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Hollywood Gossip: Movies Where The Actors Had Sex

asked Aug 1, 2017 in Bollywood Gossips by longhands1 (77,000 points)

Hollywood Gossip: Movies Where The Actors Had Sex

The Motion Picture Production Code and US law restricted real, unsimulated intimate encounters in movies until the 1960s, when mainstream cinemas began pushing boundaries in terms of what was presented on screen. Though most graphic love acts depicted in movies are simulated, sometimes actors actually perform the real deeds. According to Wikipedia, “the difference between these films and pornography is that, while such scenes might be considered erotic, the intent of these films is not solely pornographic.” Here are some notable real-life Sex scenes that left many a movie-goer’s glasses steamed over.

Risky Business (1983)

This one has never been confirmed by the film’s stars, but rumors have been swirling for years about Risky Business. The speculation surrounds that infamously steamy scene on the train between Tom Cruise and his then real-life girlfriend Rebecca De Mornay. Some think the scene might have featured some very real action. While this might seem questionable given the fact that it would have been a very risky move for a huge star like Tom Cruise, one thing is for sure: the chemistry between these two was very very real! De Mornay went on to become a star herself after this role, appearing in blockbuster films like Backdraft and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Ken Park (2002)

Ken Park is a 2002 erotic drama film based on the writings and journals of Larry Clark (who directed the controversial film Kids). Ken Park was written by Harmony Korine, and it follows the lives of several California teenagers.

One of the characters has an ongoing scandalous relationship with his girlfriend’s mother. He continues to socialize with her family, who, like his girlfriend, are completely unaware of the affair. The boinking scenes in this film are all awkward, all real, and all completely unsimulated. Due to the graphic nature of the intimacy depicted in Ken Park, the film was banned in Australia and remains so to this day.

Baise-moi (2000)

Baise-moi is a crime thriller film starring Karen Lancaume and Raffaëla Anderson The French title Baise-moi is an ambiguous one. Baiser is a French verb meaning “to [expletive]”, but it also means “a kiss” when used as a noun. Baise-moi would be translated as “[expletive me]”.

Baise-moi, in this film, can be loosely translated to Kiss Me, [Expletive] Me, or [Expletive] Me, so it’s not surprising that the film is chock-full of graphic, and usually violent, unsimulated acts. Due to the nature of Baise-moi’s content, the film was banned in Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. A R18+ version of the movie was approved for Australian audiences in 2013.

We Own The Night (2007)

Fans of the Cuban-American actress Eva Mendes probably wholly approved of this James gray-directed film, specifically one particular scene. In it, an excited Mendes (as character Amada Juarez) performs a rather personal act of self-love when her boyfriend (played by Joaquin Phoenix) walks into the room, sees what she’s doing, and joins in. Mendes later said in an interview that filming the scene was one of the most nerve-wracking moments of her career.

The film, which boasts even more star power in the form of Mark Wahlberg, Robert Duvall, and Ed Koch, opened to mixed reviews although it was a commercial success in theatres and with DVD sales. Mendes’ racy scene likely didn’t hurt sales any.

8MM2 (2005)

8MM2, starring Johnathon Schaech and Lori Heuring, was released straight to video and was initially to be titled The Velvet Side of Hell.

In the film, a political candidate suddenly finds himself threatened by a criminal who presents footage of a steamy three-way encounter between himself, his high-society fiancée, and a Hungarian prostitute. The politician and his fiancé find themselves venturing into a sordid world of pornography and pleasure. All of the provocative scenes in this scandalous movie are completely unsimulated. 8MM2 is also rife with adult language and graphic depictions of drug use, but only has a MPAA rating of R.

Wetlands (2013)

Starring Carla Juri as Helen Memel and Marlen Kruse as best friend Corinna, the film follows a troubled teenager who lives to provoke and irritate others. IMDb describes it as “the adventures of an eccentric girl who has strange attitudes towards hygiene and sensuality longs for the reunion of her divorced parents.” Helen has a tendency to use vegetables in an intimate way and falls in love with the nurse who treats her after a shaving accident affecting her private parts. What many movie sites don’t mention is that the film includes a (totally real) scene of a group of men masturbating onto a pizza. Long story short: Wetlands is not a movie for the faint of heart.

A Real Young Girl (1976)

Catherine Breillat wrote and directed the controversial film, which was based on her novel Le Soupirail. A coming-of-age story featuring 14-year-old Alice, A Real Young Girl depicts many explicit arousing scenes. All were filmed with actors of legal age, but many parts of the movie creep just past our comfort level. This film was so shocking that it was banned by many countries and didn’t have a theatrical showing until nearly 25 years after its release. One New York Post reviewer said that viewers “need a rather stronger word than ‘explicit’ to describe this long-unreleased, self-consciously provocative film.”

Blue Movie (1969)

In 1969, the iconic pop artist Andy Warhol directed a film, the appropriately-named Blue Movie. It was the first movie with explicit scenes to receive wide theatrical release. Warhol later explained that the movie was a major influence on Last Tango in Paris, starring Marlon Brando. It also helped usher in the so-called “Golden Age of Porn” and the “porno chic” trend that came along afterward. The movie depicts one afternoon in the life of a couple as they carouse in bed, chatting about current events between bouts of intercourse. In 1969, staff at NYC’s Garrick Theatre were arrested and later fined $250 for showing the racy film, which had been deemed “obscene”.

O Fantasma (2000)

The Portuguese title O Fantasma translates roughly to “The Ghost” or “The Phantasm.” Ricardo Meneses stars as Sérgio, a gay garbage collector who lives alone with his *** and leads a healthy intimate life. The film features many unsimulated private scenes, and is revered for the hunky actors who star in it.

Directed by João Pedro Rodrigues, O Fantasma won the prize for best feature film in the New York Lesbian & Gay Film Festival and the Entrevues Film Festival. Lead actor Ricardo Meneses was nominated for the 2001 Portuguese Golden Globe award for best leading actor.

Stranger by the Lake (2013)

This French drama has been hailed as a “dreamlike thriller,” but make no mistake. The film shows extremely up-front and personal genital close-ups and explicit scenes. The action centers around a lake that becomes a hook-up spot each summer, drawing gay men for guiltless flings and anonymous encounters. But things take a sinister turn when one of the lake’s frequent visitors witnesses something he should have seen…

Stranger by the Lake was critically acclaimed and earned Alain Guiraudie an award for Best Director. The movie also won the Queer Palm award and has been nominated for many others.

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