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This FB Woman Friend has blocked me. What to do?

asked Jul 26, 2017 in Questions by Simple boy (155 points)
edited Aug 1, 2017 by longhands1

Hello guys,

Please read my last question as this is a continuation of that.I had a friendship with a married woman on FB and we uesd to call each other and had sex chats for hours at night.

I have my exams next month, so I told her that I may not be able to get in touch till my competitive exams get over. She agreed. She then blocked me saying it will distract me and she will unblock me once the exams get over. We had a mutual understanding, atleast this is what I presumed.

Now suddenly today, I saw that not only she has blocked me, but also unfriended me and when I called her she disconnected the line and then blocked my calls also.

Unfortunately, I have fallen for her and developed sympathetic feelings towards her but now I think that she was just using me like a tool. She pretends that she is quite understanding but I think she is just too smart. Feelings don't matter to her.

What should I do now? I don't think she will again resume our secret relationship. Only thing she wanted is having some sex chat I suppose. I have her whole chat with me and pictures of her which she sent me.

Should I take my revenge on her by showing them to her husband or any relative? Plz tell me what to do?

I feel like a fool who is cheated.

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6 Answers

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Best answer
Hello Simple boy,

I have read your previous question.

There are lots of females on facebook who just open their account for doing lusty things or to fulfil their sexual desires.
This woman seems to be one of those. As you said this woman is not happy with her husband in your previous question, so she might have thought searching a male on facebook is an easy way to fulfil her sex desires. To attract you towards her, she gave her pics (Don't know those are real pics) and her phone number so that she can grab the opportunity to have sex with you.
As you said to her that you will not be able to meet her till your exams are over then her restless mind told her that skip this guy and search for a new. Such type of people don't have feelings.She gave you reason that she is blocking you so that you will concentrate on your studies is a lie. If that was a case then why she unfriended you ? Why she is not picking your calls ? She didn't told you truth at the time of leaving you that she is not more interested in you.The reason for this is she maybe having fear that if she would have told the truth then in anger after hearing the truth, you may blackmail her in future based on the phone number by giving her numbers to strangers and all.

My advice for you on this matter is take it as a lesson for you that never try to involve too much with such facebook females. Always think with brain not with dick while having covnersation with such ladies. These ladies do it for timepass while boys do it with feelings.
Why to waste valuabe time in life and that too during preparation of competitive exams ?

Focus on your career rather than looking for one time fun. This will definately hamper your studies. As there is cut throat rat race in all the competitive exams, one small mistake may lead to failure in exams.

I will even tell you that don't use facebook till finish of your exam next month. It's not so much necessary to use facebook. For timepass, you can go for meeting with friends or can play some games on mobile or PC.
That will refresh your mind and give energy to study more hours.
Moreover if you use facebook, everytime thought of that woman will come in your head and it will create a guilt feeling in you that you wasted so much of time running behind her and she betrayed you by cutting the contact with you. Such guilt feeling is dangerous in preparing any competitive exam as it will definately create disturbance while studying.

Don't think of taking revenge and all. It will waste your time and who knows this may come as boomrang towards you. You have exams in next month.Never think of such foolish things as of now.


answered Jul 27, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
selected Aug 9, 2017 by Simple boy
commented Aug 9, 2017 by Simple boy (155 points)
Thanks a lot bro for your kind words. I understand my situation and won't go after her. My career comes first and that is my priority right now.

I couldn't reply to you guys as I was busy in my preparation. I am sorry for keeping you all waiting. I won't do any stupid thing which will create problems for her and and me.

Thanks a lot again Bhai .
commented Aug 10, 2017 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
Good Decision buddy. Career always comes first.
How was your exam ?

Thank for selecting my answer as best answer.
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Simple Boy

1.If she is smart as you think, whatever pictures you have, do not belong to her.

2.If you have her true pictures, she is not smart. By showing them to your husband, you are revenging a lady who has genuine concern for you and your future.

What you have to do? - leave aside as a god given opportunity and concentrate for your forthcoming competetive exams. Otherwise, You are spoiling your father's hard earned money and your time and future.
answered Jul 26, 2017 by solliadi (3,210 points)
commented Jul 26, 2017 by blore.guy (460 points)

Stop  behaving like a kid. Move on.


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commented Jul 27, 2017 by Simple boy (155 points)
Yes you are right my main focus is on my exam. Holding bitterness for someone is not good.
commented Aug 9, 2017 by Simple boy (155 points)
I won't do anything stupid thing which will create problems not only for me but for her also. I m concentrating on my studies & preparation right now.
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Think of the Positives. You will be able to concentrate on your Career. It is obvious that now you are obsessed with her and believe that you are in love with her. You feel that you have been stabbed in the back. But there is really no obligation for her to continue her sex chats with you. You are not going to marry her..are you?

She may have been leading you on or may have thought that this relationship would have lead to some sex satisfaction for her, but since you are not able to provide it immediately, she would not like to prolong the wait.

Don’t be foolish in thinking of revenge. It is not going to lead you anywhere. She could complain to the police that you are harassing her and if she is able to convince her husband also, then you could be in more trouble.

Think that you are lucky and free from a scheming woman.      

answered Jul 27, 2017 by longhands1 (85,850 points)
commented Jul 27, 2017 by Simple boy (155 points)
You are absolutely right,,,I should not dwell much onto it. My main focus is on my exam right now. I thought alot yesterday and felt it was just a momentarily pleasure for me & her & I should not expect much from her. I won't reveal anything to anyone else. I don't want to give her more trouble & trouble her married life.
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She was with you because of the sex chat she enjoys with you otherwise she has married life and a husband to take care of her physical needs so you should have not expected feelings from her as that is not on the page and on her list. However, at the same time you should have been ready for this moment as this moment had to come one or other day when either of you get bored with sex chatting as the base of the relationship was the sex chat which was very weak.

I would say do not think too much about her actions and why she has blocked you and unfriended you as you have an exam coming so your focus should be the exam only. There is no need to take the revenge as revenge would not take you anywhere because it would only damage the reputation of yours and hers in one or other way.

You had good moments with her online so keep those moments with you to fantasize when you want to masturbate on her name but do not try to ruin her married life as you do not have a right to do so. I would say you need a new partner or a real girlfriend who can be with you to make you happy. 

answered Jul 27, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (27,770 points)
commented Jul 27, 2017 by Simple boy (155 points)
Thanks alot for your kind advice,,,I have thought alot about it yesterday & I felt holding bitterness for someone is not going to do any good. I won't ruin her married life since I am actually no one to her & I don't want to be the reason for her trouble. I have my exam coming up & my focus is on that right now. You are right,,it can be blessing in disguise for me.
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Hi simpleboy,

If a person block you on Facebook, you cannot view their profile. Then how you came to know that she has unfriended you ? Did you both speak in call or just in chat ? If just in chat, it can be a fake I'd. So they would have used you. That person would have thought that you might have lost interest and so you would have lied to him by saying you have exams. My assumption is without saying this directly to you, that person has blocked you by saying some story. At some situation some might be selfish. You cannot take revenge for all. Concentrate on your studies or try to get a girlfriend.

answered Jul 27, 2017 by deepu1996 (390 points)
commented Aug 9, 2017 by Simple boy (155 points)
She has blocked me on FB messenger and on WhatsApp. We used to call each other frequently. I had told her that since last 2 month I won't be able to chat with her during my exam period.

Apart from this I won't do anything stupid and just do my studies. Preparation is going on.
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Give it one last try, call her from a different number which she doesn't have and then talk to her and ask her 'what's the matter'? If she still doesn't reply and cut the call then you decide whether to tell her husband or not.
answered Jul 27, 2017 by gr8gaur (2,565 points)
commented Aug 9, 2017 by Simple boy (155 points)
I'll leave it for good,,,after my exam I'll try again to see what she says rest is her decision. But I won't tell anything to her husband & all.

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