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Do women enjoy reading Sex Stories?

asked Jul 14, 2017 in Questions by curious.dumb (225 points)
edited Jul 14, 2017 by longhands1

I had read somewhere that porn is male-centric. So men do enjoy watching porn but women don't enjoy it as much as men. Is that true?

What about sex stories? Do women enjoy reading sex stories as much as men? Does reading sex stories excite women?

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7 Answers

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Best answer

Curious Dumb,

It would be difficult to generalize or summarize. But in general, men are hard wired to the moving images (porn), while women would generally tend to go for the written word (sex stories).

How many Men would be interested in reading Enid Blyton and her soft romance? Very few I presume. But adult fiction is catching on. Many women would have read the trilogy by EL James' Fifty Shades of Grey, and would have devoured the sexy, kinky underworld of the submissive heroine in the Novel, which shows that women are turning to erotic stories to get their sexual thrills instead of their partners.

Some of our Lady Members would have read “ The Bride stripped bare” or the “Fear of Flying” by Erica Jong or Lady Chatterley’s Lover. If they have not, I suggest they do.

Some poll results show that nearly half of women prefer to read sexy literature rather than indulge in their own sex lives. It is easier to read about someone else’s sex Life (even if it is a story) than mess up your own. So why do women prefer reading sex stories? Often it is easier to read than to indulge, often it is a lack of energy and sometimes lack of imagination in the bedroom.   

With technological advances, women can download and read such stories on their Kindle and Notepads and do not have to visit the Library and ask for such Books. They allow women to explore some of their own feelings about sex and fantasy. It is believed that women who read erotic literature have an astounding 74 per cent more sex with their partners than those who don’t.

Author Gabriel Marquez, says that everyone has three lives: the public life we show the world, our private life, that we show our family and friends, and the secret life, which is the world of our minds. And it is this erotic fiction, that many women love, since it is about living through the words of others.

Men respond to the shape of a breast, or the shape of a leg, or a woman's bum. Women are much more turned on by what is said, what they read and what they hear in terms of them turning on that desire button between their ears.

You asked a 2 line question. My Answer took half an hour to dreaft!

answered Jul 14, 2017 by longhands1 (80,455 points)
selected Jul 15, 2017 by curious.dumb
commented Jul 14, 2017 by curious.dumb (225 points)
Dear longhands1, I appreciate your hard work and time you have given for writing such detailed answer to my question and want to thank, for answering other people's questions and all the moderation work you are doing for this web site. In this busy life, what you people are doing to help everyone without expecting anything in return is really commendable. May god bless you with everything you desire.
commented Jul 15, 2017 by longhands1 (80,455 points)


Thank you for your heart warming Comments. I feel Blessed that I have received so much in Life. This is a little token to pay back for all the Graces received.

If at the end of the day, someone benefits from my Advice and rests peacefully, that is all I can give back to my Creator.   

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yes many women do like to read stories and finger themselves.
answered Jul 14, 2017 by sheetal69 (480 points)
commented Jul 15, 2017 by myselfarun (1,225 points)
Do they like incest sex stories too?

Bcz they keep. complaining about how can someone read or do that?
commented Jul 19, 2017 by sheetal69 (480 points)
yes, lots of women like incest story. actually we girls more like feeling part of any story. I know many friends who regularly read stories. most of them like Brother-sister and other fantasy story
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I have observed many women do not want to see porn but they love to read sex stories. Even in last generation, women prefer to discuss or interested to talk about who and who are in relationship. (read who eloped with whom). This is just an observation and I do not want to generalize and may vary in different regions.
answered Jul 14, 2017 by solliadi (2,235 points)
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yes we girls do like to read sex stories but our liking is bit different. we dont like sex part in the story a lot we are more into the foreplay and emotions of the story. lot of adult stories are male oriented as it concentrates mostly on sex but there are few guys and also female who upload there story once in a blue moon or so which is boon for the girls like me.

my answer ma vary from person to person and also its more of the personal choice.
answered Jul 14, 2017 by Riyashastry (135 points)
commented Jul 15, 2017 by curious.dumb (225 points)
Riyashastry, Thank you replying.

This information was helpful and I never thought that even stories are male oriented.

Can you give me link of some stories that you as a woman enjoy reading and feel excited?
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Yes dear women do read sex stories
Infact u don't know women r more excited about sex than men so yes we watch porn n read sex stories
answered Jul 14, 2017 by Jonika (265 points)
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Yes they enjoy as much as men its just they do not always think and read about it as frequently as men do. I am sayimg this bcz i have sent sex stories to many female friends and they want me to send them more n more.
answered Jul 15, 2017 by myselfarun (1,225 points)
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For answering your question I won't take much time like longhands did..because being a girl I'll give you the straight answer to this.
Yes, women enjoys reading sex stories too, like they enjoy watching porns and other stuffs.
It is just due to out Indian society that put us think about things like men centric or women centric.
The thing is women equally likes such things similarly as men do...Infact more then men.
It's 2017 and I am married now..the fact even I used to read sex stories 10 yrs back with my friends a lot and after a decade women have become even much more bold towards such things.
answered Jul 17, 2017 by sharmanatasha87 (850 points)
commented Jul 19, 2017 by myselfarun (1,225 points)
oh really do women likes reading sex stories even after marriage i thought they get bored after that.

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