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My younger brother is always sucking my boobs. Will they grow big?

asked Jul 16, 2017 in Questions by suchethareddy (165 points)
edited Jul 17, 2017 by longhands1

Hi Guys,

After reading your comments and suggetions, I was unable to control my sexual urges and finally ended up having sex with my younger brother.

I like him a lot and had good time with him. At first he was unable to satisify me but now he has become quite good and I enjoy withhim.

He is asking me to give him oral sex. Actually, I dont like it and do not even suck my hubby. He said ok and has stopped asking me again. He is polite and I like that.

Now, he is asking me to stay nude at home as only we two are at home. Is it okay to stay nude at home? Will there be any trouble in future?

He likes my boobs very much and is sucking them a lot during foreplay and also during intercourse, he is continoulsy pressing them.

Will they grow in size if he continues doing that? Will my hubby notice this in the future?

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7 Answers

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HI sucheta. Congrats on having first incestual relationship. :D See what you with your brother is completely between you too so It is ok to try every fantasy and every bit of it. It is good that you enjoy his dick so much. Guys always are fan of boobs. I am too. I used to suck my sister a lot. She is well endowed too. I was too thinking that boobs will grow in size but nothing significant happened. I have been doing this with her since nearly 3 years and she is completely normal. So I guess it is just a myth that boobs grow in size if we suck them a lot.

Regarding living naked, It is a huge turn on so beware of it. The day we used to stay naked, we fucked a lot. We used to get so horny early so We fucked a lot. SO he will keep humping you all the time if you will stay naked in front of you. Btw I would love to know both your ages. YOu have not mentioned anywhere. I would wish you happy sex and keep having fun but secretly.
answered Jul 17, 2017 by robotboy1 (765 points)
selected Jul 18, 2017 by suchethareddy
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I would like to know whether Suchethareddy and Suchetha21 are same or different. Both have similar issues, but different point in time.

Regarding your questions:
Is it okay to stay nude at home?
Will there be any trouble in future?
Will they grow in size if he continues doing that?
Will my hubby notice this in the future?

The answer is that he is not your husband; your younger brother - you can deny if these are not agreeable to you as you denied for oral.
answered Jul 16, 2017 by solliadi (4,200 points)
commented Jul 17, 2017 by Jaanu143 (190 points)
Suchita is a male and he is only wasting our time
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2 things I want to tell u.
First about current question.
Let me tell u a story. A girls story. She was my classmate at 10th std. As our body grows some harmonal changes etc. So I alwasy gets wondered why her breast isn't growing. Then I saw her massaging her own breast. She dit it when no boys r in the class. I see her trough windows. After 3-4 months her breast started to.take shape and after 10 months she got nice round shape breast. Many boys school who ignored her for her loose breast now want to date her want to suck her breast.
So the answer is they will get in shape if they get some massage daily.

Now second point is u just made big mistake of ur life by having sex with ur brother as u take one step towards destroying ur boths features.  soon or.later ur married life will.get affected by this. If u really need sex then find nice guy for ur self.
answered Jul 16, 2017 by Harsh.03 (1,070 points)
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There is no problem in staying nude at home if you both are comfortable with it but make sure that no one can see you from your outside otherwise you will become talking tom in your society so you have to be sure that all the doors and windows are closed when you stay nude at home. The size may grow but that is normal and I do not think that your husband can find out why boobs have grown so do not worry about anything just make sure that your relationship with your brother stays secret so always play safe game with him. 

answered Jul 17, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (28,520 points)
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Have a good time with your brother. Make sure that no one gets doubt. U can teach him also and make him an expert in sex drive. Make sure u use a protection. Coming to ur question.

U can stay nude in home what's wrong in it. U can wear a out fit and stay. This will b gud for u brother and get easily attracted.  Whenever u are in mood u can have sex .. there won't be any problem in future

No problem in pressing the breast it's part of love making. In fact foreplay is necessary for active sex sessions which makes u lubricated and penetration can be done easily and u won't feel the pain. Of course boys love to play with boobs..

Ur husband doesn't know about that. Only during sex sessions boobs size and nipples increases.

Have a safe sex and enjoy.
answered Sep 14, 2017 by babu143 (105 points)
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Nothing will affect your boob size but hormones so don't worry and enjoy.

Almost every male likes to suck boobs and your brother is no exception. Let him suck those. As far as staying naked is concerned yes it can cause problem if anyone catches you both, so be careful.
answered Sep 15, 2017 by myselfarun (1,940 points)
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Perhaps your mother died,when you were too young.Your younger brother is taking chances on you.You are enjoying his activities and encouraging him.He fucked you,as you couldn't control your passion.Have you ever rebuked or slapped him? The answer is no. Breasts size should increase,it may become deformed if he uses them roughly.
answered Nov 20, 2017 by Motilal (9,330 points)

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