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DSN: The Transgender couple after they both had sex change operations

asked Jul 14, 2017 in Articles by longhands1 (80,430 points)

Meet the transgender couple who stayed together after they both had sex change operations

Katie Hill and Arin

You would never guess there was anything unusual about this young couple from their picture – but their relationship was rather special.

Arin Andrews and Katie Hill were the first openly transgender teen couple in the U.S. and their unconventional love story gave hope to other trans young people all over.

The couple met in 2012 while going through gender transition, and fell in love.

Arin, now 19, and Katie, 21, posted videos documenting the highs and lows of their courtship and their transition, discussing the physical and emotional changes.

Sadly their relationship ended, but they feature in a new documentary in which they reveal they still have a special bond.

Their unconventional love story has inspired people

Their honest portrayal of their lives has gained them thousands of followers online who are inspired that they could find their soulmate too.

Katie said: ‘I don’t think anyone unless they know our story would come to the conclusion that we’re a trans man and a trans woman dating.

‘They would just see us as a boy and a girl dating.’

Arin said: ‘I’ve always loved women and liked women as a female because I’ve always deep down known that I was straight male.’

Arin was born Emerald Andrews

They will feature on BBC 3’s documentary ‘Young, Trans and Looking for Love’ which will air at 9pm tomorrow as part of the channel’s Breaking The Mould Season.

In the programme, other teenagers describe their own search for the one and say they see Arin and Katie as an inspiration.

Devon Ellerman, an 18-year-old transgender male, hopes that one day he will find a girl to accept him as a man – despite being biologically female.

But so far things have been difficult and he even had to move 400 miles to Minnesota after being targeted by bullies who threatened to kill him.

Devon pictured at a skate park

Devon said: ‘It’s a little bit difficult in the dating scene because I don’t really know anybody and nobody really knows me.

‘I think the ultimate goal, at the end of my life, I’d would definitely want to find somebody that I’m in love with.

‘I think it would be lovely to eventually marry a woman and carry on with our lives as normal people being in love.’

Trans woman Claire Green from Virginia has struggled in love and believes that men lose interest when they find out she was born male.

Claire Green

The 20-year-old, who is yet to have any surgery, said: ‘I’ve met a lot of douchebags and jerks and I really want to meet a gentleman.

‘Most guys I’ve met, I’ve met them one time literally and then after that nothing. I’ve never had an actual relationship and it’s kind of odd for me like how. What is the issue?

‘In a lot of ways I don’t like telling a guy because once I tell him it’s like all respect goes out the window. Straight guys just can’t get over you having the male parts.’

She said: ‘I would just like someone to spend time with, to cuddle and just do little things, the little things mean the most to me.’

Referring to Arin and Katie, she said: ‘What are the odds that two people who are transgender and struggling with the same things kind of find each other and fall in love.

‘I think it’s very inspirational and I wish I could find something like that.’

Arin and Katie

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