by sheetal69 (465 points)
edited Aug 17, 2017 by prashant69
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Yes, you can go ahead if you are feeling for it. It's solely your enjoyment and not for the sake of your swinger couple friends.

Since by opting for this, you might have the following possible consequences, few may go against you and ruin your future.

1. Considering all good and your friends, nothing will happen till they don't disclose it to your wife.

2. If at all, they have something in mind, they can start blackmailing you by making this as an issue to ruin your family life and may extract money.

3. The worst will happen, when your friend may force you to convince your wife to sleep with him, unless they disclose everything to your wife.

These are the possible consequences... So think twice before going for it.

I wish I did have such friends.
answered Oct 29, 2017 by gentleman 42x (175 points)

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