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Fun Corner: Amazing Facts About the Bikini

asked Jul 13, 2017 in Articles by longhands1 (80,190 points)

Amazing Facts About the Bikini

A woman’s body is the most wonderful thing on this planet. It can take away millions of hearts and kill any man from a distance. When a woman flaunts her beautiful body in a bikini, it looks so tempting that it can capture the heart of any man. There’s some strange thing about this classical antiquity that it makes a woman look so beautiful and makes a man lose his mind. But that’s not all! There are a number of facts about bikini which makes it more intense and intimate. Take a look!

1. The man who introduced the bikini

A French mechanical engineer, Louis Reard introduced this design of inner wear. He named this women’s outfit after an island named, Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean on July 5th in the year 1946.

2. Nude dancer modelled for bikini

After Louis introduced the bikini to the world, he wanted to promote it but no model would agree to pose in front of the camera. So, he hired a nude dancer to flaunt it in front of the whole world. The model was Micheline Bernardini.

3. The most expensive bikini in the world

You must have seen beautiful Victoria Secret’s models wearing expensive bikinis. One of the most expensive bikinis in the world was designed by Susan Rosen and Steinmetz Diamonds. This bikini is made up of 150 carats of flawless diamonds set in platinum and it costs USD $30 million.

4. World’s largest bikini parade

The world’s largest bikini parade was held in November 2009. More than 287 women participated in the parade and it was done in order to catch the attention of South African people and spread awareness about Breast Cancer.

5. World’s largest bikini photoshoot

The world’s largest swimsuit photo shoot took place on September 25, 2001. World famous magazine organised the entire event and more than 1000 women participated in this contest in Sydney, Australia.

6. Initially, it was banned in some countries

When bikini was introduced in the world, many countries banned it. It was banned in French Atlantic coastline, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Australia. Initially, it was banned from some of the US states like Florida as well.

7. Wearing bikini during crowning ceremony of beauty contest is banned

In Miss World competition in 1951, Kiki Hakansson from Sweden was mandatorily asked to wear a bikini for her crowning ceremony. When she wore the bikini on stage, she was highly criticised and even Pope condemned it. Many countries like Spain and Ireland had threatened to withdraw from the event. She is the only model till date to have worn a bikini on crowning ceremony.

8. Americans buy most number of bikinis in the world

In the year 2009, it was found that the USA spent almost $4.3 billion on buying bikinis. To your amusement, this amount is more than the GDP of Barbados.

9. World’s largest bikini exporter

One of the largest swimwear manufacturers and exporters in the world is China. The global shipment of China covers almost 70% of the market.

10. Only female beaches in Egypt

There is a beach in Egypt named, La Femme where you can only spot women. Here Muslim women can replace their long costumes with bikini without feeling they are doing some kind of sin.

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