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Would you call this cheating?

asked Aug 3, 2017 in Questions by aksah7860 (120 points)
edited Aug 3, 2017 by longhands1

I am 21 years old. I have a Girlfriend. Thoughh earlier I was not serious about her but somehow I have become serious.

She wants to marry with me. The problem is that I am suffering from depression since last 5 years. My erection are very weak. I want to ask you all, if I marry her, will it be cheating as I am a patient of depression and I will not beable to satisfy her sexual needs.

Once, I gave her a clue about my depression, but she said, I will be with you whatever you have. Then I told her I was joking. So I was able to end the topic there.

So, I need your suggestions. I think that at some point she will get fed up of me and become tired of my disease. I think its better to stay a Bachelor for the whole life rather than spoiling life of one more person.

What do you think?

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6 Answers

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Hi Akash

Well you are just 21 years old. I think it's too early to think of your marriage. It doesn't mean you should not think, considering the age of your girl friend you can take the decision. You said, you are in depression for past five years.

May I know what kind of depression it is. Is the depression related to the erection ? Whatever it may be. There will be a solution for all. You have taken initiative to explain your erection problem. That's good. Still your girl friend not aware of it means, try to explain more clearly to her. If she is ok with this issue, then think of the marriage plans.

But don't go away from her without even explaining your problem. Then that will be termed as cheating. You can consult with doctor's who are specialised in this type of matter. Even you can ask suggestion from your family doctor for coming out of the depression. Hope it can be curable.

Be confident in yourself.


answered Aug 3, 2017 by deepu1996 (220 points)
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Seek the medical help to get rid from your dipression.. it's your love you cannot let her go because of that shitt
answered Aug 4, 2017 by rockstar536 (640 points)
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Disclose your worry to her and hear what she has to say. Even after hearing your stuff she wants to get married then I do not think it would be consider as a cheating. Discuss all the pros and cons with her and hear what she has to say about it all. Discuss the sex issues with her and try to know her thinking on it.

However, you have a problem of depression and a weak erection but both the problems are fixable if you take a step in the right direct so first see the doctor and get it cured. It would be cheating if you do not reveal your issues with her but after revealing the issues you can marry her. Keep in mind the women have a strong will power and control than the men so if she is determined to stay with you for the rest of the life then she can stay happily but discussion on the issues required.


answered Aug 4, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (22,870 points)
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First of all you are not a depressed person. Depressed persons live in seclusion. If you are loved by a girl friend you are not a depressed person. Am I making sense?
answered Aug 4, 2017 by solliadi (1,805 points)
commented Aug 4, 2017 by aksah7860 (120 points)

Its chronic depression. My dad is also suffering from depression.

The thing is that the state of depression changes, sometimes it is less and sometimes it is more.

But I love her. We talk and chat. I think, I may not improve in future, because its already 5 years. I always think of committing suicide...bcoz my life is just useless.

I think I am not  capable to produce a baby after marriage. Even if I have a baby, it will get the same disease. I searched on  internet. There are 50 % chances of generating depression.

I am fed up.

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You are thinking right, but just tell her everything thing that you are suffering from depression and you might not be able to recover from it.

Also tell her bluntly that you may not be able to satisfy her even after she is ready marry you and leave all things to God.

answered Aug 4, 2017 by myselfarun (965 points)
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Even though it appears that you two  have not gone physical, It is highly likely that she is already aware of your situation.

Most all love marriages, are not based on sexual attraction. There are other dynamics that come into play.

The issue here is with your fears...  I would suggest you get some professional medical help, to alleviate your fears.. Maybe change your lifestyle..
answered Aug 4, 2017 by blore.guy (345 points)
commented Aug 5, 2017 by aksah7860 (120 points)
Hmmm...i dont want to feel embarass after i found its better to stay bachelor for whole life...or end my life....i left with only two choices

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