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Why my Aunt (Mom's Sister) is not allowing me to fuck her now?

asked Jul 14, 2017 in Questions by naveen143 (215 points)
edited Jul 14, 2017 by longhands1

I am 28 years old and married. Please read about my previous Posts about my wife and my Mom.

I have had sex with my Aunt (Mom's Cousin Sister) six times in the past. My aunt had seduced me. During our intercourse she never allowed me to see her Pussy saying that you are like a son to me. She has even allowed me to lick her pussy by tying a cloth to my eyes but did not allow me to see her pussy.

After having sex for six times now she is avoiding me saying that you are like my son and I cant continue sex with you.

She is 29 years old and married with no kids. I am very much attracted to her. Her moans during sex made me crazy about her. How to convince her to continuse our fuck sessions?

Please help me.

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4 Answers

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I really pity you, for the nature of  kinship you are surrounded by. It is really difficult to digest, the way your relations indulge in sex. Your mothers is fucked by tenants and your brother-in laws. You married a lady who was fucked many times by others before marriage and you are now doubting her character. You yourseves are fucking your mother's sister. Then why to bother about "like a son" dialagues. Moreover she is 29 and you are 28. You father and her father are not related. Even if they are related, how does it make difference as you have already fucked her six times.  Moreover why do you want to continue fucking her when your wife is available to you all the time?
answered Jul 14, 2017 by solliadi (2,910 points)
selected Jul 17, 2017 by naveen143
commented Jul 17, 2017 by naveen143 (215 points)
Thank you for your reply Soliadi. Yes you are correct. Most of my relatives are indulged in sexual relationship with othes which has basically spoiled my thoughts. I did not had any sexual thoughts on my aunt until she sesuced me. She is my moms cousin sister. The reason why i am still trying to continue this is she is beautiful than my wife and very cooperative during sex. Her moans make me crazy.
commented Jul 17, 2017 by solliadi (2,910 points)
Thank you Naveen143 for selecting my answer as the best.
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Naveen your life seems to be full of sexual desire and urge to fuck some one day or night your fantasy have gone to such extent that you dont know what are you speaking and what are you asking on this page
Your question doesn't make any sense because your mom sisters had six intercouse with you and you say you have never seen her vagina and you lick her pussy by closeing your eyes with cloth
she feels you as her son after six intercouse its just new line by her to get rid of you
answered Jul 15, 2017 by pavan350 (1,350 points)
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You boned her 6 times already. So let us dispense with morals and look at it logically. As a person with similar experience, I can safely say your taboo relationship is one of NSA or No Strings Attached. It is not love that bonded you but raw physical desires and the thrill of taboo. You say you miss her but what you missed is the only source of sexual thrill and not her personally. Your needs are not fully met. Golden rule of an NSA relationship especially one of  taboo is 'cease the relationship if one of you is not certain". Your aunt led you into sex not because she needed you or because she wanted it with you. She wanted a thrill or an experience and she found you an easy trial for reliable partner who is attractive, horny and at the same time equally invested into the need for secrecy. You were the closest She experimented with her need and concluded it is not right. There is no point in trying to seduce her. She will not reciprocate

My advice to you is to do the same. Treat it as an experiment closed and seek your thrills elsewhere. Of course none can erase your memories orr fantasies. Channelise your lust for her in your sex with wife.

But then keep in touch with your aunt. Have conversations.  Offer suggestions. You must mak her feel you are available if she ever changes her mind but stop pestering her. That is the biggest factor - trust
answered Jul 15, 2017 by dunefakir (625 points)
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You cannot do much if she does not want to continue as you do not have a right to force her but ask her why she suddenly wants to stop it. Is there anything that bothers her? Does she feel unsafe with you? Did you do anything wrong? She is the only person that can reveal you why she wants to stop it but her excuse that you are like her son is a lame excuse.

She did not allow you to see her vagina because she feels insecure and she does not have confident on her body so she did not want you to see her private parts but with time she will allow you if she starts having sex with you again. 

answered Jul 17, 2017 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
commented Jul 17, 2017 by naveen143 (215 points)
Thank you Alpesh. She stopped it because I am her cousin sister's son. I did not do anything wrong . She speaks with me asba friend but not allowing me to have sex with her. Please advice me how to convince her again.

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